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  1. Finished the second Dresden book, and am now about 200 pages into Fires of Heaven! All good stuff!
  2. Filming also got shut down due to Covid, so the season hasn't been finished. I'm sure their marketing got thrown out the window when that happened, this years JordanCon got cancelled, SDCC got canceled, etc.
  3. Gorgeous! Expensive, but gorgeous. I don't own hardcover copies though.
  4. I adored Eye of the World honestly. I actually started reading it out loud to my fiancé last night. The series has a LOT of awesome moments. The first half of eye of the world is definitely slower, but you'll come to have nostalgia for it too lol. I skipped reading her the prologue cause it's 100% nonsense until you get further in to the series. I know I found it grating to read when I first jumped in lol.
  5. The Shadow Rising has a real nasty habit of cutting to a different character just as things started getting interesting. Then it'd cut back, and those interesting things were resolved. Only to spend time building up to an event, and cutting again. It took me from September 2019 to May 2020 to finish lol. There's a lot of amazing stuff in the book, but the pacing started to grind on me and I'd have to put it down for long periods. Especially with the avalanche of new character names and backstory with Rand in the Aiel wastes. Mat also barely did anything after the mid-way point except complain about wanting to leave. That was a major downer. He really felt like he was in a holding pattern after completing this books arc for himself halfway through. He just needed to wait out the rest of the story.
  6. I did it! Finally finished The Shadow Rising. An excellent ending. Great book too. Didn't love it as much as Dragon Reborn, but it was still really good. Probably my second favorite of the four so far.
  7. i love your name

  8. Finally watched the whole season recently, and loved every minute of it. It plays so well all as one piece as opposed to broken up week to week. Beautiful stuff, and a reminder of what Star Wars can be when people who care about it make it.
  9. I'm re-addicted to Overwatch personally. Love it!
  10. She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix, as well as Avatar The Last Airbender. Absolutely love both!
  11. Merphy Napier and Elliot Brooks are two I tend to go to.
  12. Finished FF7 remake after 45 hours for my first playthrough. Really looking into digging into multiple NG+ runs because its like... one of my new favorite things lol. I'm obsessed at this point. I'm shocked I loved it so much.
  13. About halfway through it at this point, and I'm enjoying it. I read a few reviews in advance, and I see some peoples complaints, but I guess those same reviews warned me, so nothings bothered me too much so far! Hoping I like the rest of the book as much as I have so far. Either way though I'm definitely in for the long haul. I already love Harry so much lol. Definitely the best wizard named Harry I've come across.
  14. Been playing FF7 Remake, and I'm... kind of in love with it? I think it's easily the best thing the final fantasy team has released since the Square enix merger. They've just really nailed the character interactions and I love that about it.
  15. Read The Dresden Files: Storm Front. Really enjoyed it! It's got a lot of issues, most notably the fact that Harry kind of needs to take a fridge cold shower through every interaction with a woman he has, but overall, it still captured me. Obvious growing pains that accompany a debut novel as well. Really looking forward to starting Fool Moon later tonight.