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  1. ...You know what. you're not quite wrong. But in this case it would be like a tiny ascension with a splinter of Honor.
  2. Or they, at the 5th ideal, fully merge spiritwebs into one super-invested physical being with the ability to manipulate the surges perfectly on a whim with a direct spiritual link to a source of investiture, thus proving that surgebinding can indeed be so dangerous as to make Ashyn uninhabitable. ...Though that would be hype as hell, I doubt that it'd be what happens... Unless Kaladin is the exception and not the rule. Maybe with some Dalinar shenanigans seeing as how he's a Bondsmith of the Stormfather who now contains the Cognitive Shadow of Tanavast... supercharge the bond with Syl and Kaladin at the 5th ideal and you get a superspren radiant. Yeet.
  3. Ok firstly that sounds like an amazing sport. Secondly there could be a twinborn-only league of this, where certain feruchemical powers on top of the pewter/steel/iron could be allowed. Obviously this would really limit the supply of players, but the genius application of the legally allowed ferring powers could be so entertaining and hype-inducing that it'd probably be worth the effort. Obviously it'd take some deliberation and experimentation to find out what feruchemical powers would be allowed (for, as you said, Crashers would be super OP...) I think compounders should just be banned up-front, no questions. Infinite weight for a lurcher would be overpowered for the exact same reason as a coinshot, infinite speed for the coinshots would be overpowered for obvious reasons, and infinite strength would be overpowered for again, (hopefully) obvious reasons (the greatest yeet in history though... dang). I feel like Zinc feruchemy would be banned too, unless the other team had a twinborn with zinc feruchemy as well.
  4. My favorite non combat allomancy would probably be allomantic sports, like was said earlier. An interesting idea could be a cooperative maze escape where the only communication is emotional allomancy between brass and zinc mistings, and each team has to come up with a code of emotional changes to communicate different things to each other to get out before the other teams. Of course the best way to prevent cheating would be to station tin mistings around the mazes to listen closely for any words or nonverbal noises that could be used to communicate.
  5. This seems most likely. Creating something so finely detailed and intricate that despite being made using Soulcasting, it's still absurdly valuable to the average merchant. Of course, this then relies on you being able to intelligently sell it for that fortune of money, so... Good luck if your curse is to reduce your intellect as a punishment for your greed. Does the Nightwatcher do that sort of thing?
  6. I haven't tried either of those, no. I'll give it a shot though. Thanks.
  7. Oh, so like an external "speed bubble" of unable to burn metal or all your metals get burned instead of warping the speed of time? That sounds... interesting, but not really temporal. who knows though. hint, probably Brandon
  8. Oh this is going to make some of my diagrams a lot easier to draw... Thanks a ton, dude! Edit: Every time i hit the spacebar, it reverts to Calibri... I'm using normal microsoft office word to test this. Also it puts an empty square character in front of whatever I type, and when i hit space, it goes away (presumably due to the revert to calibri). What's going on here, and how do I fix it
  9. that's not what he said. Depending on which metal you use, aluminum-atium would drain, duralumin-atium would increase, like an external version of aluminum or duralumin, but not the same way as chromium/nicrosil. but remember, Atium alloys do "expanded mental and temporal" effects. not Physical or Enhancement, and seem to flip the internal/external axis of the metal it's alloyed with (gold shows others' gold shadows instead of your own as Malatium). So it wouldn't be like that. It'd be more like it speeds up or slows down the burn rate of your metals in a temporal sense, like if you could speed bubble just the bit of someone's spirit that burns metals. same for chromium/nicrosil + atium, but reversed; those would affect your own burn speed. What this would be like is sort of like... a reverse Flare of your burn rate with aluminum-atium, dulling your burn rate in exchange for some efficiency in how you burn, vs a Flare that can be stacked with actually flaring your metals. technically you could get even more burn rate potency out of it if you flared the duralumin-atium and your target metal (Let's say pewter.) If this duralumin-atium doubles the burn rate of other metals, and you flare it, let's say that it doubles the doubling effect, so you get a 4x speed multiplier when flaring that alloy. If you then burn pewter, you burn it at 4x speed for 4x the power. If then you flare the Pewter, let's say for the sake of simplicity that it also doubles the burn rate. Is it additive or multiplicative? Do you get 6x speed, or 8x? I'm leaning towards 8x because the Duralumin-atium is giving the multiplier to the overall burn speed of your other metals, meaning the flaring rate for pewter would also get boosted. And then with the aluminum-atium, you could have a slow burn of something like Tin, so that you can get enough of a boost without burning through it, letting you use up minimal amounts of your tin supply for the effect... Of course that's sort of moot because Tin will always be more plentiful than both aluminum AND atium, but for something like, say, a different atium alloy, being as efficient as possible could be critical to your success with it.
  10. So we have alternatives for the actual mental/temporal categories, but what happens if you alloy atium with Iron, or Aluminum, etc? Personally I like the idea that duralumin-atium would simply speed up your burn rate and power output, rather than burning it all in a flash.
  11. Personally I'm curious to see what Duralumin+Illumination could do to the laser beams you could make with said surge. I'm imagining you could get super-narrow wavelengths, like way past the minimum threshold of what qualifies as gamma rays IRL, but in one sudden burst as Duralumin tends to make things behave. Gamma-Pulse cannon, but without the cannon part.
  12. Woah. This totally sounds plausible! And this story IS coming from Hoid, he would be one of the most knowledgeable and clever non-shardic creatures on shardic matters, so it makes sense that he'd both know this information (or be capable of theorizing it) and be skilled at making it into a story to tell as a disguised explanation of historic, shardic, events. I'm most curious about the orange now... We don't even know of a SHARD with orange color, much less something of Rosharan origin with orange color (except the order of Stonewards, with their Topaz gem association??) so I'm baffled.
  13. Well, copperclouds can cut off a Listener's ability to hear the rhythms, so it's definitely magical in some way. In fact, A-Bronze sense is described as being "familiar, yet odd" when compared to rhythm sense. So it'd probably be fair game for a tinmind.
  14. Wait. If the surge of illumination is the ability to make photons, then technically, wouldn't it technically be able to make magnetic fields? photons are vibrations in the electromagnetic field after all, so is there anything stopping that if the Radiant knows the correlation between photons and magnetism?
  15. I've actually theorized this before, and I didn't even think about the bit i bolded... you're totally right. Maybe not too important for the initial, purely-fabrial edition, but certainly as a KR adaptation... In fact, there's some thematic evidence for this, in colors. Blue: Honor's color Green: Cultivation's color Red: Odium's color (well, sorta, specifically as he's corrupting the investiture of honor and cultivation, much like darksiders corrupt kyber crystals to use for red lightsabers). So orders closer to Honor would probably use blue, and closer to Cultivation would use green. And that would mean Renarin would get a purple lightsaber because he's halfway between honor and odium hell yeah.