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  1. *gasps* "IMPOSSIBLE"
  2. *Soulcasts the Milky Way into a giant candy bar and wins*
  3. A.C. woke up from his nap on a bean bag chair in the bunker party bunker. He was only 28% confused by the vaguely familiar voice in his head.
  4. But I give it back. So I win!!!!!
  5. Okay here's my philosophical topic of the day. I just want you all to ponder this... Shrek vs. Lunamor Shaggy vs. the Lopen ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  6. And more importantly The Lopen.
  7. Well dang. I played slip'n'slide-kickball today, and near the start a ran to a base, but apparently fell backwards onto my head. I remember that it happened, but I don't remember it happening, if that makes sense. Anyway, I'm fine, but my brain is just a teensy bit cloudy, and probably not working at full capacity :P.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. The Last Post

      The Last Post

      I protect myself from this by accustoming myself to it, anything cringed=facepalm w/ book

    3. Truthless of Shinovar

      Truthless of Shinovar

      You deserve upvotes for your pain:P

    4. Mushroom Catalog

      Mushroom Catalog

      I get the feeling... One time I had to bear crawl across a gym, and I slipped, smacked my head and saw stars for the first time. Couldn't think entirely right for about an hour.

  8. "Mmm, darkness eh? It's to bad we don't have a super-duper light show to fix that right up. Oh wait... of course we have a super-duper light show!"
  9. A.C. didn't want ANYONE to be unhappy, so he also poked Xinoehp on the cheek, then sprinkled confetti onto his face.
  10. A.C. was very happy at the commencement of a bunker party. He set up a series of tables for all the food and installed a 400 yard slip'n'slide, as well as a cukoo pinata. "Here! Everybody have a party blower thing!"
  11. Thanks! Today has been pretty awesome.

    (You have no idea how many times I almost accidentally just used your real name right then:P)I

    1. Rosharan A.C.

      Rosharan A.C.

      Thanks bud! 

      (But ShhHHHhHHh! They're not supposed to know we're affiliated...;):P)

  13. And then Bobbie Gerome popped a thermonuke balloon, party-izing 7/4 of the entire Northern Hemisphere. Edit: Also, A.C. proposed a bunker party.
  14. Discombobulated. It's very satisfying to type that in and not see a red squiggly line.
  15. Hey we've got the same birthday! Happy birthday @Wander89!!