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  1. Vyre used the knife to kill Jezrien and Jezrien flipped out. But he wasn't even a human he was more like a spren. So was the material of the blade Odiumite? I mean Harmony, Trell, Ati, and Leras all had God metals. Why not Odium? And if so is Honors metal the metal that shardblades and the oathgate are made out of. And do we know anything about Cultivation's metal? These are questions that have been running through my mind lately.
  2. Well i figured since Frost can "call them off" It implies that he controls a large part of the group. If he isn't the leader than he has leverage
  3. Is Trell a piece of Adonalsium? Or is he a splinter of one of the gods that Odium has killed? I am really confused about this. Oh and is the person in Whitesand related named Trell. Trell is the being who is fighting Harmony currently if you aren't familiar with who he is. The fact that Miles worships him and that he has Faceless Immortals means he has some power right?
  4. Yes there are only 16 shards. As fan sites gain more notoriety there will be many theories that will be made that don't have much information backing them. The 17th shard is a group that follow Frost. Frost is a dragon not a god.
  5. You could swear to to different ideals, but they would have to be more harmonius than the Windrunners and Skybreakers. I could see a Bondsmith becoming a Windrunner. But the Intent of the person in general would have to be able to fit the characteristics of both orders.