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  1. ?rof dnats LTR seod tahW .esrow tub yad etisoppo ekil adniK .sdrawkcab eb ot romanuL tpecxe srotarran eht fo LLA desuac siht taht tuo tniop ot detnaw .C.A rotarran osla dnA
  2. *pulls a kelsier and disregards laws made by a supreme ruler* *wins*
  3. That was a little anticlimactic. WHICH i am thankful for because now I get to keep my sanity. But I wasted 17 bucks on a cognitive-safe, so that's nice.
  4. Feels bad. Maybe I'm a little lucky after all. Oof. I just saw those of you that have to wait till the 12th and 13th. Commences to feel even more bad.
  5. lucky. tomorrow's my last day.
  6. Huh. I guess that makes sense. Okedoke. I may or may not have very important tests tomorrow that most likely require a decent amount of sleep, so I will renounce my title as winner for the night. But please, feel free to take the theoretical thread throne!
  7. Ya. Get it? Cus air conditioning is cool...
  8. The cool kind
  9. Uuuuuuh sure. I'm going cognitive-vault shopping at 4 am tomorrow.
  10. But through the power of editing it was rebolded and considered legitimate.
  11. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! I want to preserve the little I have left.
  12. Some even mugged him and left him on the side of grammar street. Oof. I keep forgetting to put it in bold. My bad.
  14. Oh no. Truthless, I for one have not heard that story, but I know you well enough to ask you to please not go down that road. For the sake our sanity.
  15. You know what I find funny? No one has really stopped to think about the fact that the father didn't really care about his son dying. He just wanted to know what happened to all of the pink ping pong balls. Some dad. But then again, I think I understand where his dad is coming from. I for one wouldn't mind figuring out where in the scudding cosmere all of those ping pong balls went. Kolo?