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  1. That death rattle sounds like "internal division" to me. their carapace is on fire, and they just press it against you like a branding iron...
  2. But perhaps if Cultivation was free to move to other systems, the spren's Connection to her would be strong enough to let them move to those worlds' CRs and become Connected to those planets, with time, and... cultivation.
  3. I wonder if Bronze compounding would eventually reach a similar limit to Atium compounding, if you stay awake for enough consecutive years.
  4. Spoken like a true Lightweaver.
  5. Division is the power to split molecular bonds between atoms. This would allow you to split air molecules (example: O2 into Singlet Oxygen, which is TERRIFYING). So something that LOOKS LIKE lightning may be possible. Maybe even more spectacular if the detail and precision of splitting solid matter bonds like wood is still applicable. "Lightning" around a corner, anyone? As for the fire, that would be a side effect of the energy released by breaking the bonds, causing a temperature increase, potentially to the combustion point of the material you're Dividing through.
  6. I think not, though tapping it slower than you stored it would let it last longer at a weaker potency, in general. It does seem to be the case, though at least F-Gold seems to have no practical limitation to what it can heal from when compounded [Stormlight/Warbreaker]
  7. Given how programmatical AonDor is, I'd say you're on the right path... Imagine if there was a human that could write an AonDor program that somehow changed a fundemental property of a Shard, fueled directly by D&D.
  8. I may not drink, but holy crap that was fun to watch.
  9. Ado like Adonalsium? Or Ba-Ado-Mishram? Or... Both???
  10. wholesome immortal characters are a thing I don't see enough of...
  11. No votes for Bondsmith or Dustbringer yet, wow.
  12. Interesting way that the emotions are laid out then, no? Certainly not in direct relation to that order's Lesser Spren (wind isn't exactly an emotion, now is it), but still... I feel like there could be some nifty little parallel with their positions and the orders of our main cast.
  13. I still don't quite like the idea that Saze was able to just "decide" his di-shardic, capital-I Intent like that. Sure, he as the vessel can intend to do that sort of thing, but the Shard(s) themselves... I dunno. Right now the pair seems to be overwhelmed by Preservation and just doing nothing significant.
  14. I think Allomancy is derived from the Intent of the Investiture filtered by a key (base metals and alloys), so unless the Intent changes the metal does the same thing.
  15. F-Bendalloy does that already. you could have picked anything...
  16. I mean just take a guess at what powers you want to exist and pick a metal, you'll probably get it wrong but how would we know
  17. Ok there's Countably Infinite* metals to choose from. *kind of
  18. Which means there's a metal that does anything you want.
  19. Ok yeah yknow what at this point I'll accept Infinity as the answer until someone gives us a definitive equation...
  20. I calculated that in the same calculator I used for the other one and got " 1.001764965 × 1019728 " Kinda small...
  21. "BUT I'M NOT DONE YET" "NOW THAT'S A LOT OF METALS" Rusts, I love my brain sometimes.
  22. Misting name (like Coppercloud) : "Masochist"
  23. "I'm a Bavadinium-Atium-Tanavastium-Tin Misting" "What's that do?" "Beats me"
  24. I looked it up, the total number of "particles in the entire observable universe" is about 3.28 x 1080 Chump change.