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  1. If the data is on silicon, then no, that's not a metal. If it's inside wires, then yes.
  2. As soon as i read the paragraph for how you described the shard of Dreams, I was immediately struck with a desire to see a book series based on that shard's world. My initial thought on what that world would be like has a sort of Nalthian feel to it, with lots of color and pretty patterns, but in a more wild manner, less (but not a complete lack of) structure to it, like walls painted by flicking your brush at it rather than carefully painting a representation of something. I might actually make a whole thread to discuss what the shard of Dreams' world could be like (and most importantly the manifestation of Investiture on it).
  3. I'm immediately intrigued by this (being a fan of the surge of transformation) so I'm interested to see how you do with a similar yet clearly different concept like this. 10/10 on the creativity, and I like the downsides you've mentioned thus far. I'd love to be an alpha reader too. I can message you my email address (because I'd rather not have it be super public) if you're ok with that.
  4. Honestly by the time era 4 happens I wouldn't be surprised if there were multiple "bands of mourning" types of Unsealed Metalminds, capable of granting someone super-charged fullborn power for multiple hours on a full charge. Maybe the distribution of these is part of the plot.
  5. And that's why i'm so hyped for Era 3, because we'll get to SEE that sort of effect as the Northerners get Medallions and Skimmer ships to be reasonably commonplace. As well as other ett-tech mechanisms beyond F-Iron and A-Steel mimicry. But as for my thoughts on if the metallic arts existed IRL all of a sudden (and I'm including hemalurgy because it makes things more interesting), I have no doubt that allomantic steel-nicrosil pairs would be trained to fire allomantic-based railguns of some sort in some army of some country somewhere in the world. Either america, russia, or china, probably some other countries, but i guarantee that if these became real then the powers would become weaponized for some reason. Also, soothing parlors would become amazingly popular, I'm sure.
  6. I wonder what metals they actually used for Atium, Malatium, and Lerasium. Harmonium is clearly a fancy tungsten oxide setup, which I applaud. That stuff is gorgeous. Edit: Electrum and bendalloy are swapped on the tray, lmao.
  7. No, man, I understand your frustration here. You wrote it out in a way that wholly explains why you're frustrated. And I agree. The logical steps you've made with the evidence and facts we all have at this moment, make sense. I could definitely see Void-Transformation being able to do Sja-Anat's Enlightening. A transformation of the mind and/or soul. That makes sense, from a logical perspective. I also agree that Void-Abrasion could cause the Thrill, an abrasion of the mind. All of these make sense to me, logically. It doesn't feel like an unreasonable assumption or logical leap to state those, at the very least. Perhaps some of the other ones are a bit tenuous. Maybe. But there's logic to this that I can't help but appreciate.
  8. I feel like a part of this argument is due to vague or confusing terminology. Personally, instead of "magic" and "magic system" I'd use "Investiture" and "Invested art". Investiture-based abilities are things like Pattern being able to levitate because he's a sentient bit of Investiture. Invested arts are well-regulated (at least in some form) that mortals can access and wield themselves regularly. Surgebinding, allomancy, etc. The power of the Well of Ascension isn't a magic system, it's magic. Or, it's Investiture. Of course this could be completely off base and I could be entirely wrong but that's for you to decide
  9. Well, if we're throwing the Metallic arts into the mix, then you can burn Duralumin to fuel Surgebinding. No stormlight or gems needed. And you can soulcast more Duralumin to fuel it more. So you can burn normally-obtained Duralumin to soulcast a ton of duralumin, then burn all of that to superpower your Transformation surge, go ham.
  10. The entire Greater Roshar system is 10-centric except for Braize. I don't see why it should have to be split into 5 honor and 5 cultivation, because all spren are ultimately at least partially both shard's investiture (and likely other shards, due to Greater Roshar being made by Adonalsium itself). Sure, there are 5 female heralds that are considered closer to Cultivation, but... All ten Heralds wield honorblades, not 5 honorblades and 5 cultivationblades (although having said that, seeing Cultivationblades would be freaking AWESOME...)
  11. Well the charge is stored inside the Nicrosil using Feruchemy. Feruchemical charges don't decay (see: copper, for a big example). At the very least it could be GREATLY slowed, but might be altogether preserved due to how Feruchemy is the mixed magic of Ruin and Preservation together.
  12. My favorite theory relates to Ixthos' theory that 10 people and their spren will become 10 vessels of Honor's investiture, with Intents based on their orders' Divine Attributes, perhaps by adding Investiture from 10 other shards (e.g. Preservation + Honor = Protecting, like a Windrunner). Dalinar could still be the "unity shard" of the batch purely with Honorific investiture, keeping the other 9 united in their goal and actions, but not controlling them directly.
  13. May I weigh in with my take on the way a Medallion is accessible by anybody? The secret ingredient is Hemalurgy. Step 1: Have Nicrosil and Aluminum Feruchemy. (any method) Step 2: Spike someone's feruchemy out of them. (optional: have them also store their Identity while spiking them to get an 'unkeyed spike', but this may be a moot point later) Step 3: Store your Identity and then store the Spike's fragment of spiritweb inside the Nicrosil of the medallion. This is the key difference between a normal Soulbearer Ferring and a Medallion. This Nicrosil doesn't just contain "ability to tap x metal", it contains an unkeyed fragment of spiritweb which was used as a hemalurgic charge. Step 4: Fill the other metal of the Medallion while storing Identity, if needed. (e.g. not copper or iron, probably) And done! One functional Medallion useable by anyone, due to the stored Spiritweb wanting to "Latch on" due to being an unkeyed hemalurgic charge, temporarily binding to whoever attempts to use it.
  14. I think I'd be legitimately mad if Shallan doesn't get to realize her full potential before the end. Lightweavers in general have such an interesting pair of Surges, and Shallan herself is using Illumination in such an interesting way, that I'd be mad if we didn't get to see her apply that sort of creativity and skill to the Transformation surge. Heck, with the way things are shaping up, it seems like her Shardplate was teased during the end of Oathbringer. I'd love to see her as (one of) the first new Radiants to have "living" plate that is fully functional and able to be summoned and dismissed as we saw in Dalinar's visions of the old Radiants. Kaladin getting his plate and Lashing around would be cool and all, but Shallan, the one who's most thorougly involved with stealth, would probably find all sorts of unique uses for the abilities that Plate confers. And if we don't get to see how she applies that I will be mad. Not that I honestly think Brandon would do that to us, but still. It would make me so mad if she WAS a red herring...
  15. Personally I hope Copper Constructs (humans spiked with 4 copper instead of the Koloss' 4 iron) become a thing in era 3 or 4. An immense amount of mental capacity, memory, and intelligence... the Brain to the koloss' Brawn.