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  1. Storm it, I wish I had one more rep point for today.
  2. I doubt the latter part can be done, simply because the metals are keys to specific powers. BUT... I do think that a Compounder could store their allomantic effect inside a metalmind, since it's the same metal, and then that reservoir of allomancy would be subject to the same properties as a reservoir of Feruchemical power, i.e. could be drawn out very gently or very forcefully, allowing more precise power output than just "normal" and "flaring" or whatever, kind of like what Zane managed, but with the innate precision of Feruchemy.
  3. ...And me being me, I now wonder if burning Atium could fuel Surgebinding. How utterly impractical and wasteful.
  4. I feel like if you had tiny gems filled with anti-stormlight and they managed to get inside the Radiant via "bullet" penetration, that it would react accordingly to any normal stormlight they were holding... Maybe.
  5. Even weirder. I like it.
  6. Pseudo lightweaver... neat.
  7. You could probably get away with homebrewing this for Cogent RPG... It's a very freeform system, but effective.
  8. Oh hey, me too!
  9. Indeed. Well, it's sorted out properly now.
  10. Okay but he's still not a Cadmium Allomancer. That's then why I flipped Slider and Pulser.
  11. I'm pretty sure Surgebinding is just the catch-all term for "Magic from the Rosharan Solar System". I mean, come on, Rosharan humans call all birds chickens and all small crustaceans Cremlings... Would it be that big of a stretch to say they call all magical powers Surges? So "Ashynite Surgebinding" might not even stem from the "10 Surges" that modern Surgebinding uses... Or it does, but the access mechanism was not bonding with a Spren, as we know that came after the Heralds. I do think that the Surges are accessible from all planets in the Rosharan System, though.
  12. One of my minor crackpot hypotheses is that Adonalsium itself will not be reformed as we understand it to have been formed before the Shattering. I believe it may be that the Shards will be recombined into two, maybe 4 "gods" that have a specific mix of the 16 Shards split between them to balance them in particular ways.
  13. Also wayne isn't a Cadmium allomancer, he's Bendalloy; a Pulser, not a Slider. So the connection between that and Edgedancers/abrasion is even more sketchy and tenuous.
  14. I think Anti-Investiture is not naturally occuring... At least not in modern epochs of the Cosmere. It would have all been wiped out before, in the Cosmere big bang, leaving the leftover extra Investiture.
  15. So there's an undefined number of Autonomies out there? ...Weirdly fitting.