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  1. Sure, I'll send you a PM with a link in a sec.
  2. It's actually a fairly old idea, and not mine originally. Currently, Ixthos' chart is my preferred arrangement (and even predicts the remaining unnamed Intents).
  3. What would that entail? Being able to pull stormlight directly from Honor? But he's Splintered, so... Maybe just the "return to Braize on death" thing, which would be a GOOD thing for Moash, since he's of Odium's forces now.
  4. And then put the gems into an actual fabrial to do something? ...I just got this horrible idea that they'll put the gems on the corresponding Honorblade to upgrade them somehow. Maybe they won't do it right away for Moash, but if he proves his worth... Uh oh.
  5. Just wait for synthetically made gemstones that don't leak stormlight. Then you won't have to worry about passive decay, at any rate, and it's like another fuel tank to take into account.
  6. Agreed, I'm pretty sure the planet decides what sort of "magic number" there is in relation to the magic system. But Scadrial is an oddball because Preservation and Ruin created the planet themselves, from "scratch" so to speak, so they might have an influence on what "magic number" Scadrial ended up with, and so Preservation was free to make it 16 for the 16 metals... For some reason. I still think it's somehow possible to fit the Shards into a grouping similar to the allomantic metals, a 4-quadrant, "in/out", "positive/negative" arrangement of 16 units.
  7. Hence why I think the Jesrien knife is going to be... tweaked, modified, corrupted, by Odium, to minimize the amount of investiture he needs to expend to achieve whatever idea he had in mind that needs it.
  8. Seems the picture didn't show up for work today. F-Bronze would also be great for long travels, storing Wakefulness for extended periods to wait out the journey like cryosleep or stasis.
  9. If it helps at all, F-Nicrosil stores discreet pieces like a Coppermind, rather than "X percent of Y metal's strength" in allomancy or feruchemy. So you'd just shunt your whole F-Nicrosil into a nicrosilmind and then be depowered forever because your F-Nicrosil is locked in a nicrosilmind keyed to you. At least I assume that's what happens.
  10. (Emphasis added) Yeah, the fact that it happened almost at the same time (considering the timespan we're talking about here) almost makes me wonder if Odium meant for the Thrill to get captured, to see what it would take so that he could replicate it forcibly (possibly with the aid of his god-metal in the blade of the knife) with a Herald. Wait. The heralds are cognitive shadows. Humans can bond to Cognitive Shadows like a spren. Does Odium want Moash to forcibly bond Jezrien?? Damnation, if THAT'S what he has in mind... Would that give Moash the powers Jezrien innately has?? Does that include returning to Braize on death?
  11. While Karger is right in pointing out that the Unmade aren't quite what you suggested they are, I'm terrified and fascinated by your bit of theory on the dagger. If it really is made of Odium's god metal (due to it being described as "whitish gold" and those colors being heavily prevalent in Odium's physical appearances), then I could totally see something as malicious and chaotic as that being part of it's abilities. At the very least, I could see it having some sort of... effect on an Honorspren, or a windrunner's Nahel Bond... Something like that. Something weird and unexpected.
  12. Also, we know that Nicrosil feruchemy stores discreet things like Copper feruchemy, rather than a reservoir of a particular trait like, say, pewter. So you would just be storing your "ability to burn/tap Nicrosil" in the nicrosilmind and then be either unable to burn it or incapable of retrieving your power from the metal.
  13. Well given what the Coppermind has on allomantic copper's power, it seems that Copper's true, general effect might be something like "reinforces the separation between the 3 Realms in an area around the misting" or something. It seems to dampen a lot of non-metallic powers from other places that require the use of multiple realms, or involves bringing information from one realm into another.
  14. Alright, you did call that it was probably wrong, so here's the quick correction The simple disproval is that Allomantic Electrum and Gold DO both use the spiritual realm, simply because time and space are meaningless there. So seeing the past or the future is easy (or... easier) with the SR. In fact, it should be possible to Duralumin-burn Electrum to see the future similarly to how Elend Duralumin-burned Atium to see the future. It's just that now (in era 2) we don't have Mistborn. You'd have to be either a Duralumin Gnat or an Oracle with a hemalurgic spike of the other metal (...or a Medallion) to do that.