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  1. Finished the campaign for Gears 5 (what a ride!) and have been grinding out Horde, Versus, and escape. Trucking along through my tour of duty, and am player level 64 at the moment.
  2. Agreed whole-heartedly! Loved it myself.
  3. Gonna head out to see IT Chapter 2 in Imax in a little bit! Really excited!
  4. Same! Gonna sell my 3ds copy that I didn't play tomorrow. Will be playing Gears 5 ultimate tonight!
  5. The weirdest thing I've seen from people is that the idea Luke went to the island to die is the only fitting explanation for why he'd be there, and why he didn't jump back into the fight. There's an infinite number of possibilities. Of course, I think a lot of those possibilities would also depend upon them making Snoke a more intriguing character as well. The villains have really let this trilogy down. None of them have been good antagonists. The closest thing we have to the main villain is Kylo, and it's also pretty obvious he's not the final villain. I really hope Palpatines return, General Pryde, and the Knights of Ren are suitable antagonists in Episode 9. The film deserves it after the wet farts that were Phasma, Snoke and Hux.
  6. I spent a little bit today listening to the band Arch Enemy. Some heavy metal. I don't normally go for this type of metal (that gutteral yelling type) but I kinda liked it. Took a bit of getting used to, but I felt like there was a bit more harmony to the singers voice than the usual that I've heard from this type.
  7. I like the art of your avatar. Who is it by/what's it from, if you happen to know off-hand?
  8. I'm about 350 pages into The Shadow Rising, and 100 into Storm Front. Making great progress!
  9. Got all my gears 5 skins. Decided to pass on grinding out horde for the boost. Just didn't feel like it. I more than got my money's worth out of Gears 4 though, thats for sure. About 175 total hours across all modes. Bring on gears 5!
  10. Does it seem like a one and done type deal or is it going to be a multi-season thing?
  11. Lmfao, sorry about that! I use my phone to post and had just gotten done talking to my fiancé. Subconscious slip! XD
  12. I hate being on board the negativity train, but that poster really is an abominable cg nightmare. It's looks like a knock off ps2 cover. From a bargain bin. In China. I'm hoping the movie is good. I'm not particularly looking forward to seeing it, and nothing looks all that exciting so far. I'm gonna give it a chance though, and hope for the best. The Mandalorian looks excellent at least.
  13. Sounds like a place I'd love to be! See you in April!
  14. Black Eagles here! Pretty early still too. Playing Control, and working on Gears 4 to get a couple skins for gears 5.
  15. Thanks babe. I thought it went pretty well. Hopefully I'll get a call back!