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  1. the clock-slide affect was actually a figment of one’s imagination made real by the intense Inter-dimensional strain put on the brain from too much spicy food.
  2. I don’t know who Mumbo is, but I vote for them. Spoons and Mustaches sound like a storming good presidency.
  3. Many a news story was published on the subject.
  4. Welcome to the 17th Shard @Toothless of Shinover!
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      Thanks for following me back! :)

  6. A recognizable picture, and it’s quite clear. I also like the white background; makes it look like there’s just Link floating there. However I’ve also seen a lot of LoZ pfp’s, so it’s a bit less unique. Overall 6/10.
  7. The whole thread burst into laughter.
  8. Helium watched from the sidelines and laughed quietly to himself. Everything was going swimmingly.
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      All g, thanks for the fb. I followed you because I think we posted at the same time on TLT and that made me laugh. 

  10. He was at the pet shop because of a promise he had made to Uncle Brandy when they were young.
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  12. This is what @Spock did for me! It’s so awesome! He took these two pictures for the background of the poem. Aren’t they amazing? Oh, and he gave it to me on time; I was just late in posting it here.


    I love him. He is my child now. The certificate says I’m a plant Dad.


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    2. Rosharan A.C.

      Rosharan A.C.

      I will! I accept this new responsibility. He will grow up and become a strong Windrunner Plant.

    3. Dannex


      Give him a hug, he needs one.

      Technically RoW spoilers but not really 


      Be a better dad than Lirin please


    4. Spock


      Congratulations on becoming a plant Dad! 

      Know that we all aspire to be like you--the best plant Dad ever!!