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  1. Moash is gonna get a redemption arc, and then die. (just like Elhokar). On a totally unrelated note:
  2. I have to say, I love your name

    1. HemalurgicBeaverOfDeath


      thanks a friend gave me the name Aquatic inquisitor

      Credit to @Shardshaper

  3. Narrator Beaver sighed at Dedspren advertising in other people's business's Dedspren Members Noble-Blooded 62 posts Posted May 21 · Report post Ive got a perfectly good bottle of wine seems fair enough for a shardblade 0 Quote I am a stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keeper of Nomic Members Elantrian 2,499 posts Posted Tuesday at 11:45 PM · Report post Do you sell Rosharan wines? 0 Quote Hungry? Come to the Happy Inquisitor restaurant and bar! Our signature dishes are cookie stew, The Tenth Pancake, solid stew, exploding stew, and chouta! Welcome to safe dining! All this was on Shardshop Dedspren Members Noble-Blooded 62 posts Posted Wednesday at 12:25 PM (edited) · Report post Yes actualy I can sell with or without metal. Come to The Metal keg for all your alomantic (or other wise) needs! Edited Wednesday at 12:27 PM by Dedspren 0 Quote
  4. I will be colorful instead of dull I will advise against any and all baked goods I will greet all newcomers and not provoke guild war The Assassins in Technicolor Clothing must rise again I give you my sword, Lord @Assassin in Burgundy and humbly beseech you to become the Assassin in aegean
  5. Sanderson is the shard of enlightenment (learning+light). He has immense control but things can run themselves on their own.
  6. No, plenty would happen we just wouldn't know about it.
  7. No, there universe would thrive. No more Sanderson. A lot less death.
  8. And an N-Bot
  9. I hope this hasn't been done
  10. And a shard built in.
  11. So Edna Made him a new one.
  12. I don't cry I go catatonic, but sue me I don't really care except when Jezrien was killed then I went totally on Moash (then I went back to feeling bad for him) I was totally bummed when Wax and Steris were gonna be a thing (cause I thought Lessie would be back then she came back as a kandra ) STORMING BRANDON
  13. I Sentence Sanderson to DEATH BY NIGHTBLOOD
  14. Skyward is Reckoners, Duh...