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  1. I can understand that. There's just so much variety in Dragon Reborn. The series has opened up so much, with so many things going on, that it'd be weird to go back to an almost entirely rand centric storyline.
  2. 200+ pages into The Dragon Reborn now, and it's fantastic! Easily my favorite of the three so far. I'm really loving the variety in PoV this go around. I'm also loving the plot threads, and the characters continue to grow and become more and more interesting.
  3. I voted Thor, Peter Parker, and Rocket. I like most of them, but if there was a sudden snap and I only ever got to see three performances ever in future movies, it'd be those three.
  4. Finished The Great Hunt! Now on to The Dragon Reborn!
  5. Yep, I binged Stranger Things 3 twice, and am now doing a full series re-watch. I love that show so much! Such great characters!
  6. Saw Spider-Man: Far From Home last night, and really dug it! I wouldn't say it's quite as great as Homecoming, which I believe is the second best spidey film, after Into the Spider-verse. However, it's still my next favorite, so I really enjoyed it. Jon Watts manages to continue to nail the characters, to the point the good spidey stuff often isn't even needed for the film to be enjoyable. Peter and MJ's budding romance and awkward chemistry is constantly delightful to me. Ned has plenty to do, and I loved what they did with Betty in this one. Jake Gyllenhaal is great too, especially given certain events.
  7. Yeah that's a good idea. Michael in particular is radically different. He's still kind of a cocky d-bag at times, but he's a lot... less. He's just so over the top in season 1 that he's really unlikeable.
  8. Resident Evil Revelations. Fiance and I are playing the raid mode. She wants the platinum so I'm helping her. We both can't stand it, lol. It's so painfully bad.
  9. Season 2 of the office is where is gets good! Season 1... it's rough. It's only six episodes thank goodness, but they're hard to get into, especially now. But yeah, it quickly becomes great. My personal favorite tv show!
  10. Been watching some classic Star Trek TOS! Really love that show.
  11. A little over 400 pages into the Great Hunt! Under 200 to go. Should finish it pretty soon. Mom is up to visit for the fourth, so no idea how much reading I'll be doing! Really got her into Sanderson, so she keeps asking a lot of questions I don't have answers to yet! XD
  12. It definitely feels like it. Each episode can be self contained, but they're painting a broader canvas. If you like his previous works you'll probably dig the show! I'm up to episode 4 now. 3 is easily the best of the trio I've watched.
  13. Been watching Too Old to Die Young on Amazon. I adore the world of NWR, and this is like a 15 hour NWR film, so I'm digging it!
  14. Enjoying all the people reading WoT! I'm still reading the great hunt. Haven't gotten too far into it. I'm about 190 pages in. Been keeping busy with some other stuff so I haven't been able to dive in like I did last week with Eye of the World!
  15. XII is one of my favorite games, but the vanilla ps2 version lacked complexity that the zodiac age brought to the table, and it's super slow now to the point I doubt I'd ever be able to play it normally.