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  1. Oh crap, does that mean Moash is immortal now? At least when holding onto the dagger.
  2. Using Nixium to speed up an object at rest would add the direction of the planet's motion because the object "at rest" is actually moving with the planet, so that motion is what gets amplified by Nixium...
  3. Correct. That's what makes an ettmetal Cobalt mimic better for Cobalt-floated platforms than a genuine allomancer. You can build the ettmetal into a solid platform and put that on the ground, then it'll anchor metal around it so you can have floating platforms. Hang on, what was the rest of the question again? I'm still not understanding.
  4. Platinum can work. Possibly the trickiest part of adding a new metal (assuming you have an effect in mind) is finding a named alloy to pair it with. There's not that many good ones that I could find.
  5. Wait, you're talking about using cobalt to transfer the momentum of falling to the allomancer, right? Wait, i must have misunderstood.
  6. I admit "mystic" was mostly meant to be a catch-all term like "hybrid" in feruchemy. momentum is conserved, by transferring it to the allomancer from their chosen metallic object(s) But you can stop the object from ever starting to fall downwards, is what I meant. Not sure. Maybe it speeds up in the direction the planet is moving.
  7. (apologies in advance for the double-post...) Well I've done it again. After thinking of yet more powers that I would add to the metallic arts, I decided to make some tweaks to my previous charts. They're now the "enrichment" metals because, let's face it, silver/argentum really does feel like an alternative to aluminum/duralumin from the enhancement category... Also, the feruchemical metals from that part are the "energy" metals (due to storing electricity, sound, and light, though Cobalt is an odd one out like Brass in the Cognitive category ). With that update out of the way, I present the next category of my hypothetical metals, the new Mystic category! - Starting us off in the allomantic effects, we have Nickel! As said before, it was starting to feel like Nickel should be in whatever my next metal category was. Nickel gives an allomancer the unique ability to slow down "growth" in a nearby radius. This includes the obvious, like healing, or plant/animal growth. But it also includes things like bacteria and viruses' ability to replicate themselves, which means that infections become weakened. Due to the fact that Nickel also slows healing in humans, however, this is only a way to delay until proper medicine can be applied to truly cure the infection. Biological toxins are also processed slower by the body, which makes this good at staving off poisons for the same reason. - As nickel's alloy counterpart, we have Constantan. It is an alloy of Nickel (45%) and Copper (55%). As you may expect, Constantan speeds up "growth" in a smaller radius than Nickel (a bit like cadmium vs bendalloy's bubble sizes). Constantan's effect will make plants grow at a perceptible rate, moreso if flared. However, it will also speed up infections in the body by accelerating bacteria and viruses' ability to replicate, and will speed up the metabolic processing of poisons in the body. But, it does also accelerate healing, so physical injuries will knit back together faster than normal. - For the "internal" pulling metal, we have Palladium. I say "internal" in quotations because it's "internal" like how Copper and Bronze are "internal". With that aside, Palladium gives an allomancer the ability to perceive the thoughts of others around them, like Preservation can. They can select a specific individual to listen to, or a group, though their mind can be overwhelmed unless they can also burn Atium or tap Zinc. Or tap Palladium, but we'll get to that. - As Palladium's alloy counterpart, we have Orichalcum. It is an alloy of Palladium (33.3%) and Gold (66.7%), more commonly referred to as a form of White Gold, in real life. Anyway, Orichalcum gives the allomancer the ability to send their thoughts to others, like Ruin can. They can, again, specify one person to speak to, or commune with a group of people. due to the "sending" nature of this metal, it's not as overwhelming to speak telepathically with a group, so Atium allomancy isn't needed to process it all. As you might expect, a Mistborn could use both Palladium and Orichalcum together to hold an entire silent conversation with someone. And that person doesn't even need to be metalborn! 