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  1. Hey look at that! I did the same thing to myself at a camp once. Chopped up my finger with a knife while whittling, bled all over my pants, and got driven off to the hospital. The worst part is, I didn't actually need stitches, but well, overprotective scout leaders who don't want to get sued. Anyway, that was in the past. Glad your brother ended up fine too.
  2. Hello and welcome! I think most people like Wit. I do, anyway. So, 2 other people already got on your case about that, so I won't. Besides, I did the same thing with some other obscure WoR quote Welcome to the club of people arriving halfway too late. At least we arrived at all
  3. That's fun. Also, good job not dying
  4. Thanks! Yes and I didn't find anything of note, I think, except for the abandoned PDA, which I still need to read. There might have been a blueprint I got- I can't remember. Is there anything else important in the jellyshroom caves I should be aware of? I mined a whole bunch of magnetite, found the base and base remnants, and that was it... Is there more?
  5. Ok That's good. But now I need to find them... I mean, I guess that gives me something to work towards.
  6. Thank you! I need this advice. I think that goes for everybody, doesn't it? Those things are terrifying. I've been hearing about ghost leviathans... Still don't know what they are. Kind of worried, but apparently they stay deep. I hadn't known it only works if I shoot them in the face. That worries a me a bit. But well, whatever happens, I can always build another seamoth. Will reapers attack the cyclops.
  7. Or Jasher. On that subject 343. Bring large explosives, but under no circumstances climb a roof with them. Or throw them at intelligent creatures that can catch.
  8. Thats what I did this weekend! I got the cyclops, built it, collected a ton of lithium from the mountain island, explored the Jellyshroom cave, didn't die from crabsnakes, got magnetite and now I want to build the stasis rifle because I had a tramautic experience with a reaper while Seamothing around the Aurora and apparently, the propulsion cannon I made only affect tiny things.
  9. This website is amazing and hilarious, for the most part. I just figured everybody needed to know about it. Not really sure why. Also, I have discovered Wayne's secret-
  10. Fairly early, I think? I have a seamoth, part of the way to cyclops. No modification station yet, but a few fragments. I do have bioreactors that I can use away from sunlight. I have (I think) fully explored the 2 islands and creepy fortress place. I still need a compass though. I think I might go with Grassy Plateaus, I like those areas. How do you tell when your base is dying? It has health, but the one room I built as a test didn't lose any despite being next to a LOT(?) of sand sharks. Is losing a base a serious concern?
  11. The Problem: I've been reading a whole bunch of threads about how steelpushing and ironpulling shouldn't work. The main complaint that I saw was how the strength and amount of push needed for one thing doesn't line up with the way it should. In the books: Vin push coin, coin hit wall, Vin go back Should be: Vin push coin, coin hit wall, Vin barely move as she realizes the amount of force needed to move a coin that far is super small and not enough to move a person OR Vin push coin, coin go so fast it breaks the universe, Vin go back. Except the universe is broken... A better description and exact details with math and stuff can be found here and here with much thanks to Jofwu and Pagerunner. The Solution: So, I think I have an idea on how it works. The general perception of steelpushing and ironpulling are that they apply a force to an object. If an allomancer pushes on a coin, their weight is applied to the coin, along with some other math stuff, which basically means the coin gets pushed. Pulling does the opposite. What I think actually happens: Instead of directly applying a force on an object, the investiture from preservation/harmony and the metal instead works to increase/decrease the distance between the allomancer and target. Imagine an unbreakable pole, leading from the allomancer to the target. When the allomancer burns steel and pushes, the investiture changes this distance, causing a force to be applied. Say you are pushing against a wall with a given amount of strength. You can keep increasing the amount, and (hopefully) the wall will just stay there, but you will be expending more energy without actually doing anything. Now switch the wall with a coin. You can push against the coin as much as you want, and it will move that much, but you can only push so fast. For a given strength, there is a maximum speed an object will go. The speed an object moves is not always directly related to the amount of force against it. This is what I call the max speed rule: an object will move at a certain speed, unless it cannot be moved at that speed, in which case it will be moved as fast as it can. This will NOT surpass the certain speed that was previously stated. Using this idea, the maximum speed rule, pushing a coin is really just moving a coin away from you. This causes a force on the coin. The idea here is that the force moving the coin is a result, not a cause. An allomancer pushes on a coin, the distance is increased. The coin is much lighter than the person, and as such it will be moved instead, because it has the least resistance to increasing the distance. Once the coin hits the wall, it no longer can move. Thus, to increase the distance, the person must go, but they will move slower than the coin because of the max speed rule. One more thing: Every allomancer has an innate strength. This strength determines how much investiture is put to work increasing the distance. The rules: Max speed rule: an object will move at a certain speed, unless it cannot be moved at that speed, in which case it will be moved as fast as it can. This will NOT surpass the certain speed that was previously stated. Innate strength rule: Allomancers do not determine how much investiture goes to work when they push or pull (Edit) but can influence it by flaring metals or pushing harder. How a push works with these: An allomancer pushes a coin. They set the max speed, intentionally or not, and the investiture put to work is determined by the innate strength. The investiture pushes the coin to its maximum speed until it hits a wall. The coin can no longer move, the investiture applied not being strong enough to push