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  1. Granted but it has no charge and will never hold a charge again I wish for stormlight archives 4
  2. If they all use average dice rolls than they aren't foretelling the future and won't get accused of being heretics. It would be considered manly though because of the strong focus on tactics and warfare. Totally going with chasms & cremlings
  3. I'm making a Dungeons and Dragons class based on the Knights Radiant and I've hit a snag with regards to these two surges. All help is welcome. Thanks
  4. Thanks
  5. Why limit yourself to the standard 12ish classes. I'm making my own knight radiant class. 10 subclasses = lots of work
  6. Syl said dead sisters. Maya's an honorspren. Or was. However that works
  7. Spoilers for oathbringer ahead If Adolin ressurects his shardblade than wouldn't he have a bond with her. He is bonded to the shardblade. He'll probably be a windrunner as Syl remaks, "How would you like it if someone swung around your dead sisters." Talking about Adolin of course