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  1. Is there a reference on that explanation? Now I want to retake it too...
  2. This seems like an absurd idea at face value... But it holds up at least on a base level, the Unmade we know to be "mindless" lack hyphens (dashes)... Wow.
  3. It's working. REALLY WORKING.
  4. Ah so probably stuff like the Ire then. Among other crossovers, probably Khriss and Nazh for one.
  5. Willing to bet the 5 Scholars somehow went to Sel and that's why it's important.
  6. Personal belief so far is that silver absorbs "foreign" investiture from whatever it touches (whatever is percieved as foreign) and Aluminum just absorbs ALL investiture.
  7. It just gives a real-life person too much useful stuff for real-life scenarios. Enhancing your physical body in those ways is almost always useful IRL, no matter what you're doing. Exceptions may include typing on a keyboard or sitting around doing nothing, but they're exceptions for a reason
  8. This was the big one to me. "Wait, they WENT to AIMIA?! What in Damnation?!"
  9. There almost certainly is some flaw in my logic.
  10. Harmony is probably going to have some choice words about it.
  11. This didn't so much arise as a showerthought as much as it was a "2 am insomnia thought". It occurs to me, that, with the proliferation of Medallions capable of giving the user the power to make Unkeyed Nicrosilminds (that is, a Medallion that grants F-Aluminum + F-Nicrosil), people will be able to store their metalborn powers in unkeyed nicrosil and give it to someone else to tap with a medallion that gives F-Nicrosil. Neat, you can rent metalborn powers if you have F-Nicrosil. Where this gets a bit zany is when you consider Nicrosil compounding. A nicroburst (such as, oh I dunno, Era 3's protagonist) could burn unkeyed nicrosil to recieve tenfold the power stored inside it. Given that we know F-Nicrosil works similarly to F-Copper (storing discreet things rather than a reservoir of power like say, pewter), this means that a Nicrosil Twinborn could infinitely (read: for as long as they could afford allomantically accurate Nicrosil) compound their Nicrosil Feruchemy to an arbitrary level of power. ...By itself, that doesn't sound all that great. But remember, we've established that you can "borrow" other metal powers, kind of like Nalthian Breath transfer. They could, in theory, take someone's allomancy and compound it to an arbitrary strength, and then give it back to the original owner, who now has allomantic strength on par with... well, however much power this Soulburst (Soulbearer+Nicroburst) can muster. Lerasium-mistborn (but for a single metal), Lord Ruler... Who knows. If the Soulburst can get ahold of an extra copy of Nicrosil allomancy, they could compound it an arbitrary number of times and keep it for themselves to expedite the process by being able to shove more allomantic power into that feruchemical trait to duplicate it faster. Where this got fun for my "2 am insomnia thoughts" brain was with my other pair of metalborn powers, duralumin compounding. With this compounding method, you could give someone stupidly powerful duralumin allomancy... Which again, doesn't sound that useful, much like stupidly powerful Nicrosil feruchemy. (Which, brief side note, is the natural-born twinborn combo "I" have. The compounding was obtained via power sharing medallions and gracious donations from other Metalborn) However, with the ability to Compound Duralumin at arbitrarily fast speeds (burning allomantic duralumin at arbitrarily high strength alongside a duraluminmind) I of course thought "...Can you just... supercharge a Nahel Bond with this? And wait, if Nicrosil stores "investiture" and that really means "powers" like Allomancy and Feruchemy, does that mean you can store and then compound the Surges themselves from a bonded Radiant spren? Can you become arbitrarily potent in Surgebinding with these two Compounding abilities?" And with me being a Lightdancer I then realized "wait. I can Soulcast Duralumin to burn, and there's a WoB that Duralumin Allomancy would be able to directly power Surges... So if there is a net gain in power from using Duralumin to Soulcast Duralumin, I don't even need Stormlight to Surgebind!" And of course me being me I have to take this a theoretical step further and throw in Reverse Compounding (tl;dr my belief for RC is that you can store allomantic power inside the matching metalmind if you have the matching metal for your powers). So with Reverse Duralumin Compounding, I can store a Duralumin... burst? What even is that called? like using Steel produces a "steelpush", and nicrosil produces a "nicroburst", so... Duraluminburst? Anyway. I can in theory store allomantic duralumin's effect inside duraluminminds and then tap that to have power that can fuel the Surges. No nicrosil-storing-stormlight needed, if that's even possible (though would be moot for myself, as I have both). So yeah, kind of a rambly post about how I realized I am in fact incredibly overpowered and should not be allowed to exist but people like this could still exist in era 4 because of Medallions and probably also Soulcasting fabrials... Huzzah...
  12. If I remember right, Maya looked like a typical cultivationspren except more withered/wilted in the plant-like parts of her appearance. So if she looks a little greener, that's a good sign.
  13. I'm now visualizing this on one of the walls around the city.
  14. using allomantic duralumin to burn a metalmind for compounding only compresses the power into a shorter timeframe of release. There's no extra power added by Duralumin. However, this does mean you could briefly experience a HUMONGOUS amount of power for a fraction of a second, if your Duralumin allomancy was strong enough. Could be fatal without healing in some cases though (F-Pewter comes to mind).
  15. ...Venli is in Envoyform. Is that a bit too on the nose? Maybe... Or maybe not.