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  1. I appreciate the positive feedback.
  2. I am a audiobook addict and have enjoyed all the titles I've gone through so far. I picked up the first WoT book and I've read a bit about it in articles like "top 15 fantasy series of all time" and watched some YouTubers talk about how much they love it. None of this did I grab enough to spoil anything so it wouldn't give me a reason to start it. However I'm noticing I get the same anxiety I used to get when I would try random fantasy books in the store when you would look at the covers and try and find one that had a cool name and a cool cover with an interesting summary on the back. The cover of WoT book one doesn't give that epic saga feeling so I'm getting anxiety of wasting my time. Some questions I have are... 1. Is this a normal feeling? 2. What is the general premise of the series? (If Sanderson was inspired by it then it has to be good right?) 3. Does the writing style feel old?
  3. I checked out that site and I think I'm so used to Michael Kramer that I really enjoy anticipating him tell the stories and very satisfied with him which makes me think I'll really enjoy Wheel of Time once I'm done with all the Cosmere books. I started Wax and Wayne and I thought I wouldn't like it since I don't really like Western themed stories but this is great. The fact they reference Era 1 so much as mythology and Revere Kelsier, Vin and Ellend so much is great. I was really happy to hear Harmony is active in the series. I'm half way through SoS and I'm assuming something happens that makes me bitter with Harmony soon but I figure I'll still enjoy the story. I am happy I started these Wax is way better than I expected. Him being a Ladrian I was expecting a Breeze like character but I'm glad he turned out the way he did. I had a hard time with Wayne early on but he is growing on me fast the way he can read situations and people is a fitting touch for someone you assume is borderline simpleton. I enjoy seeing the struggles of the city from the Connor General and how much Wax helps while at the same time creating problems for the city at the same time.
  4. After going through first era then going through AoL and now 2/3 through SoS I find that this feels like different aspects to a StarCraft game. The first Era was the very macro in the world building and building up of events that it also feels micro at the same time while going through it. Once you get to AoL it's all Micro almost like a game of DotA or League of Legends we follow Wax and his growth and the world is already built the lore and mythos are already there from Era 1 so it's so interesting to see strong focus on one character and everyday life. I don't know if Era 1 was originally intended to be mythology for Era 2 but it really feels like references to Greek mythology. This is what I find fun about this series I would love to see another Mistborn but hey I'll take what we can get.
  5. I understand what you mean... But man 3 more books that I know I'll love ughhhh I want Kelsier now! Haha! I agree on Way of Kings at the end of it I was salivating for more I had to buy extra credits from Audible cause I couldn't wait till next free credit.
  6. I just can't seem to wrap my head around timelines when I think of world hoppers. I have read Stormlight and rest of cosmere just got Warbreaker left and I'm about half way through as this post was written right after I heard it.
  7. I wanted to especially since I finished the trilogy. However in the audible format they don't have the story standalone it is merged into arcanum unbound. So I am finishing up rest of cosmere before I start that.
  8. I really enjoyed how much I liked Kelsier in Mistborn but by the end of the third book you forget why.
  9. Warbreaker really has me curious of the timelines between all series and the Storm light archives. After hearing about Gallodon and Demiuex looking for Hoid. Makes you really wonder what happened between their stories and Stormlight Archive. As for my order preference it would either be Windrunners or Bondsmiths since they are both around Honor. Skybreakers I can't really get behind. Blind justice thing kinda bothered me.
  10. Still waiting for Vasher to be added to the list I just know of him as the swordmaster on Roshar.
  11. I would say favorite characters are probably Kaladin, Dalinar, Sazed, and Raoden.
  12. I am going through warbreaker and Susebron (sorry if I spell it wrong I'm listening to the audio book) tells Siri of a story in his children's book about a boy who received a magical sword from his grandfather and it is the symbol of kingship. This sounds exactly like Honorblades and shardblades. Just an interesting this I noticed.
  13. Hello, I just wanted to introduce myself cause I have been hooked on Cosmere books. This started back when I had some free credits on Audible and I wasn't really into audiobooks yet. I still had to spend the credits I wasn't using so I did a Google search for best fantasy books and it say The Way of Kings. I grabbed it but never started it right away. I then started my audible addiction on The Dresden Files and went through all 15 books one after another. I figured I was a Jim Butcher fan for life and Harry Dresden could only ever be done by James Marsters. It was so good but once I ran out I was left with a void. Then I finally decided to pick up The Way of Kings. I didn't understand what was going on but the copper mind wiki helped me while also giving me spoilers. The spoilers I found were not ruining the book but they gave me something to look forward to. Then I find that the spoilers were vague enough that the events even though I knew they were coming still blew my mind. I instantly got hooked after WoK and went through WoR of Oath in less than a month. It was the best month of audiobooks ever (listening while driving, working, doing the dishes, playing video games). After that I wanted to know about the Cosmere and what it meant so I looked up the reading order and realized I kind of already started at the tail end. So I just started Mistborn and did the first 3 books then wanted to read the side story and saw it's in the Arcanum Unbound which includes all the other side stories. So that got me to do Elantris and now I'm finishing warbreaker. All of which have been great stories and I think it has been great going through Stormlight cause although it was really confusing I noticed so many other little details in the other books. Anyways now I'm here on the forums fueling my Cosmere addiction more. Glad to be here.