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  1. We already know this does weird stuff, so yeah. I was more curious as to whether or not it would be possible leave the spike out to decay long enough to use the allomantic power. Because of exponential decay, it will never reach 0, but might there be a point where burning it gives you the allomantic power. Similarly, with Feruchemy, if you pull out the entire charge, will burning it give the allomantic power?
  2. Featballs
  3. Just curious whether or not people think they do. I saw some threads about it, but it's been a while. (I may or may not have posted a few of those threads. They were not... well worded.)
  4. Wont, Went, Want
  5. Win, Won, Wan
  6. You know you are a fan of the 17th shard when you look at the forum games threads, and 6 of the threads at the top all have your profile pic because you just replied to them all.
  7. I'll take them and stuff them in a suitcase. I have yet another suitcase of useless green leaves
  8. The sticks seemed to turn to her as one. Under their oppressive gaze, Jasnah felt herself wavering. "I am... I am Jasnah..." she whispered.
  9. It was fun for the 4 pages it lasted
  10. Granted, your math teacher sits you down and has you do 100 worksheets of factoring work. By the end of it, you know everything about factoring, and can do any factoring problem at speeds that would astonish anyone. However, the only math you can do is what is needed to factoring. Whenever you aren't trying to factor, you can't do math. At all. I wish to not blush so STORMING often.
  11. Granted, you get a pile of cotton pillows, but you are now a sheep falling onto them from very high up. Only, they are actually a pile of nails. Wet nails. At the bottom of the ocean. I wish to have... mathematical powers!
  12. Why?