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  1. Well hello there! Haha, love the name. gotta get back on campaign 2. I haven’t caught up since I posted here. I’m a slow listener lol.
  2. Man I really loved that first episode of exandria unlimited. I’m currently on the tail end of campaign 2 as well. Episode 116.
  3. Planned on Shadows of self, but felt compelled to try Assassin’s Apprentice. Really digging it so far, 120ish pages in.
  4. Finished Alloy of Law last night, going to dive into Shadows of Self soon!
  5. Yeah I rank it pretty highly too. Just didn’t like some choices with the ending, but not the ones you might initially be thinking of. that was right at the end and super weird to me. Gameplay wise, it might be one of my favorites in the entire series. A fantastic blend of 7 and 4.
  6. Beat Village yesterday. Doing new game plus, and mercenaries. Mixed thoughts on the game to be honest.
  7. Getting close to Village time!
  8. Indeed! Excellent first episode.
  9. Just got my first moderna shot! Second is scheduled too. Nice to have done finally.
  10. Nice! I hope she gets into it and really enjoys the books!
  11. Little over halfway through Alloy of Law. Absolutely love it so far! Could even finish it today if I get a good reading session in.
  12. Picked up returnal from gamestop. Played for about five hours. Took it back, got my refund returnaled to my wallet, and paid off ratchet and clank instead.
  13. Well, I did it. I finished Hero of Ages. Was it good? Well, I read from page 424, all the way to the end of the book, page 724, in one single sitting. So you tell me, lol. Have Alloy of Law right next to me, but that was a good couple hours and I'm hungry, so food comes first, lol.
  14. Definitely looking forward to this too. Comes out the same day as Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart though. Gonna have to squeeze In the episode during a lunch break while streaming or something lol.
  15. 417ish pages into Hero of Ages. Moving along at a great pace. Fantastic so far. Not quite ready to be done with those characters, but the excitement for era 2 and having it polished off is encouraging me on.