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  1. Hey look at that! I did the same thing to myself at a camp once. Chopped up my finger with a knife while whittling, bled all over my pants, and got driven off to the hospital. The worst part is, I didn't actually need stitches, but well, overprotective scout leaders who don't want to get sued. Anyway, that was in the past. Glad your brother ended up fine too.
  2. Hello and welcome! I think most people like Wit. I do, anyway. So, 2 other people already got on your case about that, so I won't. Besides, I did the same thing with some other obscure WoR quote Welcome to the club of people arriving halfway too late. At least we arrived at all
  3. That's fun. Also, good job not dying
  4. Thanks! Yes and I didn't find anything of note, I think, except for the abandoned PDA, which I still need to read. There might have been a blueprint I got- I can't remember. Is there anything else important in the jellyshroom caves I should be aware of? I mined a whole bunch of magnetite, found the base and base remnants, and that was it... Is there more?
  5. Ok That's good. But now I need to find them... I mean, I guess that gives me something to work towards.
  6. Thank you! I need this advice. I think that goes for everybody, doesn't it? Those things are terrifying. I've been hearing about ghost leviathans... Still don't know what they are. Kind of worried, but apparently they stay deep. I hadn't known it only works if I shoot them in the face. That worries a me a bit. But well, whatever happens, I can always build another seamoth. Will reapers attack the cyclops.
  7. Or Jasher. On that subject 343. Bring large explosives, but under no circumstances climb a roof with them. Or throw them at intelligent creatures that can catch.
  8. Thats what I did this weekend! I got the cyclops, built it, collected a ton of lithium from the mountain island, explored the Jellyshroom cave, didn't die from crabsnakes, got magnetite and now I want to build the stasis rifle because I had a tramautic experience with a reaper while Seamothing around the Aurora and apparently, the propulsion cannon I made only affect tiny things.
  9. Fairly early, I think? I have a seamoth, part of the way to cyclops. No modification station yet, but a few fragments. I do have bioreactors that I can use away from sunlight. I have (I think) fully explored the 2 islands and creepy fortress place. I still need a compass though. I think I might go with Grassy Plateaus, I like those areas. How do you tell when your base is dying? It has health, but the one room I built as a test didn't lose any despite being next to a LOT(?) of sand sharks. Is losing a base a serious concern?
  10. I just started playing Subnautica last week and I still haven't seen a Leviathan... I'm scared because I keep hearing about them and I don't want them to destroy my seamoth that I built and have been going around in. Also, the Sunbeam fiasco was depressing, but also not... I wouldn't have wanted the game to end that early. This game is so good! Also, my favorite creature (that I have seen) is bladder fish because I still don't remember to pick up salt to make bleach. And does anybody have a good base location recommendation?
  11. Happy birthday! Have fun with the cake!
  12. But do I? I just spent multiple hours on this website when I should be doing Bio homework...
  13. This website is amazing and hilarious, for the most part. I just figured everybody needed to know about it. Not really sure why. Also, I have discovered Wayne's secret-
  14. This thread just came up in my notifications and now I lost...
  15. I would recommend cereal- much less chance of spikes. On the other hand, I do have a nice* donut you might want... *Nice is a relative term