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  1. Finally beat Doom 2016 in prep for Eternal. Flat out one of the best games of the generation, if not one of the best FPS games ever made. Going to re-play to get all my secrets and what not. (Even bought Doom 93 on switch too!)
  2. I'm not! I tend to just write when I can. When I do, I sit there and plow through several thousand words lol.
  3. You can do it! Put that universe to good work, and tell some stories!
  4. Finished The Well of Ascension. Well. Hot damnation. That was fantastic! I liked it more than Final Empire, and I loved Final Empire. Going to start up Hero of Ages later tonight. After a period of mourning and recuperation, obviously.
  5. Finished part 4 of Well of Ascension. Will polish off the rest of the book when I wake up. Some fantastic twists in there. LOVED it.
  6. Cats for me. I feel bonds with cats are significantly more special and personal. Dogs are still great though!
  7. I just started watching Critical Role Campaign 2. Love the nameĀ :D.

  8. Lost power two hours into the stream. Gonna have to search for an archived version!
  9. Been burning through Well of Ascension today. Up to page 370. Will probably read for several more hours tonight. It's soooo good!
  10. I'm quite proud of my progress so far. I wanted 2020 to be both a year of change, and a year of getting things done. For years, I've talked about wanting to be a writer. I've had ideas, even dabbled in writing here and there. Last summer, I even sat down to start really focusing in on a book I had an idea for. Then I stopped, leaving it around 8k words in, no real outline. I kept that story alive in my head though. And a couple days ago, I decided, this is the year things get done. So I sat down, and in the last few days, I powered out a full outline. I've never outlined a story I wanted to write like this before. It's time I finally start taking action and be the writer I've wanted to be since I was young. I've also focused on reading a lot more. I'm nearly 350 pages into Well of Ascension after only just starting it the other day. I have a LONG TBR, and this year I want to actually dig into it and get a lot done.
  11. I got Bondsmith hehe. As far as favorite character, it's a reeeeally hard choice. Out of all the book series I've read, Stormlight might actually have my favorite cast. I genuinely love everyone, even the ones I hate. So, I guess I'll go with favorite to read... and that (having only finished Wok and WoR) would be Shallan.
  12. I feel the same as you. There have been some very good DC movies lately, but they haven't fully earned my trust. I still don't know if I like what I see from these trailers, but I'll give it a shot. Hoping for the best!
  13. Season 2 won't be out till early to mid 2021, so you have plenty of time! Loved the show myself. It's not perfect, and in fact has lots of flaws, but it has that special kind of magic that keeps you interested anyways. The cast especially is great.
  14. Been binging Star Wars Rebels, and The Simpsons on Disney+. Also binged through part 2 of Disenchantment. Really enjoyed it. Much better than part 1, but I can't help but think this show is on a marching path to death. 13 months or so for just 10 episodes is going to kill it. It's not a Rick and Morty where those ten episodes are incredibly unique and memorable. It's a slightly (emphasis on slightly, it's not really an incredibly funny comedy) amusing show with an interesting main mystery that barely gets advanced each part. I like the series, but I fully expect it to be canceled with no resolution at this rate.
  15. When you know your dad didn't read the WoK book that you got him for Christmas last year even though he said he did simply because he isn't buzzing about it the way you do.