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  1. Space and Time were not very happy at all. They were saving that fabric for something.
  2. I don’t think I’m the only one . Check your profile! *Sets up tables and chairs and every other kind of furniture that goes in a party*
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAMELESS!!!! *Starts a huge big ‘ole birthday party for @Nameless*
  4. I am listening.
  5. Okay okay I get it . I guess I did ask though.
  6. Archer was on to him . “I will give you a very good deal for that tube of magic toothpaste. I’m offering... two tubes of regular toothpaste!”.
  7. That’s okay. I figured I was probably the only one.
  8. Howdy everybody! I just watched all three seasons of The Dragon Prince, and it was pretty darn great! Definitely felt like avatar, which I liked. Although I never noticed Callum posing with the boomerang. Seeing that now cracks me up . Speaking of which... And of course my thoughts:
  9. Taiga front!
  10. That’s great! Brandon Sanderson really is a pretty awesome writer, and I think you’ll like those two books.
  11. A.C. offered to buy the stolen toothpaste from Salad.
  12. A.C moved the cup fort to space, where there was no gravity or wind. Now the cup fort was impenetrable.
  13. Ok. I’m not much of a Netflix person, but I may or may not have started watching The Dragon Prince a few hours ago out of curiosity, and now I may or may not be completely hooked . *wins with a new hobby for the quarantine*
  14. And then suddenly a very suspicious gorilla walked out the door.
  15. Granted. He is now the father of every single person in the 90’s who played an instrument. His bane is that the genealogy of the world has now been completely messed up, and he must pay for each one of his kids to go to college. I wish for an adventure.