2 Orichalcum or Palladium mistings could also converse, by hearing or speaking to the other with their metal power. - For the Feruchemical effects, let's once again start with Nickel. Nickel stores Dexterity or muscle memory. Unlike Copper, which has been WoB'd to not store muscle memory, Nickel can. Storing Dexterity makes the feruchemist clumsy, while tapping it makes them, well, dexterous. They can swiftly perform actions that require small, precise movements (such as lockpicking), or keep their balance more effectively. Storing muscle memory does exactly what you might expect. Unsealed Nickelminds, then, are quite powerful, as they allow someone to pass on a honed skill to their successor, for whatever purpose they need. Once tapped back out, the muscle memory remains in the recipient, allowing them to start from where their predecessor left off. - Feruchemical Constantan stores Physical Force. Unlike Pewter, the feruchemist's muscles stay the same size. However, they will find themselves incapable of producing strong forces by moving their body. Jumping will be highly ineffective, and punches will feel like how it feels to punch in a dream (that is, you punch with all your might, but it produces no tangible results). Tapping Constantan, however, allows the Feruchemist to leap to great heights or distances, or punch with a disproportionate amount of force behind their strikes. A Pewterarm makes for a great twinborn with constantan, for reasons that should be quite clear. - Feruchemical Palladium stores Mental Stability. When storing, the feruchemist will be scatterbrained and unable to keep a train of thought going. That's not to say they become stupid or slow-witted, like F-Zinc. They can still form a cohesive thought, it's just that elaborating on that thought becomes a challenge, more-so with stronger storing. When tapping, the feruchemist can focus incredibly easily, ignoring distractions around them like they don't even exist. - Feruchemical Orichalcum stores Mental Connection. When storing, the Feruchemist becomes literally incapable of hearing themselves think. This can help with meditation, for example, or trying to fall asleep (though, unlike Bronze, Orichalcum cannot be stored once actually sleeping). When tapping, the feruchemist will be able to hear the thoughts of everyone near them, much like Allomantic Palladium. The key differences are twofold, however. Firstly, this power cannot single out any people to listen to. Secondly, the Feruchemist will always hear people's thought words in the feruchemist's native language, much like how Tapping connection from Duralumin does the same with the spoken words. - Now for the hemalurgic effects. Once more, let's start with Nickel. Nickel steals Dexterity and muscle memory. Depending on the bind point, the recipient can gain muscle memory for different actions, or just an overall dexterity boost. - Constantan steals Mystic Allomantic powers. Works exactly how you'd expect. - Palladium steals Mental Stability. Like the Feruchemical trait, the increase in this attribute means the recipient will be able to concentrate on the desired task more easily. - Orichalcum steals Mystic Feruchemical powers. Again, functions as expected. So, there we go! What do you guys think of these ones? The chart below includes the new version of Silver and the others, newly-recategorized as Enrichment and Energy metals, as well as Nickel and its buddies as the new Mystic category.
  8. stormlight

    Oh my god, that is beautiful. I'm saving that to my Knights Radiant folder.
  9. Right, right. That's what I thought. Good to know, though!
  10. Oh shoot, you're right... Also makes me wonder about Marasi, then. She might seem to live longer than expected, depending on how often she actually takes a vial of Cadmium and has to subsequently burn it off. I wonder if she could potentially survive well into Era 3...? Though with gold compounding you can store the vast amounts of healing in a series of goldminds to tap at a steady pace, rather than letting your allomantic burn rate dictate how the power is released. Maybe. I dunno. Something just seems off with your statement there.
  11. I see! It would ironically be much more convenient to get rid of it with aluminum allomancy so you don't have to burn through it with whatever effect it gives (not that that would be a strictly problematic thing, it would be a convenience). I suppose if you had a vial of mercury, you could put your finger to the surface to store the feruchemical attribute in it, then cork it back up. Huh.
  12. Well, considering how toxic mercury is, it really doesn't strike me as practical for an Allomantic metal. That and it's liquid state makes it basically impossible to use as a metalmind or a hemaspike. HOWEVER, this does remind me that you can make various mercury amalgams with metals including gold, and even aluminum. Aluminum mercury amalgam is REALLY weird, I recommend you watch NileRed's YouTube videos on it.
  13. According to my source: Nixium is 42% cobalt, 58% nickel. Wikipedia mentions nickel-based single-crystal alloys of cobalt on the Cobalt Wikipedia page, so it appears this is one of those. Argentum is 92.5% silver, and 7.5% nickel. It appears to be a specific form of Sterling Silver, called Argentum, for some reason. Makes me wonder if I should design another non-canon metal category based on Nickel itself.
  14. Yes, the ancient Terris runes have that sort of... I wouldn't say "sloppy" per se, or "crude", but they're jagged, with ink splots here and there. If they were red, you bet they would look like blood, so of course I'm gonna use those for Hemalurgy until we get a set of runes dedicated to that instead. Thanks! Good to know I didn't disappoint.
  15. You might notice on the chart that I used the 4 "unknown metal" runes from the steel alphabet (if you've looked up the steel alphabet page on the coppermind), which currently haven't had feruchemical rune variants revealed. So, all 4 of these feruchemical runes are hand-made by me, trying to follow the same logic as the canonic ones. Did I do it right?