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  1. I actually recently heard that Brandon confirmed that "there's not enough room on your spiritweb to be a Fullborn" and that TLR could only do it because he was a Sliver from the Well and used it's power to give himself super strong allomancy as well as having his natural Feruchemy. But I haven't seen a WoB confirming the "not enough room" bit, only secondhand. If that IS true, however, that's a very simple explanation for why TLR's children weren't fullborn.
  2. I like it as well, but what metal would physically resist change? that makes it sound like it would have to be immutable by mundane means only (and could be the most powerful metal for someone to Soulcast into, as it would be unchangeable without a Spiritual/Cognitive alteration).
  3. It's probably another naming coincidence, like how Malata sounds like the perfect name to have the god-metal of Malatium, but we know that's an alloy of Atium and Gold.
  4. Here's my 2 cents on the creation/function on the Medallions, since they seem to be tonight's hot debate. Firstly, a step-by-step on how a Medallion is prepared, after the metals are physically arranged as desired. 1. Have F-Aluminum and F-Nicrosil. (By whatever means is most feasible for you) 2. Spike someone else's Feruchemy out of them. (Optional: perhaps have them store their Identity in aluminum as well) 3. Spike yourself with the stolen Feruchemy spiritweb fragment as needed to make the power manifest in you. 4. Store identity, and then store the spiritweb fragment inside the Hemalurgic spike inside the Nicrosil of the Medallion. This is the critical difference between a Soulbearer and a Medallion. A Soulbearer would be storing their own spiritual ability without it being "excised" by hemalurgy. With this, the entire chunk of actual spiritweb is discreetly removed and placed into the Nicrosil. 5. Charge the second metal with unkeyed Investiture. 6. Complete! Now you have a working Medallion. The reason the medallions work the way we see them work is because of that critical difference between a normal Soulbearer ferring and this "fragment" soulbearing. This way, an unkeyed piece of spiritweb that "encodes" for a feruchemical power in it's sDNA is sitting inside Unkeyed Nicrosil. And I think that makes all the difference. Scadrians apparently all have a natural, teeny tiny spark of Feruchemy (or it feels like it was implied during the explanation in BoM, I can't remember the quote off the top of my head). With that, the spiritweb fragment inside the unkeyed Nicrosil has no problem reaching out and "binding" to the spiritweb of the wearer like it was in the spike, if the person knows it's there. The cognitive awareness of the spiritweb fragment, even subconsciously, allows your spiritweb to reach out and Connect to it, granting the power it encodes. And then from there, you can tap or fill the unkeyed metalmind the Nicrosil is attached to! Easy.
  5. So, I was eating lunch, thinking about Realmatic stuff. Then I had an epiphany about F-Nicrosil. It, "Stores Investiture". This is very vague, obviously. Technically everything in the cosmere is "made of" investiture, or could be converted to it with mass-energy-investiture equivalence. Then it hit me like an Awakened Sword. The spiritweb is also Investiture. So you could store a part of your soul inside F-Nicrosil. Or... A part of someone else's soul? What if you tried to store the fragment of Spiritweb contained inside a hemalurgic spike that you had "equipped" (for want of a better term) at the time? If you stored your Identity in aluminum completely, could you make an unkeyed Nicrosilmind with a hemalurgic charge stored within? This, i propose, is how a Medallion works: Step 1: Obtain Aluminum and Nicrosil feruchemy, however you see fit. (probably hemalurgically.) Step 2: Spike someone's feruchemical power out of them, spike yourself with it. Step 3: blank your Identity with Aluminum, store the bit of Spiritweb inside the Nicrosil. Step 4: Profit? Now of course this has a few bumps in it, such as "how does anyone even tap the Nicrosil to begin with?" But with the way this is set up, there is an Identityless piece of spiritweb inside of Nicrosil. I believe it was said in BoM that the medallions work because everyone has the slightest bit of Feruchemy inside them... I'd love to have the exact quote, of course. With that in mind, it might be that the piece of spiritweb is reaching out towards the natural smidgen of feruchemy inside the user's spiritweb, trying to bind to it like it used to be with the actual Hemalurgic spike. A bit of a rough hypothesis, I know. Assuming Nicrosil works most like Copper in that there is a discreet, well defined "thing" being stored/withdrawn, rather than a "flow" of "attribute" like strength, this would be more possible. Edit: found the WoB that confirms Nicrosil is Copper-like in Feruchemy. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/316/#e11247 Ask about any other flaws with this setup, I'm happy to continue theorycrafting with you all!
