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  1. Internal Screamers Akward spren I shall get out of my bed once in a while and make a storming friend Abrasion and Tension In case it wasn't obvious, they are all very akward and self conscious. Please be nice to them (:
  2. Hi! so first of all I completely agree that Adolin will be a radiant with the whole maya saving him from the fused and talking to him and appearing at 7 heart beats, but yeah Maya's a cultivation spren so when he bonds with her he will be an edge dancer So...I joined 17thshard a week or two ago and people kept offering me cookies and others said to not eat them, so while I don't understand, I feel a morale obligation to tell you not to take the cookies
  3. My dearest hope is that at some point in the stormlight books someone will say "Adolin never touches Shallan the way he used to touch her" and they're talking about a horse :D

  4. OKAY! so a while ago i left a comment on a discussion missing spren which was about why akwardness doesn't have a spren and I said that they were radiant spren but they all died in the recreance, but then I got to thinking and I made an order with surges and everything! Order: Internal screamers Nahel bond: awkward spren (attracts shame spren) Surges: Teleportation, Tension Shard blades: Since the akward spren don't want to be seen they appear as daggers, the type of weapon a spy would use Resonance: being unseen and hating crowds because people are the WORST sooooooo...yeah! do you guys have any order ideas? ideas about orders that have been posted?
  5. So Dalinar wrote a biography at the end of oathbringer and I was wondering how much he actually revealed in his book, or mainly, how Evi actually died, that would have major implications for RoW, cause now everyone would know, right? like Renarin can read now and Shallan could walk in and be like 'Adolin you need to see this' but I just can't belive that Dalinar would go far enough to publish that, but idk, thoughts?
  6. (sorry I'm seeing this months later but whatever V(' - ')V )since it seems pretty likely that Maya will be revived, and therefore able to change weapon forms like syl, could we have a shardboomerang? also, side note, now that you brought up avatar I want shallan to win some kind of award belt or medal and then let Adolin wear it because it goes with his suit and he can walk backwards and be like "Kohlin princedom!"
  7. Maybe finding out that Dalinar basically murdered Evi?
  8. the akward spren were part of the KR, but most of them died in the recriance...don't worry, we're coming back!
  9. @TheGirlWhoLookedUp all the stormlight books and I'm about to start mistborn
  10. Im so conflicted... How can cookies be BAD?
  11. I think the commas are seperating them, so the spren is seprete from the stone and wind, but spren is so vauge, maybe thus spren was new and they didn't quite understand him? then they would have just recently started worshipping odium's spren. Did odium and his spren have some sort of falling out? I mean theres no voidbondsmith so odium's spren clearly isn't available in the current books
  12. Ok, so, in the dawn chart it said that the humans came to roshar with one God and the pershendi said they had gods, plural, so that would be honor and cultivation and the human God would be odium so why did honor (and maybe cultivation, idk whats up with her) so theres no way the pershendi couldn't have done something to make honor, s t o r m i n g honor, to betray them
  13. Oh stormfather I feel stupid for those tags and title, but I've got a saying I live by, 'if you start a bad idea, you have to finish a bad idea' ... It's not a very good saying...