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  1. It would be morbidly ironic if he died before finishing a series seeing how one of his first projects was finishing the wheel of time.
  2. cool idea, I don't completely understand the keeping your powers hidden thing. If everyone has them I think it would be more normal. Also not sure about chronoflyghists. Might need to work on that name. Good job though.
  3. Interesting Idea. There might be WOBs against this though.
  4. So what I did was divide the surges into major and minor classes. It doesn't work everywhere but it fit pretty well. The major surges are learned later. As each surge works the same for each order. (I know they're used differently between orders but I couldn't take doing even more work). One set has to be more powerful to justify being learned at a higher level. For the most part they make sense and to me at least it doesn't feel like anything obviously wrong has sprung up
  5. No, I don't have WoBs but I'm pretty sure it's not hereditary. Usually, knights radients are chosen because they are broken inside and fit some of the ideals of that spren's order. It might be more likely for the windrunners' child to be a windrunner but that would be because spren search for people around where other knight radients have been found (case in point: the Kohlina). Also the kid would be conditioned to like the windrunner ideals. Since becoming a Knight Radiant involves an intelligent being's choice it's not hereditary
  6. Here's a stupid idea that would be so cool. Just picture, it's the final battle of book five and Odium has combined all of the thunderclasts to form a massive monster. The heroes are desperately trying to defend Uritheru with Shallan, Renarin, and Navani working to awaken the city. They somehow make it awaken with the big gem pillar lighting up with enough flashing lights to cause a siezure. The sibling bonds with Navani and with her new knowledge she learns something about the city. The entire city pulls itself out of the mountains turning into a giant golem Voltron style. Cue awesome fight seen between 2 giant constructs with entire mountains getting destroyed.
  7. I think its just brandon wanting to poke fun at victorian literature
  8. Also no mention of how kelisier is like 40
  9. That is not what I am talking about. The Herald's were killed numerous times prior to the breaking of the oathpact. Sorry, I was a little bit unclear. What I meant was that perhaps the dawnshards or whatever Vyre's knife is was how they killed them originally. Perhaps Odium has always had them. But because the oathpact was in place previously the knife wouldn't suck up their soul. Just sent the heralds back to Braize.
  10. Dawnshards? Maybe it is because the oathpact is shattered that the Heralds can be killed permanently.
  11. I recently watched the newest spiderman movie so if you haven't seen it stop reading because.... SPOILERS! So mysterio is making those giant monsters. Basically my question is do you think lightweavers could do something like that with a combination of soulcastings and lightweaving.
  12. Lightweavers. I'm citing Spiderman: Far from home.
  13. Also there was a lot going on when Vin accended. She probably never had the chance to sort through the new info dump.
  14. "No Mating!" - Pattern