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  1. This has all the feels of being Kell to me. Yes it does seem like the Ghostbloods are a little to evil to be associated with Kell, but he works with crews. He can't get off world currently so who is to say that in the back 5 he doesn't show up and slap Mraize around for turning his crew I to something it should not of been. Remember how kinda crazy spook went when he thought Kel was guiding him, but it turned out to be Ruin getting to him through the hemalurgic spike that he had been stabbed with. Whose to say that some other shard hasn't wormed its way into this crew?
  2. Kind of random, but when Sazed realized that Tindwyl was dead killed me.
  3. Ok y'all this is just complete throwing ideas out there. I wanna hear what you think. What do we think has happened to Marsh over the 300 years he's been alive. Has he world hopped? Joined the 17th Shard? Is he helping Kelsier? We know that he wouldn't have been accepted being a leftover inquisitor. Would he have tried to move on to other planets in the Cosmere. If there is anyone who could figure out world hopping and the cognitive realm it would have to be Marsh right? I mean could you imagine Marsh meeting up with Vasher or Hoid? How entertaining would that be? I posted this here instead of mistborn due to the questions about worldhopping and those characters. I don't want to spoil that for others. Can one of yall awesome admin's delete one of these. Double posted on accident due to bad mobile connection
  4. I'm right with the rest of them on this one I hated gunpowder fantasy until I read era 2
  5. Have you read Mistborn. Keep your eyes open you never know who might be around.
  6. As for POV characters I really like Lift. Her just plain goofiness really lightens the books up for me.
  7. Ok so I have seen 2 different quotes one that says Hoid is stuck on roshar and another that says he's not. And then So I'm confused. Also why would you be stuck on Roshar while bonded to a spren. They're part of the cognitive realm right? , or was that only because he was a Cognitive shadow. Feel free to RIP me apart on this I've read all the books except White Sands but in still trying to catch up on all things cosmere
  8. Do I think that Moash is redeemable? Yes. Do I think he will choose that route for himself? No. Let's compare this to whek Kaladin went to Dalinar about what happened to his squad. Dalinar found the truth. Moash could have done the same thing, but didn't. I agree with an earlier post that basically said Moash is going to be Kaladins opposite throughout the books. Do I hope he can be redeemed by the end? Yes. Do I think he will choose it? No. He will go down in a final battle with Kaladin while being used as a distraction. He'll think he's Odiums champion. Everyone else will think he's Odiums champion and after he's defeated someone completely unexpected will rise up, and it will all have been for nothing. Which I'm guessing will some how trigger another oath for Kaladin, maybe the final, at which point all our main characters will have finally said all the oaths and we will get into the final crazy battle in the series 15-20yrs from now. (Sorry I went kinda crazy on the theorizing there at the end)
  9. I think it would be great to see Andolin become radiant in this way. For one it would show all the spren that don't trust the nahal bond anymore that that trust can be rebuilt and return all those that they lost, but also with Andolins relationship with shallan. It seems that Andolin has difficulties at times feeling good enough for her. Yes I know they had that big conversation in OB that settled that, but you know he still has some underlying doubts. Then again him becoming radiant might not be great for shallans mental health so who knows
  10. Ok so we see in OB Andolin forming a relationship with maya as they travel through shadesmar. She even protects him while there. We also see that she shows up in 7 heartbeats in the battle of thaylen city and also communicates with him directly. So the question is this leading to her being healed and forming a Nahel bond with Andolin? If this has already been discussed I apologize.
  11. I agree with @RShara thank you all for all the awesome input and helping me learn more about this cosmere I've come to love but it is starting to feel tense.
  12. Yeah sorry about that. I was worried I'd posted in the wrong place, but both @Pathfinder and @Karger have given my all new things to mull around 8n my brain
  13. So I know that lightweavers and elsecallers share soul casting as a surge, and if I understand this correctly they are basically using astral projection to enter shadesmar or the cognitive realm to do this. With that being said couldn't lightweaver still travel in shadesmar while being "projected" there. So could they not also have a form of the elsecallers transportation surge, or am I way off base here.
  14. If they astral project so to speak couldn't they still travel. I mean obviously it wouldn't be there physical selves, but they are there in some form.