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  1. Alas, I cannot seem to delete these post. My shame shall remain from now until the end of time, as a testament to my unfortunate newness. I wish there was a “rules of the internet” handbook.
  2. I tried to make a mistcloak, but I couldn’t find the right materials. I ended up just making an inquisitor’s cloak. Any recommendations?
  3. I literally have done this exact thing. Elend for ness, Vin for the girl (I don’t know their names), David for the non-magical plebeian NERD, and Szeth for the cool guy in white.
  4. Oh my gosh. This is the best thing I’ve seen all day. I totally have to do this!
  5. Hi everyone! This is Michael. I only made signs for the alphabet, i.e. a certain hand motion is a, b, ch, and so on... basically, it uses the thumb and index finger to show which shape is being used, and the other fingers to show the magnitude, so for instance, your open palm upright is E, the first three fingers and your thumb is A, the first two fingers and your thumb is O, and so on. I’m very new here, so I might not have the terminology right, but I’ll try and explain it: The pinky is finger 4, ring is finger 3, and the middle is finger 2. The index and thumb are exceptions. To sign, your palm is extended, facing out. In order to represent the tallest line, all three fingers are up. Middle line, fingers 2 and 3. Shortest line, finger 2. The middle line with two dashes is fingers 2 and 4, and the short line with one dash is finger 4, Thumb positions for each type of line: E, A, O, U/W, I: Thumb straight up, parallel to index. S/C, Z, N, Sh, H: Thumb out, away from the rest of the hand, like a high five T, D, L, Th, R: Thumb crossing the palm P, B, M, F, V: Thumb straight forward, perpendicular to the rest of the had K/C, G, Y(I’m just gonna assume that the middle finger has no stigma in Vorin culture), Ch, J: thumb parallel to hand with index crunching over it. From there you just combine the parts, so for instance, if you wanted to sign Th (which is a medium line with two dashes) you would hold your index, second, and fourth finger up with your thumb crossing your palm. Sorry if my terminology is all messed up: as I said, I’m very new here.
  6. I thought it was going to be divided into 5 book parts, but this looks more like it is going to be a trilogy of trilogies, or something similar. Is one of the main characters going to be a Parshendi? That would be cool.
  7. Nice... I’m actually glad it’s not so overwhelmingly purple.