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  1. Oooo! Good question. I'll have something to think about for the next few days (:
  2. Thanks!
  3. I used cardboard to do the overhang and then stacked cakes, I then cut the cake to the right shape. I made the fondant and then covered the cake. The eyes are plastic buttons held up with toothpicks and the "spines" on the back are made from more fondant, same with the blue outline.
  4. If Aon Ashe was carved into a sheet of aluminum would it do anything? What about if you tried to do AonDor in a room enclosed in aluminum? And could you use an aluminum bar to make Aons?
  5. There was only one... But now there are 2!
  6. (This is all just speculation, so don't take it to heart) Good question! I got the feeling form RoW that Mr. T and Dalinar were enemies, and the only thing that I remember Dalinar haveing on Mr. T was his attempted assassination and that did not make them enemies at the time. So I would guess that Szeth has told Dalinar. It has also been a year and so it is very likely that it has come up at some point time.
  7. And imagine the combos!
  8. I made a Doomslug out of felt and some old shirt pieces. It took 3 afternoons. The book that Doomslug is reading is Skyward
  9. Were talking mistings right? So if you wanted to be a Feruchemist you would only be a Ferring. What sort of Ferring would you be?
  10. Man, Shallan. You've got some unique problems
  11. Why does Pewter increase your sense of balance when Tin increases all your other senses? And there are more than five senses, do they only know of five? Is it increasing all the other senses? I've been thinking about this one but I can't figure it out
  12. RoW chapters are coming out every Tuesday at 9 EST in case you didn't know. You can find them here:
  13. Haha, me too! (and listening to Shardcast)