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  1. That is not what I am talking about. The Herald's were killed numerous times prior to the breaking of the oathpact. Sorry, I was a little bit unclear. What I meant was that perhaps the dawnshards or whatever Vyre's knife is was how they killed them originally. Perhaps Odium has always had them. But because the oathpact was in place previously the knife wouldn't suck up their soul. Just sent the heralds back to Braize.
  2. Dawnshards? Maybe it is because the oathpact is shattered that the Heralds can be killed permanently.
  3. I recently watched the newest spiderman movie so if you haven't seen it stop reading because.... SPOILERS! So mysterio is making those giant monsters. Basically my question is do you think lightweavers could do something like that with a combination of soulcastings and lightweaving.
  4. Lightweavers. I'm citing Spiderman: Far from home.
  5. Also there was a lot going on when Vin accended. She probably never had the chance to sort through the new info dump.
  6. "No Mating!" - Pattern
  7. I'm not the foremost expert on realmatic theory but both of these seem possible. Imitation would be a weird one but I agree. Would be super cool. Depravation, well well hopefully need a new big bad for Mistborn era 4 and that seems as good as any. Not sure how much Brandon would enjoy writing such a staight-foreward bad guy though. Doesn't fit his style
  8. Yeah its probably a mental thing. Breaking objects down. Jasnah could probably do a similar thing with soulcasting
  9. Unite all the planets in the system. And then unite all the solar systems in the cosmere. And then unite all of Brandon sandersons worlds. And then unite all literature. And then unite the fiction and real worlds. That's the entire plot of the SA. Calling it now
  10. cosmere

    Somebody you think is the enemy isn't actually the enemy and the characters end up fighting them and the actual enemy
  11. With medallions cadmium ferring bands. As a wind player myself I can say not having to breath would be super nice and make a band sound much better
  12. Maybe not every day but bendalloy mistings being used to speed up production.
  13. the lord ruler

    Not if you made your eyes visible. After all, eyes must be visible in order to catch the light. 1 cookie if you got that reference