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  1. Oh. Yeah, I'm kind of clueless... Granted, they become legal. Your bane is that your neighbor immediately shoots you in the arms. And apparently, something goes boom? I wish that I had a nice person who did my math homework for me every day, does the homework with the correct answers, and doesn't dislike or hate me for it.
  2. And knives I was thinking that if the center of the spike was poking out the tip it would work. Like if you have a hollow point sort of thing, but instead of a hole it's an aluminum spike.
  3. If I wanted to search ONLY for WoBs that contained 2 or more tags (Not just one of the two selected) how would I do that? For example, if my Tags list says "Hemalurgy" and "Allomancy", it shows some that just have allomancy and some that just have hemalurgy, and some with both. How can I get it to show only the ones with both?
  4. So, Aluminum spikes remove all powers if you shoot somebody in the right spot. For somebody like Miles or other overpowered compounders, this could be a huge help. Of course finding the right spot is difficult. But if, and probably when, fast shooting guns are invented, this could solve that. Get 5 guys with big 'ole guns and pump a gold compounder full of aluminum bullets. There's a decent chance one of them will hit the right spot, at which point, they will die from the many bullets flying their way. And maybe eventually, doing this enough will reveal the right spot, and sharpshooters might be able to take out compounders as well. As for the bullets themselves, a good plan could be to put a tiny pure aluminum sliver down the center to actually do the spiking, and a harder aluminum shell that they use in Era 2 to protect the bullet and actually make it to the person. They would also be undetectable allomantically for use against lurchers and coinshots. This could also apply to getting other powers with other bullets, although this is very limited as the bullet with the power will be really hard to find. And entry points would be difficult.
  5. Granted, you wake up one morning and see piles upon piles of million dollar bills laying in your driveway. Your neighbors do to. They each grab a handful. Soon, there are mansions everywhere, then the economy collapses because the money becomes worthless. Then everybody starves in the Great Depression 2.0. Your bane is that everytime you buy something, you sneeze on the money and make it disgusting. You can either bully the poor cashier, or try again. And again. I wish that I could stop breaking things unless I want to break them.
  6. Shardsafetyscissors? Safetyshardscissors? Safety scissors that cut shards? Shard scissors that cut safely? Oh, the possibilities are endless!
  7. Word of Brandon, or Word of Sharder? Basically, this is a game where you either find a WoB and post it, or make up a WoB and post it in a quote box. This is called a Word of Sharder Along with this, place the answer - WoB or WoS - in a spoiler box. The next post tries to guess if it's a Word of Brandon, or a Word of Sharder. They then post their own WoB or WoS. Post the WoB/WoS without formatting. Use "Questioner: " for the person asking, and "Brandon: " for the responses. Paraphrasing is allowed, but keep the the central theme and any intricacies if it's a WoB. This is gonna rely heavily on people not cheating. Don't look up the WoB. Don't look in the spoiler box unless it has been answered. Have fun!
  8. *lowers eyebrow*
  9. There are many kinds of allomancers. Flashy ones like Coinshots and Lurchers. Subtle Allomancers like Soothers and Rioters. Tactical and varied like Tin-eyes, Seekers, and Smokers. But there is one. One Allomancer who rises above them all. A person who has power greater than any being in the Cosmere, even Adonalsium. The most powerful, the most glorious and the most magical. The Allomancer who can burn stick.
  10. I'll trade a brother for your 3 year necro (You posted on a thread that hasn't been posted on for 3 years.) It isn't a problem, just try do avoid doing it if possible
  11. Oh. Well, thank you for correcting me!
  12. I was reading something that briefly covered gem worth, and why people thought it was the way it was. So, here is my theory, correct me if I'm wrong. When investiture flows out of an object, it creates a rush of cold. Kaladin, in the tower scene, has frost crystallize on him. This is similar to the way heat works- "cold" isn't really a thing, just the absence of heat, and getting burned or freezer burns can be caused by flow of heat in or out of an object. Similarly, investiture affects the objects it flows in or out of. Any radiant using tons of investiture are gonna freeze themselves. Gems can crack when exposed to sudden cold. Investiture flowing out rapidly causes "cold". So, the amount of investiture used in soulcasting is going to affect when the gems break, the more it flows out, the more likely a break is. [Edit: The following part is wrong] I think gems worth naturally arose based on what they were able to be used for- the ten essences are just happenstance where you get emeralds being the only gems able to store enough investiture to soulcast the complex patterns needed for food- and you can't mess up, because it's poisonous. And so, since large emeralds are used basically only for food soulcasting, only the ones that break into tiny tiny pieces are used for the money. Basically, leftover gems from soulcasting that are no longer able to hold enough investiture are turned into the money. In a soulcaster, you only get one gem to do this with. However, Radiants can use more than one sphere. When Jasnah soulcast Shallan's blood to heal her of the poison, she knew a few things. She needed a lot of stormlight to soulcast her blood multiple times and have enough to do the complexities needed to not kill her in the process. The servants aren't likely to carry small change on them, and the rich people who come on a regular basis aren't likely to bring spheres of high denominations, so she asked for the lowest possible worth of sphere she could use. This meant a garnet, which for some reason has enough stormlight as a sphere. Yeah, I dunno. Anybody else have a reasonable explanation for this? Basically- Gem stormlight holding capacity caused their worth over time. They came to be associated with the ten essences. Thus, Jasnah needed a garnet because it holds that much stormlight for blood. Also, don't use investiture too fast or you'll freeze.
  13. I think they can hide them, though. Under moderation actions.
  14. That's fair. This would definitely help with doing that kind of stuff. But simple kind of chess strategy sort of thing going on, except you don't have a timer, would still be possible. I don't disagree, but it is still possible to use it effectively without other powers.
  15. Zinc. Is. Overpowered. Very. For the sake of explanation, I will be leaning on my very limited knowledge of how computers work. I know this doesn't actually apply to people's brains. It's a metaphor. Say that a Zinc Feruchemist's mind loops 60 times a second. Each "loop" is known as a frame. Now say the brain takes inputs 60 times a second as well. This will not change. The Feruchemist stores at 50 percent. They now are storing 30 frames each second, meaning there are only 30 frames left for them. For every 2 inputs, 1 frame will run. To them, the world is running 2 times faster than they can process it. It appears to speed up, and if they move, it will also appear 2 times as fast to them. However, it will take 2 times as long for them to make themself move, as the brain will take 2 times longer to send any signals to the muscles. Say the Feruchemist does this for 1 minute, meaning they stored up 60 seconds of 30 fps. this is 1800 frames in the zinc mind. Now, their mind is back at 60 frames per second. Now, they tap all of that zinc in a single frame. To them, the world stops, as their brain runs through 1800 frames. They get that much thinking done in an instant. They can't move, although they could start to send signals to their muscles. Their muscles won't move to their eyes, as they still have 1799 frames to go before they take another input through their eyes. A zinc Feruchemist could store any amount of zinc, and pull it out in an instant, with no repercussions. Now, a zinc compounder burns and stores over and over. They can just pull out however much they wish in an instant, and think as much as they need. And, mid tap, they could just put it all back in since Feruchemy functions through connection and not neurons. And then, since brains run faster than that... Zinc Compounders really could just ninja their way out of most things because they can sit there and plan for a rusting long time.