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  1. cooking with F-brass faster computers with speed bubbles
  2. This is a really cool idea. Would make sense. I know Brandon wants to work silver into the cosmere and this would be a cool idea.
  3. I've actually posted this class before but it wasn't finished and the topic was in the wrong subforum. I have finished all the features of the class (with a few exceptions). All that's missing is the narrative elements. If you don't play D&D or some other tabletop RPG this won't interest you and you should go look at something else. The class is missing 2 things, however. A Bondsmith subclass and a Willshaper subclass feature. For the Bondsmith they are just really weird. Once we learn more about the sibling I'll probably turn Bondsmith into its own class with the 3 spren being the subclasses. If you want to play as a Bonsmith now just take the cohesion and tension surges and ad another Bonsmith themed feature at level 10. I also didn't put down an ability for the Willshapers because I just don't know anything that makes them different from the other orders aside from their surges. Advice would be appreciated All feedback is welcome and encouraged. This is just a rough draft so I'm very open to changes. Thanks! (Tell me if you can't access the document)
  4. It's a good starting book as it isn't too different from standard fiction but still has a few classic brandon plot twists
  5. I totally agree with feruchemy being the best in ordinary life but steel pushing is so hard to beat
  6. i find your description of the cutest thing in the cosmere to be a bit disconcerting. The cutest thing by far is Wyndle.
  7. its been a while but I don't remember there being any indication that sazed wrote those chapter begginings. Course I never read those.
  8. Zane was really only in the book to evolve Vin and Elend's relationship.
  9. oildrenched, because every good book should have a flaming sword
  10. Brandons only problem is the fact that he's locked himself into writing too many books. He better not die before the cosmere is finished.
  11. I'd read all of Sanderson's work before coming here. I thought alluminum removed all powers. Lerasium steals all powers
  12. I always assumed that after the events of feverstone keep the other radiants realized that they shouldn't leave their shards with the humans. They broke their oaths in secret caves and hid them away. As for the fact that there were more shards in feverstone keep then there are now. I just think that before humans learned how to bond to blades they lost some. Shardcast did a great episode on this topic
  13. Basically everything in this deck seems overpowered to me but I mostly play older cards so maybe it's just the power creep. I do think Sazed should be a 2/3. Right now his feruchemy feels a little bit weak.
  14. Nice. I really like this. It would be cool to see a scene like this in Renarin's flashbacks.
  15. In BoM suit punches in a code that allows them access to the room with the fake bands. Apparently the password would have been something kelsier would know. Has Brandon revealed what it is?