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  1. I'm a little confused about what this Surge's power means because I think it sounds really interesting.
  2. Vax is either a planet or a person somewhere in the Cosmere that we know nothing about.
  3. Vax

    My theory is that Vax is both the name of a place and a person. I think it is specifically the name of a Shard Vessel that Ati was close to in some way and probably thought one of the people in the Cognitive Realm when he died surrounding him was Vax. We also know in Aether of Night that the first version of Ruin in the Cosmere, which was called Decay in that story, was on that world and the world's name started with a V (or an L now that I think of it). So, I think it was the first world Ruin went to alongside the shard who was named Vax. Ruin fled that world, possibly because the Vessel saw that he was too destructive to have on his/her planet. So the Aether of Night story could take place on Vax and the Aethers might be from there. Whatever the Shard there is doing, it is creating some sort of magic system that involves Initiation but also involves Aether materials to function. I like this idea a lot. It makes a decent amount of sense as I myself don't believe that Ambition splintered in the Threnodite system but definitely went somewhere else. I think Vax is going to end up being super important to the story of the Cosmere as a whole. We are most likely going to get either a single novel or a novella set there.
  4. 1. A story about whatever the hell Vax is. 2. Something about the Lord Ruler's kids (cause we know he had them which boggles my mind)/The story of Alendi and Rashek in Classical Scadrial. 3. The story of how Khriss and Nazh met. 4. A novella about Nightside of Taldain.
  5. So, we all know that Knights Radiant Orders can create Squires which allow others to access Surgebinding while not having a Nahel bond themselves. My question is: is it possible to become a Knights Radiant of one Order and then become a Squire of a different Order? Like, if Kaladin was still a Windrunner and went and tried to become a Lightweaver Squire, would he be able to?
  6. I got Elend, my favorite character
  7. What kind of abilities would a person get from being able to Compound aluminum, the sort-of anti-magic metal of Scadrial?
  8. The only issue I could find from this adaptation is the how they would do the magic systems. How Allomancy and Feruchemy work and behave would be really hard to adapt onto film because it works way better on paper than in live action
  9. I was recently reading a bit about Old Magic in Roshar on the Coppermind Wiki. I was thinking about Boons and how they operate. When a person gains a Boon, can it be anything they want, like gaining the ability to control electricity or reality, or are there specific limitations on what kinds of things can be gained through Old Magic? Can I get the ability of one of the forms of the Singers or even become an Allomancer on Roshar with a Boon?
  10. Thank you. I’ll do that in a second.
  11. Recently, I have decided that I want to start my rough draft for a book I want to write. It exists in an epic fantasy setting similar to a D&D setting. I want to create one or multiple magic systems for this story that I want to be unique but at the same time reflect my love of Dungeons & Dragons with their magic system (arcane and divine). I want to make sure it is simple to understand but I want to make sure there are limitations, costs, and weaknesses to how it operates and can be accessed. I've read over Sanderson's Laws of Magic and I think they have helped me create some guidelines for myself but I still don't know where to start. I don't know how much I should add to it before I expand on it more and more. I feel like I'm in the dark on this one.
  12. For the Surges, it would probably be Cohesion and Adhesion. They could possibly use Adhesion similarly to Bondsmiths
  13. I don’t know if this has been done on this site before but here we go: You can make your own Knights Radiant Order. Your Order’s name: Your Order’s spren: Your ideals: Your Surges: Other Characteristics:
  14. I got Elsecallers which is not exactly what I wanted.
  15. I was wondering if there are any theories as to what silver might do if burned by an Allomancer or used to store something by a Feruchemist.