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  1. They couldn’t even keep to the idea that their forces were depleted. They kept spawning in new soldiers constantly. Not only that, but it really made the focus in season 7 of “we need cersei’s aid to fight!” Seem meaningless when they steamroll both the white walkers, and cersei’s Army. And yes, I’m counting it as a steam roll. Barely any main cast casualties in the fight against the night king, or even otherwise against Cersei, counts as a major victory for the heroes. If the only ones dying are nameless extras and C-tier main cast who most people would find expendable, your battles don’t have a lot of weight anymore.
  2. Just finished part 2 of Words of Radiance. Hot damnation! What a stretch those last few chapters were. Absolutely glued me to the couch. I love the interludes, but I'm glad this next batch is really short. I need to know what happens next!
  3. I just wanted to chime in here. I'm really excited to start this series! I bought book one today. Can't wait to get into it soon! Think I'm gonna finish WoR first, than jump in!
  4. It really is quite strange how this entire final season felt so easy. They skated by killing only the barest minumum of characters, both in the war for the throne, and the war against the white walkers. The battle for winter fell especially shocked me with how few casualties it actually had, and how little bearing the fight had on the remaining three episodes.
  5. I'm really annoyed with this ending. Outside of Dany, the whole thing felt like Disney stepped in. It was shockingly happy for basically everyone except Dany, which made her arc feel even weirder and unnecessary honestly. There was absolutely no consequence to her dying. Jon gets off Scott free with his plot armor, the unsullied sail away to eunuch island, the dothraki... holy crap how are they still around? There's no turmoil, no betrayal... it was such an easy ending for everybody. Even the damnation dragon just flies away and is apparently fine. Although him carrying her body away was super awkward. I don't really want to picture drogon eating Dany, but okay then. They might as well have had Jon talk sense into Dany, have her burn the throne as the cause of all this madness, then fly away together to be rid of the political nonsense she's not cut out for and he doesn't like. Then we'd have really got the full Disney ending, and less people would have been mad. And we wouldn't have had to deal with the trite "man kills woman in loving embrace" trope. Not that I think that ending would have been good either, but with the way it ended, it only felt like they made Dany go mad just so that they wouldn't have a 100% happy ending for the sake of it.
  6. I've made significant progress on my book this past week! I've almost fully outlined it, and I'm so excited about it! A little terrified of how much work I have to do on it though!
  7. The idea of living till the end of the world, and outliving everyone that I love, terrifies me.
  8. Something something I win.
  9. *Wins way any*
  10. Did I win?
  11. As someone who is only about 200 pages into WoR, his progress has me super excited! I frankly love that he's so dedicated to actually writing and getting his books out. I bought TWoK back before Oathbringer was out (although it was like a month from release). When I first heard it was going to be a ten book series, and only the first two were out, I was tempted to just put it down, thinking "great, another series that'll start well then I'll never hear from it again for over a decade." Oathbringer released right after, and I actually did my research on Brandon. The guy is a creative machine, and it inspires the heck out of me. He's got a hell of a work ethic. If the series I'm working on is ever published, I hope to deliver the way Brandon does. Even if it's not Stormlight, there's something every year from the man! Fantastic stuff.
  12. I recently joined up too! This place is super friendly, you won't find it hard to jump in and post. Have a good time!
  13. Really looking forward to this game! I have the Collectors edition pre-ordered from Gamestop. So glad to have the series on a home console again!
  14. I fully agree. I love the costumes, and am still tempted to buy things like the funko pops or mcfarlane figures simply because I've loved the casting, and the costuming, for the characters. If I ever meet any of the cast members, I'd still have them sign photos from the show simply because there's just so many iconic shots and outfits. They're great!
  15. I like the new Aladdin guy. I could see him maybe being Adolin, or Kaladin, or Renarin... assuming his performance is good. I don't really have any interest in seeing that remake so I guess I won't know. I've always read most of the characters as a middle eastern type look to them. Shallan has looked like Jane Levy since I've seen all the art people have drawn of her. It's always been difficult to link faces of actors to stormlight, and I have such clear visions of them in my head. I don't even know where to start. I will say that Diego Luna is FAR to old to be Kaladin though, even though he's one of my favorite actors. I still giggle that Cassian is supposed to be 26 in R1, and Jyn 19. I could maybe see him as Lirin in Kal's flashbacks though. Oscar Isaac has so much of the look I picture when reading Gavilar.