  6. lemme lightweave a whole crowd to groan with you real quick
  7. TLR didn't know about the existence of Nicrosil or Chromium, IIRC. Or at least, he didn't study their effects or find them useful. Really the only Enhancement/Spiritual metals he seemed to be broadly aware of was Aluminum and Duralumin. Don't you think he would have given Inquisitors Chromium and Nicrosil for allomancy if he could?
  8. I'll be honest I put Cultivation there because the Edgedancers bond with Cultivationspren... but I realize now that's hypocritical because of the Honorspren being paired with Preservation, and the Bondsmiths being paired with Honor.
  9. Since I was bored, after reading this I went with a preliminary brainstorm at what the other shards would have to be in order for a hybrid shard of Honor and them to become like the divine attributes of the Heralds/KR. Bear in mind i did try and logically pair them up based on what adding a "set of rules" to the other shard would do. I'm totally ok with you having something else in mind for the effect of adding Honor's intent to them instead, which would likely change up at least a few...
  10. Also something interesting to note is the way that's worded, it sounds like even with the fine detail of that metalsight (iron can do it too, not just steel), he couldn't Push or Pull on any of the finer particles of metal. He could "see" it, though.
  11. An arm-shaped scarf, with the command "defend me". Just to really confuse everyone and to have a friend i can play rock paper scissors with.
  12. Oh! I've been wanting to know how to hand-write the steel alphabet for ages! This is great! Thanks for making a post about this.
  13. I'm guessing because it speeds up how fast your brain actually works, it burns more calories and stuff doing all that high-speed processing. Hence making you hungry, since you're using up all that energy.
  14. Actually Brandon has said that the allomancy and Feruchemy genes inhibit each other, making it close to impossible for a natural born fullborn, and super unlikely for a mistborn with 1 ferring power, or a feruchemist with one misting power.
  15. This is really starting to come together, I'm feeling more and more like you're on the right track. Wonder what those last 4 shards could be...
  16. What would A-Compounding Duralumin do for a mistborn? Could you then also A-Compound the metals being burned by Duralumin? ._ .
  17. Oooooh... So that's definitely worth trying to A-Compound Electrum if you get the chance. Also that breaking point reminds me of the breaking point for emotional allomancy to break through and control a spiked creature... Hm.
  18. A-Compounding Electrum makes me wonder just what you'd see...
  19. If you could sustain it somehow, yeah... Actually, maybe Chromium savantism could give you an aura that saps kinetic investiture very near to you. Compounding A-Chromium could possibly do something very similar at high enough power.
  20. That's fair. Or invite them along for the ride! Cadmium bubbles can be room sized after all.
  21. Personally my favorite would have to be compounding A-Cadmium. Why? Because I want to be able to sit around for a few seconds and then be something like 100 years in the future, having basically not aged. All of the cosmere would be written at that point and they'd be classics. You could actually do something like this if you were a mistborn or had a nicroburst buddy. Flare duralumin/nicrosil, then flare cadmium, make a bubble that slows time down inside it a ton. Presumably the amount of time you jump forwards is based on the cadmium reserves inside the Pulser/Mistborn. Finding out the ratio of grams of Cadmium to years forwards would probably be wise to do in advance.
  22. It's probably, specifically, a complexity of Intent thing. Without much intent, you can still Do The Thing that the power you're trying to use, is meant to do. But by specifying "I want to Steelpush the left bit of this metal bar" and understanding that it's possible to specify it like that, would allow you to see more metalsight lines and pick the one you're trying to Push specifically.
  23. Interesting! yeah, having skimmed through that real quick, I can see how similar it is. I do like the idea that Hemalurgy would be critical to making something so powerful, as a balancing consequence to the portability and versatility a Medallion allows for. Instead of needing to find iron ferrings who are good at manning an airship, just have iron medallions that anyone good at manning an airship can use. You're sacrificing a metalborn's life to grant their power portability and freedom. ...Huh. Kinda poetic, actually. and if their fragment of spiritweb is inside the F-Nicrosil, then they're sort of... pseudo-immortal, in a tiny way. A tiny bit of you would survive. ...Huh. Survive. That's funny.
  24. That's fair. Still, the fact that their existence would make exactly 16 total sets of all the metals... It's kind of a big deal, yknow?
  25. Ok, allow me to rephrase it: 256 metals that could have an effect within the Metallic Arts as a whole.