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  1. Well hello there! Haha, love the name. gotta get back on campaign 2. I haven’t caught up since I posted here. I’m a slow listener lol.
  2. Man I really loved that first episode of exandria unlimited. I’m currently on the tail end of campaign 2 as well. Episode 116.
  3. Planned on Shadows of self, but felt compelled to try Assassin’s Apprentice. Really digging it so far, 120ish pages in.
  4. Finished Alloy of Law last night, going to dive into Shadows of Self soon!
  5. Yeah I rank it pretty highly too. Just didn’t like some choices with the ending, but not the ones you might initially be thinking of. that was right at the end and super weird to me. Gameplay wise, it might be one of my favorites in the entire series. A fantastic blend of 7 and 4.
  6. Beat Village yesterday. Doing new game plus, and mercenaries. Mixed thoughts on the game to be honest.
  7. Getting close to Village time!
  8. Indeed! Excellent first episode.
  9. Just got my first moderna shot! Second is scheduled too. Nice to have done finally.
  10. Nice! I hope she gets into it and really enjoys the books!
  11. Little over halfway through Alloy of Law. Absolutely love it so far! Could even finish it today if I get a good reading session in.
  12. Picked up returnal from gamestop. Played for about five hours. Took it back, got my refund returnaled to my wallet, and paid off ratchet and clank instead.
  13. Well, I did it. I finished Hero of Ages. Was it good? Well, I read from page 424, all the way to the end of the book, page 724, in one single sitting. So you tell me, lol. Have Alloy of Law right next to me, but that was a good couple hours and I'm hungry, so food comes first, lol.
  14. Definitely looking forward to this too. Comes out the same day as Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart though. Gonna have to squeeze In the episode during a lunch break while streaming or something lol.
  15. 417ish pages into Hero of Ages. Moving along at a great pace. Fantastic so far. Not quite ready to be done with those characters, but the excitement for era 2 and having it polished off is encouraging me on.
  16. Shang-Chi has me hyped as heck. Probably the most excited I’ve been going into an MCU thing since... sheesh, I guess infinity war? Not that other projects didn’t excite me, I just wasn’t super hyped. I didn’t even see endgame in theaters, which is kinda shocking looking back on that. How the heck did that happen? Guess I just got busy at the time. it’s also the first thing I’m considering making a trip to the theater for. Black widow will be on + so I don’t have to worry, but if it wasn’t, I’d be perfectly fine waiting to see it. Shang-chi is something I’d like to see when it releases to avoid the deluge of spoilers. I hope it comes to plus too. The nearest theater is a few hours away. My local ones all shut down and aren’t re-opening.
  17. Got my platinum on RE3 Remake as well as my 1000/1000. Prepping for RE8 soon. Also been playing away at AC Valhalla in the meantime. Kinda just bouncing around through a lot of things while I wait for the barrage of title starting soon.
  18. marvel

    This has been my favorite MCU project in quite some time. Absolutely love how much time its spent on the characters getting to live and breath. I love seeing what Bucky and Sam do when they are not heroing it up. I love getting to know them in more depth, getting more context to their actions. I enjoy that even more than the action, which has also been quite good. Even more than that, getting to see them talk and spend time with the villains was great too. Zemo has rocketed up there to maybe my favorite MCU villain, simply because we get to see him a LOT more, and get a more nuanced take on his pov. John Walker has been excellent too. You know the majority of people would have done exactly what he did, and thats w the difference between Steve Rogers and a normal person. Highlights that so well. Then we have all the OTHER stuff going on. A fascinating discussion on race that didn't go the way I feared (IE, Racisim isn't a problem now old man, everything is hunky dory, just gotta believe!), and instead offered up some good food for thought. Good world building with the post blip politics, with another new villain who might have had admirable goals, but is leaning too far into their darkness. Can't wait to see how it wraps up, and see Sam's Captain America film announced for 2023 or 2024.
  19. Watched some of The Nevers. It’s okay. First episode is very iffy. Second episode seems better but the hbo max app just stuttered to the point I turned it off twenty minutes in, lol. That app reeeeallly isn’t good. I have it on both my PlayStation and my xbox, and it finds a way to have different problems for each. Only have it for Mortal Kombat at the moment. Trying to find other things to watch that I don’t already own to make my 15 worth it.
  20. I’m looking forward to the rhythm of war paperback too, just to have it on my shelf with my other three. They’re easier to lug around. I expect we won’t get the smaller paperback till 2022 though. Took a while for Oathbringer to get the mass market. The big floppy paperback should probably be in November though.
  21. On page 216 of Mistborn: Hero of Ages. Been in pretty big reading slump since January. Haven’t finished, or really even read much of, anything I’ve started since then. Had a hankering to finally finish Mistborn and I read all that just yesterday. Hoping I can get through the slump!
  22. How I Met Your Mother, The Simpsons, and Ducktales 2017! Also Mando every Friday.
  23. Finally finished Oathbringer! Binged the last three hundred or so pages today. Really loved the book, but struggled with part 4 a little. I was planning on going into dawnshard, then RoW, but I think I’ll hold off. It’s starting to feel like I finally need to catch up on the other cosmere books first. And I need to get back to Dresden/wheel of time as well. I’ve got a LONG reading list still.
  24. Reading Oathbringer still. Really close to the end but the last couple days have been busy to the point I’ve had time to read maybe ten pages. I have been digging into some comics though. They’re much easier to read while hanging out with family. Reading the Hawkeye run from 2015.
  25. I want a Remake of The Last of Us. Demon's Souls opened up the possibility of having PS3 games re-made to ps5 levels. I'd love to see my favorite game Re-done with the high fidelity of ps5 graphical power, as well as the gameplay improvements from Last of Us 2 (even if that one... wasn't a favorite.) Outside of that, I'd love: -Resident Evil: Code Veronica -Parasite Eve (but like, actual parasite eve, nothing like the horrendous Third Birthday) -Silent Hill -Assassin's Creed 1.