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  1. A.C. began to get out his pudding guns, but then he realized plot was going on, so he stopped with hi head down. He reached into his pocket, pulled out some bacon, tied it around his forehead, nodded, and then started blasting.
  2. A.C. popped out of his barrel. "I wouldn't eat that if I were you Ara. It is after all a Butt muffin."
  3. But José missed being a hermit, so he gave one of his DoomRats the shard of life.
  4. I think the joke is that it says "DA = not possible"
  5. It's almost like those kind of people are part of a secret cult club no one else knows about *wins*
  6. Which eventually gained a conscience of its own.
  7. "Woot woot! We've gone too long without bunker-partying!" A.C. gathered all the essentials, and made sure to inflate extra balloons.
  9. Granted. They are the most beautiful, stunning things your teacher has ever seen in her entire life. However, they have nothing to do with words and english at all, so she usually gives you an F. Your bane is that you can never look directly at a screen of any sort. I wish I had a huge aquarium in my backyard where I grew and raised alien flora and fauna. The fauna all act like normal fish mind you, but they just look cool. And I'm also going to specify that the flora are mostly normal as well, so no one gets any ideas.
  10. *wins more*
  11. I imagine it looks kind of like this:
  12. I like the way you think @Llstml, but we have to consider the greater good here. If I had Szeth's oathstone, first I would make him watch all the Avengers movies, see how many marshmallows he can fit in his mouth, and then let him help Roshar.
  13. And then A.C. threw a Turn Back Into What You Were Before grenade at them. Strangely enough, they all became pineapples.
  14. Aha! 200 posts! This isn't really that significant in the grand scheme of things, but it makes me happy because my post count has been pretty stagnant for a while. 

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