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  1. Understandable. On a side note, our debate managed to get this thread listed as a hot topic, so i'm amused. Hooray for intellectual discussion about fictional worlds and cultures!
  2. Agreed. So, think that would be a wiser course of action? Yeah, that was definitely who came to mind for alternatives. In which case maybe the fallen title IS the shard of honor, but it's Dalinar who's going to pick it up, which seems almost TOO obvious... Hmmm.
  3. Hmm. Okay. Trying to think about this from new angles, then... Let's tackle one of the basic assumptions we're making here; that the "he" that "must pick it up" is Kaladin. Yes, the Spear seems to point in that direction, but Kal hasn't and probably won't ever have a Crown, nor does he "own" Urithiru (which may or may not even be the Tower referred to in the Rattle), unless you think of it in some abstract way, which, again, this is a Death Rattle, so that kind of abstract thinking may be needed to decipher it. But let's roll with this idea of not assuming the "he" is Kaladin. Who else could "he" be? ...Maybe I should make a separate topic for this, I admit we've kind of hijacked OP's topic here.
  4. Okay, then where on Roshar would rulers be wearing crowns? maybe this detail will be more important than I anticipated. Alright that's fair. Though looking at the whole Death Rattle again, I'm not sure "the fallen title" is a separate fourth thing from the Tower, Crown, and Spear. I think the fallen title involves those three things as pieces of what it refers to.
  5. Okay, sure. That's true. But again, this is a Death Rattle we're talking about. He's still been known as Herald of Kings. Death Rattles are basically meant to be obscure. See above, tbh. Well, this could spiral into a whole other discussion about whether or not Kaladin will replace Jezrien as the Windrunner-equivalent Herald and wind up as a 5th-oath/herald combo like Nale. Do you want to have that discussion? Cause I don't really know if I do. I'm just saying it's a possibility.
  6. Well, why is that? I'm not even necessarily agreeing that Kaladin is going to pick up a Shard, i'm just curious as to why you disagree that a crown doesn't make sense as an abstract reference to Jezrien, Herald of Kings.
  7. Yeah, but it's not like Death Rattles are known for being literal, now are they.
  8. "Herald of Kings", no?
  9. Apparently there's a Kandra on roshar somewhere. Think about that for a minute.
  10. I do agree that it seems a little too naive of Honor to truly expect the Heralds to never break their word and let Odium's forces back out of Braize. But maybe it's a case of "a lock with no key is no lock at all" and so there MUST be some condition to unlock Odium's forces, or else Honor could not enforce the binding.
  11. That's something to consider. Forch (i think that's his name... It's been a while since I read era 2, forgive me if i misremembered) seemed to still be Pushing on the casing (I recall it being described as flipping away unnaturally fast in some sense, as if Pushed), not the bullet, which would free Wax to Coinshoot the bullet that was now free of the casing, unopposed, and at least vaguely given a head start by the propellant.
  12. Fair enough. It was a bit of an off-the-wall hypothesis, after all.
  13. Well... then how does giving it the normal volume anti-tone as the first thing it hears out of the vacuum to make anti-light not repel it?
  14. Right. Dampened by the vacuum, totally silenced by a quiet Anti-tone.