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  1. I mean, with mods, anything's possible
  2. It's almost as if they all used to be United in one single entity...
  3. You can still have my upvote for that one, it's a funny thought.
  4. I both love this idea and am extremely skeptical of it. I love it because imagine if they could call a Starspren over in Shadesmar for transportation without needing Stormlight for gravitation, or to ration it if there's a big group travelling with them. Badass. I'm skeptical because of how effective it would be, and how rare Starspren supposedly are. How the storms are you gonna gather enough to make Plate out of??
  5. Warlight-related shardblade, anyone? (i know, probably not the intended interpretation, but it's a tantalizing subversion of expectations)
  6. Exhibit D for why I rusting love Brandon's magic systems.
  7. True! After all, Scadrian souls are entirely made out of Preservation & Ruin's investitures, as is Ettmetal, so... solidified human-Soul-substitute!
  8. Perhaps! How do you suppose it would work, though? My thought was that the ettmetal would replicate the act of ripping the pieces of spiritweb off and storing them in the metal spike, thus killing multiple people for one super-spike.
  9. I mean, we've seen the Primer cubes interact with allomancy, and the really big airships presumably use mechanical iron feruchemy to store the ship's weight, so why wouldn't ettmetal also have an interaction with hemalurgic spikes? I can see a few features of an Ettcharged Spike (tm): - Vastly stronger than normal IF you can spike a large group all in one go (human attributes would be much easier). - But also vastly more warping than normal. Like if you make a single Iron spike with this method and it has 4+ humans' worth of Strength stored in it, that single spike will warp you into a Koloss. - Maybe that's an upside though, and you can make single-spike Blessings for Kandra that still offer the full power to them without opening their minds to control. - And maybe with just one Koloss-ing spike, you can retain more of your intellect (think Professor Hulk).
  10. I mean, i can extrapolate a rough hypothesis given how Primer Cubes interact with other forms of allomancy: Leeching, a contact-needing external metal becomes an AoE, so perhaps the contact-needing act of Spiking suddenly becomes an AoE... The problem there becomes suddenly if you're melee-spiking, you're in the "blast zone..." Ettmetal spike-gun, perhaps? silent steelpushing mechanism?
  11. Crackpot theory: Someone is going to make a hemalurgic spike using ettmetal. and I don't mean stabbing someone with ettmetal, I mean using the charging of a spike as the priming use of Metallic Arts to prime a primer cube. What will that do? I have no rusting clue, but I want to know.
  12. I'm not sure i buy it, but take my storming upvote for the comedy of the thought.
  13. As someone who also loves MegaMan, this is extremely amusing. True, though I'm not as familiar with Discworld as I am with what I did make comparisons to. After all, if I was, I'd be making remarks on Discworld similarities instead! And your point about (Skyward Sword spoilers): It is! Hence why I made sure to tag this whole topic with "fun" and "humor", and put that big important disclaimer up top. I also just remembered another comparison, albeit one probably founded on a similar underlying trope of "magic crystals"; you could consider a Lightsaber to be a Fabrial, and perhaps one day we might even see a Stormsaber of our own, as an intentional nod in the space age Cosmere.
  14. Big Important Disclaimer: This is not some kind of callout post of Brandon being lazy or uncreative. I don't think many people would assume that, but just to dispel any potential arguing in the replies, that is not what this is. This is a list of some fun observed similarities/comparisons between The Legend of Zelda series, Star Wars, and Stormlight Archives. Okay, big important disclaimer aside, welcome! As I said, this is just going to be a list of some of my favorite comparisons between these 3 series (seri? What is the plural of series?) and some of the commonalities they share. I'll start with my 2 favorite comparisons, and you can follow up with some of your own observations, if you'd like. Comparison 1: Nightblood is the Master Sword and the Darksaber. Starting off with the thing that a few people have probably already noticed and was the inspiration for this entire post, everyone's favorite sword-nimi can be easily compared to both the Master Sword from Zelda (Aka "The blade of Evil's Bane"), and Star Wars' Darksaber. All 3 are mysterious, special, powerful, one-of-a-kind swords in their respective IPs, and Nightblood has characteristics of both. The Darksaber similarities are mostly visual, though the idea of having to attune/bond to one to properly wield it does apply to both. Nightblood's consciousness/personality could additionally be compared to Fi (fee?), who is arguably the Spren of the Master Sword (and to be honest, you could compare Syl to Fi as well). Comparison 2: Odium/Honor/Cultivation mirror the pieces of the Triforce and the 3 main colors/alignments of Lightsabers. This one is REALLY founded on visuals, as opposed to Nightblood having some mechanical similarities to his comparisons. To be honest, this is pretty explainable as a coincidence due to simple color theory and human eye anatomy; RGB LEDs are all you need to make a human see a full range of colors, so it makes sense that for 3 distinct members of a set, you'd use those 3 colors. The nuance is where it gets interesting though. For the most part, Odium's connection to red is through corrupted investiture, which perfectly fits how red lightsabers work in modern Star Wars canon, being corrupted by the Dark Side of the Force and made to bleed, turning them red. The Zelda comparison is how Demise's Malice corrupts that which it touches, and gave rise to Ganon/Ganondorf, the holder of the Triforce of Power. So what other comparisons have you guys noticed besides these (admittedly, fairly broad) similarities?
  15. This is still one of the most casually mindblowing factoids about the Aethers to me. Like... Is this some new tier of hubris? I almost wanted to say Nihilism but that isn't quite what i'm looking for...