through the law. However, since the investiture has to go somewhere, it pushes the allomancer, since they can be moved. They do not reach the maximum speed, but are instead pushed as fast as they can by the investiture, which is determined by their innate strength. Edit: The investiture works to increase the distance between target and allomancer. This means it applies a force to move it up to a certain speed. Think of car that can only go up to 60 mph. You could go slower in it, but you have a hard limit of 0 to 60. The kind of car and the limit imposed is chosen by the allomancer. The investiture is like the gas- it will move the object, but only up the max speed, and once it reaches that it will just be wasted. The Tests: Example 1: Vin's training Vin is being trained by Kelsier on steel and iron. She pushes on a coin, and it goes flying. Once it hits the wall, she falls over and stops pushing. Vin pushes, meaning she wills the distance between her and coin to increase, even though she thinks she is just pushing on the coin- the distance between her and coin is increased, but the investiture can only move it away at the speed she tries to push it- It will not be the max speed of Vin's pushing capability because the investiture has to move it, and can only do it so fast. The coin hits the wall, but the distance still needs to be increased. So instead, Vin gets moved by the investiture, not as fast as the coin because it takes more speed to move her- this is her max speed for the given push and circumstances. So this checks out. Example 2: Vin and the wall Vin is still being trained, and is told to leap over the wall around Luthadel. She stands directly on top of an metal ingot and pushes. Vin works to increase her distance between the bar. The bar cannot move, so instead the distance is increased her direction. The force applied against Vin to move her up is the result. She gets up to the wall, freaks out and gets saved by Kelsier, blah blah blah. This works too. Example 3: Vin, Kelsier, and the tree. Vin and Kel are in a pushing match, with Kel against a wall and Vin against a tree. We know that Vin has a higher innate strength due to mist and stuff. Because of this, when the coin is trapped between the two and they both have sufficient anchors, neither of them move, and neither does the coin between them. The tree is being slowly weaked by the pushes, until it breaks. Once it breaks, the investiture can move Vin again and she will fly backwards because she still is easier to move than Kelsier up against the wall. This also works. I kind of ran out of example ideas, but I think this demonstrates the point. Summary: Steelpushes and Ironpulls work by changing the distance between the allomancer and target. The strength an allomancer pushes or pulls is what determines the maximum speed the distance will be increased and amount of investiture used in this action. When the amount of investiture working to increase this distance is not enough, the object will either move slower or not move at all. This is why some objects can and can't be pushed. Allomancers have a degree of control over the maximum speed, but the investiture is determined by the allomancers innate strength. Any thoughts on this?
  12. I just started playing Subnautica last week and I still haven't seen a Leviathan... I'm scared because I keep hearing about them and I don't want them to destroy my seamoth that I built and have been going around in. Also, the Sunbeam fiasco was depressing, but also not... I wouldn't have wanted the game to end that early. This game is so good! Also, my favorite creature (that I have seen) is bladder fish because I still don't remember to pick up salt to make bleach. And does anybody have a good base location recommendation?
  13. Happy birthday! Have fun with the cake!
  14. But do I? I just spent multiple hours on this website when I should be doing Bio homework...
  15. This thread just came up in my notifications and now I lost...
  16. How many people have you converted to reading Sanderson? I got my brother to start, my mother, my robotics team coach, my friend, my other friend. Only my neighbor actually got on the forums and became nerdized, but I have hopes for the others.
  17. I would recommend cereal- much less chance of spikes. On the other hand, I do have a nice* donut you might want... *Nice is a relative term
  18. Hello and welcome! I have no idea about the healing... Also, I would recommend against any pastries, as they are likely spiked might steal your soul. (Don't worry, you'll figure it out. I did ) What is your favorite Sanderson book out of the Mistborn series (or out of it)?
  19. Welcome to the Shard! Glad you found your way here! What is your favorite Sanderson book? Also, good luck with the project! I can't really blame him for putting it off... I'm busy doing that same thing right now with my high school history project. Also, I would highly recommend against accepting any baked goods... They might steal your soul for testing in the dark alley. Don't worry, it'll make sense eventually if you read through some of the threads.
  20. I didn't cry, but I just felt really bad about the whole Mare deal, when Wax mentions once that there is a flower called "Marewill" in Shadows of Self, maybe.
  21. Questioner Where in Roshar do Ryshadiums come from? Brandon Sanderson That's a RAFO. I will answer it soon. Questioner Will we find out in Stormlight 3? Brandon Sanderson Yeah. Well, Stormlight 3 has happened now... do we know and I just don't remember? The coppermind doesn't have it...
  22. Well, Wax's steel bubble is a bit obvious too, it gets used a lot. The reason I think it might not be Wayne's accents and discerning is because bendalloy doesn't make any sense in relation to accents or disguises.
  23. The thing is, nobody should post in this now. Why did I? I'm special. By that, I mean I don't really care that nobody should post because I am bored.
  24. I personally have no problems with the books. I do agree that some are less entertaining than others, but I don't actually dislike any of them. That might be because I have virtually no standards for books apart from the kind of content . I am the kind of guy who just reads the books for fun and doesn't really analyze them all that much, except for the magic systems. Although, you have to agree, most of them are better than the general fantasy rubbish that usually gets thrown around. (Ok, you don't...)
  25. Because there is forum subsection for that... not just one topic.