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    Books. Mainly fantasy/sci-fi but toss in almost anything every once in awhile. Gaming, from table top to computer.
  1. Happy birthday!

  2. *Listening to Way of Kings for probably the 7th time* I still get goosebumps throughout. I am trying to get my wife to read it just so I have someone to talk about the feelings I get, or the imagery it invokes in my minds eye. This, is the main reason I came here. To share in this world that feels so real. Chapter: “A Light by Which to See” Kaladin, Syl, the Storm Father, and me. and my heart starts racing.
  3. Wondering why the wife always looks confused when I shout out stuff like,

    “Airsick lowlander!!”

  4. This is so hard to say. I could easily say most of the main characters, the story lines are so in-depth. But I am inclined to shoutout Rock. He makes me laugh and his people’s mysterious ways that allow him to see... let’s just say he sees things. I would love to be able to soar through the skies as well as other things Windrunners can do. Only one location? I can only choose one? Seems evil to make me choose only one. Ummm Purelake or the Reshi Isles. I would like to have fish soup at Maib’s place. Thanks for all the welcomes and cookie warnings. Etin
  5. Hi all. Quick rundown on me I guess. I’m very new to the Cosmere. I have read/listened to The Stormlight series many times. I can not get enough of them. I have only recently been wondering what the Cosmere actually is. It all started with, what I thought, was a simple Google search. Cosmere, Hoid. Boom, I found these forums. I’ve been drooling ever since and can’t wait to read more so I can understand a tad more of what I am seeing here. From what I can tell I need to read the Mistborn trilogy. Right? Hope so cause I just downloaded it from Audible. Anyway, glad I found this wonderful place, now off to read more. Thanks for creating a place like this! Etin