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    I like to read, shard, and watch movies. My favorite color's green, I'm a second tenor, and I play a little piano. Plus I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I also occasionally travel to other dimensions, where I fight ninja-demons and save civilizations of duck people. And I like memes.

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  1. chocolate putting
  2. "A platypus eating half of a stormlight-lollipop, on bridge 5 the old geezer that lures people to their death and saved us from the cream soda plague, that's what."
  3. Heinz
  4. YKYASW your aunt texts you at midnight last night after finishing Elantris (her first book by Sanderson) to say "I hate Hrathen. I love Hrathen. SO SO SO GOOD." and then sends you a list of cosmere books and asks if that's a good order to read them.
  5. nein's
  6. This made it perfect for luring people to their death, because it also had...
  7. *Shivers uncontrollably* I just explored the RPG section of the forums and felt quite overwhelmed and intimidated at the same time.
  8. voy vas va vamos vais van
  9. Unfortunately the cupcake poison had a mole in the government, who changed all vaccine medicines to cream soda.
  10. Well since you asked, I suppose I will. *wins*
  11. I think it was perfectly normal for them all to get busted by the police. It only makes sense. Also, I just asked my older brother to tell me a random thought he's had recently. He promptly responded by saying "What if when a kid was born, they just put a blind fold on him really quick, and then they stuck him on an island with everything he would need to survive. What would happen to him since he would grow up all by himself? He wouldn't learn to read, write, or anything like that, and he would never see another human. So what would happen to him?" My mom actually interrupted him near the middle to say "You're weird" in that joking but kind-of-sincere way moms do.
  12. *slow claps*
  13. Well my studies are still ongoing, and I haven't acquired much accurate data yet. But from what I gather, roughly four. Edit: It's quite an interesting phenomena really.
  14. I have a theory that after spending several years on the 17th shard, you're mind eventually becomes one with the website...
  15. As her thermonuke was propelled.