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  1. Is Passion important? I think it is. Odium says he is Passion, lots of emotion/passion free Koloss and Kandra, Miles Hundredlives talks about passion in AoL (and Trell), Thaylen follows the Passions... Does anybody think anything of it, or is it a false positive or negative or whatever the phrase is? A coincidence. Is it a coincidence?
  2. I know but what if they sneak spikes in to cookies when nobody is looking? The DA is sneaky...
  3. Does anybody know how many Koloss Vin can control and how many Koloss Elend can control?
  4. Vin is stronger because she breathed in some of the mists as a child right? This is why she is stronger. But why do the mists make her stronger? Is it connection to Preservation, or something else?
  5. 357 of them, to be exact. Well, for the next little while anyway.
  6. I KNOW!! I hurt because I can't decide if I would rather have Starsight come out in Nov, or the Lost Metal come out in a year or so with nothing inbetween... WHY BRANDON!?!?!?
  7. Exactly. This is why I follow "PASS" because Pastry Avoidance Saves Souls
  8. I'm pretty sure TUBA is the non- spiked and DA is the spiked... See- pastry avoidance works. No confusion.
  9. This topic is confusing me so much. The double posts, the cookies... Who is offering who spiked or not spiked cookies?? I'm so confused. As a side note, I generally find it safest to stay away from all pastries on this site. You never know...
  10. YES!!!!!!! this needs to be real. Image flying through the air as a mistborn, doing all of the things you want to in not so real life. IT WOULD BE AMAZING, second only to actually having powers. Also, a rithmatist game would be pretty fun on a tablet or something.
  11. When this post being your 100th post and it is the most exciting event in recent memory. Seriously, school still has another month, my birthday happened a while ago, holidays are taking a while... Well, I do have my driver's test this weekend... But that isn't really that exciting. Getting my license will be (hopefully)
  12. Vin's time as a vessel shows us something (okay, a lot of things). But specifically, I am talking about the way they view investiture. At least, Ruin and Preservation. Both shards are unable to make out words in metal because the metal glows, and the glow covers up the words, leaving then unable to see the difference in depth and shading that lets normal people see words. This is why the whole scratching in metal is only safe things deal happens. Anyways, this shows us that the 2 shards, and maybe others, see investiture as glowing. Another time we see this is when Vin talks about Elend traveling to the Pits from Fadrex. HoA says he is jumping on spears of light. SPEARS. A long line of glowing from Elend to the metal he is pushing. The common idea about Iron and Steel is that they push or pull a metal by applying a force to move it. Then I go down the rabbit hole of broken allomantic physics, where the universe explodes a few times and Vin doesn't actually fall over. Basically, the forces that hypothetically are used according to this method don't line up with what actual forces should do in the books, meaning coins break the speed of light in order to push Vin over, or something like that. Whatever. It pretty much just means it does not work that way. If steel applies a force to a metal, directly using investiture to move it, then Vin would not see a push as a spear of light. It would appear more as a sort of glowy blob pushing around objects and people when told to. I think it doesn't work that way. The spears of light line shows us that is not a glowy blob, and is instead a line of investiture from allomancer to target. I was talking to my friend about cosmere physics for an hour or two, and we got onto the topic of iron and steel. He said that he thinks they work like this: When iron or steel are burned, it creates a line from allomancer to possible targets. Each target has a set amount of investiture linked between allomancer and itself, and as they move this line gets thicker or thinner based on distance. This is what he thinks the blue lines are. When iron or steel are burned, according to his theory, it adds or subtracts investiture from this line, pulling or pushing objects in this way, like a string that gets pulled to bring a TV remote closer. No, I never did that. Stop accusing me. It was convenient, allright? Anyway, there are a few obvious problems (i think). The first comes when they have a lot of objects around. This would do bad stuff to investiture, and things would happen. However, Preservation has a lot of power (duh). I think there would be enough power to see a line between the two objects. I agree with this, and think the best explanation is to put it like this. Think about a curtain rod, the kind that you twist to extend or shorten it to the length you want. When an allomancer burns iron or steel, it creates an investiture curtain rod between them and their targets. This is viewed as the spears of light by Vin. When they push or pull, it extends or shortens this rod at a certain speed, depending on how hard they are pulling or pushing. Pushing harder lengthens the rod at a certain speed. If the investiture the allomancer is controlling is enough, then it will move the object. If it is not enough, then it might move it slower. Or, if the allomancer is able to be moved by this curtain rod lengthening, then it will move the allomancer instead. The allomancer pushes or pulls at a speed, not a force. If this speed can be met, it will. If not, it will go as fast as possible. This applies to both allomancer and target. This theory would fix the allomancy broken physics problems, and explains a few other things. Do y'all (Cody would be proud) agree or disagree?
  13. Yeah a lot of people like WoR. It is really good. If you want a cookie, I would recommend TUBA, I think. I don't actually know. Don't worry. You'll catch on the weirdness eventually. I did
  14. Welcome! Don't take the cookies. They are spiked and will steal your soul. On a side note, have you read Brandon Sanderson books? If so, which one is your favorite?
  15. YKYASW all of your friends understand why you do this, what it is, what it means, where it is from, and are only mildly ashamed to be associated with you when you do this. No, I'm not talking from personal experience. Why would you think that?
  16. Hi! I've read all of Brandon's published books, as far as I know, and have been looking at the shard for a while. I haven't created an account until now though! But I'm finally here.
  17. My soul is broken now. Why would you do that!?!? On the bright side, I could become a radiant... I think it was really good, and I read Sanderson books.
  18. It could be the Shard of Conquering. He builds his own Dominion, kindling Devotion from his subjects. He works to Preserve his kingdom by Ruining other kingdoms with his minions.
  19. Brandon has said some stuff about this kind of thing. It is really interesting, and I think you are right that it does relate to other metals too. For example: Brandon has said some about this, but I think there are big parts we don't understand, maybe? I'm not actually sure. Anyway, they are really interesting.
  20. When this is your gut reaction to somebody saying "Sorry"
  21. Just watch as Brandon builds up hype for years, then gives Mizzy the power to make peanut butter and goat cheese sandwiches.
  22. Granted, the school is over. Over your head. It falls on you and crushes you. Also, your bane is that you see everything flipped, like in a mirror. But you don't realize it, because you got squished by a school. I wish that I wasn't ever tired and didn't need to sleep.
  23. Would have been bad to let him ingest the soul stealing sour dough, the cursed cookies, or the deranged donuts. Or any other variation of spiked pastries.
  24. Hello. I will take your cookies, pick out the spikes and eat them. I am... allergic to death.
  25. Did you mean do not? Welcome!