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  1. Hallandren
  2. Shashara
  3. [Something poetic about winning] I win!
  4. Granted, Hoid makes a stop on Earth, bursts through the roof of your school in a massive explosion and kidnaps half a dozen kids (without harming them because he can't) to make them into his allomancer army. You are one of those kids. Hoid has to hire another dude to keep his new slaves allomantic apprentices in line. Sometimes we forget how ruthless Hoid can be - que the "watch this world burn" quote. I wish for an A on my research paper.
  5. Going for slightly reasonable, but still outlandish: Steel compounder Not the "most" overpowered of healing, but I think it offers the most versatility and I could probably avoid most wounds with super speed. Also, steel is so much cheaper than gold. Also, good by way of brute power.
  6. spiritweb

    Oooh... I think it is stored in the different 'flavors' of investiture and different types of connection, like all matter is made of protons, nuetrons, and electrons sort of thing. I do like the ripples, although I think they are for different reasons which would take a long time to explain and probably be an overly large post. If you want to hear it, I'll write it up, but it might take a while. I was planning on doing a thread for it sometime in the next few weeks.
  7. I grant my own wish, so now I can speak English. However, my knowledge of spanish has gone back to the way it was before. Did the name not pop into your head? ......... Puuli-gan (Puuli and hooligan) Shallanism (I dunno) Sazeium (Spread the word!) I really don't know. I wish for more people to join us in our quest for a username.
  8. ¡Ay no! En ese caso, Concedo tu deseo. Tu sabes de un username maravilloso y fantástico. Mala suerte para ti, No sabe ningunas lenguas y no puedes leer ésto. Deseo poder hablar inglés. Creo que eso significa lo que creo que significa (You should be able to plug that into a translator...)
  9. Would it be considered spoilers for me to edit in a doomslug picture into my profile pic? Because it would be referencing the whole slugs hide near fungi and stuff.
  10. Since, I can't see a wish that hasn't been answered, I guess I'll start this up again. I wish that I could use the whole este, ese, aquel, etc, thing in Spanish correctly and fluently. (If I missed a wish, please let me know...)
  11. Oh, why is Brandon's site blocked at my school! Why! Also, I had no idea it was so far along!
  12. Same. Now I feel both slightly offended and honored to be included in the greatest ookla loss we have ever known.
  13. I've seen people changing their username to Ookla something-or-other. What is this about? All I can seem to find when I search is just a whole bunch of random Ookla. Nevermind, I just found out. There's a thread Here
  14. I didn't know it was mostly confirmed... Thanks! I feel like if this exists, then it will be just as connected as everything else is. Although, I think mental DNA might just be a part of the Spiritual realm.