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  1. It’s nice to meet you @Doneil!!
  2. Hope you are enjoying the shard!
  3. Welcome to the Shard @DiemWolf!!
  4. ... was the perpetrator. He was the Chinese Monarch everyone forgot about.
  5. YKYASFW you're going through your Statistics notes and you misread "Histograms" as "Highstorms".
  6. No! I’m out of upvotes! I am actually going to take one back so I can give it to you. I love how on the last one Hoid is in the middle . Edit: aaagh! It won’t let me! *softly cries in a corner*
  7. Oooooh. I see what it is now! Very clever. In fact, 9/10 for your cleverness.
  8. Overall I’d say 7/10 for your Halloween version @Truthless of Shinovar. It’s good, scary, and I like creepy eyes. The only thing I’d say is it’s just a little too black; the picture kind of blurs together when I look at it from a distance. But other than that, I like it!
  9. Very nice @Ashbringer
  10. Her friend was reluctant, however. Theirs was brand new.
  11. Welcome @VanDemus Baxter! I see you have moved your post to a thread of your own ! The Stormlight Archive is probably my all time favorite. It makes me so excited that you’re in the middle of reading it! What’s been your favorite scene so far? Or scenes, if you have multiple.
  12. You see, She’s lighting abilities often numbed the mind.
  13. Welcome to the shard @Leafygeans! I would recommend reading the Code of Conduct as well as the Welcome and Information thread, if you haven’t already. Other than those, there’s not really anything specific you need to know! And I don’t believe you need to tag yourself in any way, unless you want to.
  14. Hi @Quinn0928! Welcome to the shard! What would you say is your favorite Sanderson book so far?