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  1. If we don't get Syladin Leshwi is the next best thing. The only thing I would be concerned about is Leshwi is a fused and they are...... insane.
  2. Behold, "The Spear That Would Not Break"
  3. Happy Birthda- why? I look in here for one second and see a RoW spoiler? I am so happy I'm getting the book tomorrow so i don't have to deal with this. Anyways Happy Birthday.

  4. So I was re-reading that really sad Lift interlude in RoW and was curious about one line. Pattern is measuring her height and she exclaims, "That's almost a full inch since last time." I don't know exactly how often Lift is checking her height but this feels regular. So it looks like Lift is growing really fast. Almost as if Cultivation's gift is fading. Hmmm, when have we seen that before. Looks like Cultivation is back to pruning. We know Cultivation loves setting things up for events far in the future. I think this interlude is setting Lift up for a major role in KoWT (Stormlight 5 if you haven't seen the reflection theory). From here it's mostly speculation for major roles Lift could play in the next book. One idea is that she could go with Kaladin and Szeth traveling to Shinovar. We've seen Lift and Szeth before and that was really fun. She could also end up being Dalinar's champion. It would be interesting to see Dalinar struggle with not being able to fight Odium himself. Also, we've seen that Lift has some strange power in the Odium visions back in Oathbringer. So what do you think? Will Lift be a main character in Stormlight 5? Will Dalinar actually end up being his own champion or will his stepping-down arc continue?
  5. Possibly they have extremely small gemhearts.
  6. Assuming that you can see these pictures I believe that the blade shown by Lady X is either not an Honorblade or its Pailiah's blade. If, like me, you have no idea who Pailiah is she was the Truthwatcher patron and might be in the Palanaeum of Kharbranth. Her blade is the one in the back right. The blades look kind of similar around the hilt and I think that blades adjust slightly to suit their wielder. If Lady X is Navani it makes sense that she would gravitate to the Truthwatcher herald. Alternatively it's not an honorblade and something else is going on here.
  7. Something vitally important in many multiplayer games
  8. you probably could rewrite the history so that you had poisoned the sword before
  9. Minor spoilers for Warbreaker and Mistborn One of the biggest questions with the 1-year time gap between Oathbringer and Rythem of War is that Szeth is with the Radiants. We want the Nightblood Zahel meeting to occur onscreen but it feels weird if they've never interacted during the whole year. So, I have two theories one boring and one slightly more interesting. 1. The easy answer is just Szeth is in prison and refuses to let anyone else hold on to Nightblood. If so that's going to be a very irritating sentence. Imagine trying to meditate while Nightblood talks your psychic ears off. 2. This one is more interesting. When using advanced Steelsight and from shards perspective, at least on Scadrial you see a bright light inside people. So what if that is how Nightblood sees the world. He recognizes people by their spiritual aspect or whatever. Anyway, perhaps Vasher with divine breath is different from Vasher suppressing his divine breath but with normal breath and also different from Vasher with no normal breath and a suppressed divine breath. The theory is sort of falling apart as I think about it but it's an interesting idea
  10. I think Steris's mind would just explode trying to comprehend everything possible to prepare and have a plan for.
  11. sugar before death, diabetes before weakness, peeps before destination
  12. I thought he was supposed to have white hair?
  13. Alternatively, I know it's been referenced that aluminum falls from the sky in some places.
  14. 90% Edgedancer. Nice program. Seems like you got decent consistency without having it drag on forever like some online quizzes. Enjoyed the last question with all the in-world quotes