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  1. Haha, me too! (and listening to Shardcast)
  2. Do we know when we will get the first chapters of RoW? He said in one of his updates that he would be giving us one chapter a week. When will he start?
  3. ya, I've read all of those (just finished Firstborn)
  4. Everything, and everything
  5. It would be cool if you were right, they have the same prejudice for humankind... But I think that there are too many holes in the theory, sorry.
  6. Man, when I discovered this website and found that I was not the only one who had weird questions that --for the life of me, I could not find the answers to. I was overjoyed! I can not wait to find some answers. Also, finding all the WoB's will change my life.
  7. Why are spren how they are? I mean, I don't associate a weird long-tongued hopping thing with anticipation. And why do they only appear on Roshar? (unless Seons are spren)
  8. Why does the CR appear different on Roshar then on Scadrial? Kelsier was able to walk around which was a big difference form Roshar where you had to sail. What made them so different?