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  1. Yeah. Difficult to hold a discussion on this until OP reads it.
  2. Or... Change, and don't Survive? This actually works for Nightblood too, which has been confirmed to contain Ruin's Investiture... We don't need that slightly uncomfortable Destroy Dawnshard anymore. Because let's be real, it doesn't really fit for a couple reasons (why would one of the pieces of "creation" be "destruction" incarnate, and investiture cannot be destroyed, etc). 0000... this is tricky because in this case it's a shard that just doesn't care about any of the traits from any of the dawnshards. Maybe Apathy then? similarly for 1111 it cares about all of them.
  3. I may have stumbled into the beginnings of something much bigger than I anticipated. It was an easy enough matter to get started; I posed a set of statements and a question to myself. "It's becoming increasingly clear that color and metal are important fundamentals of the Cosmere because of Fabrials, Awakening, and the Metallic Arts. Color is important because it's a property of specific wavelengths of light, particular "tones" of light. So how is Metal going to relate to that?" From there, I hit upon a couple possibilities. But I think the one most worth going into detail about connects Investiture to my favorite weird physics, that's right everyone, quantum mechanics. It's my current hypothesis that metallic atoms have the proper frequency of quantum wavefunction to "filter" different frequencies of Investiture. This results in the strange supernatural "theming" of the metals across the metallic arts and even extending into the cages of Fabrials, where color and tone have already been proven abundantly needed. Picture "background investiture" as white noise. Now picture, say... Tin atoms in a pure, undisturbed lattice. Now recall that according to quantum mechanics, all particles also behave like waves (this has even been observed with molecules made of tens of carbon atoms still producing an interference pattern (even when released 1 at a time) in the famous double-slit experiment). The frequency of Tin's quantum wavefunction will interfere constructively with some frequencies of background investiture, and destructively interfere with others, filtering the output of the investiture into a new set of frequencies that don't look like background noise, the frequencies become a stream of investiture that "enhances senses", or something thereabouts. Now picture using a specific Shard's Investiture as the "background investiture". Tin will filter out everything of that shard that doesn't relate to senses, causing the amplification. Stormlight becomes a booster of the spren's sensitivity, making them output less for the same subjective feeling, while Tineyes get to see through the Mists because the frequencies overlap due to the Investiture originating with Preservation. And of course, with alloys, what's important is the "holes" in the atomic lattice (and indeed, metallic atoms' ability to arrange in a regular structure is key in general). It lets other frequencies of investiture leak through, which correspond to different effects. Tin's senses becomes Pewter's physical enhancement. The one thing I'm not certain on is where in Allomancy the push/pull difference originates from precisely. Is it just a rule that Bronze seeking hears pure metal tones as "pulling" while alloyed tones become "pushing"? Or is it a fundemental, even a Singer would hear tin as pulling, while pewter pushes? I'd love to hear feedback on all of this in general. I'm super curious to know if my "quantum wavefunctions filter Investiture frequencies" hypothesis makes any sense.
  4. Very balanced.
  5. twok spoiler

    I mean... They're not exactly incorrect. The nahel bond is easier to form if your spiritweb has cracks in it, which trauma will create, so "snapping" someone CAN make it easier for them to become Radiant...
  6. well now I just want the alt-timeline where Kel finds aluminum instead lol
  7. Happy Birthday!

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      Happy Birthday!

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      Thanks, guys. :)

  8. Brandon has said the Unmade don't exactly correspond to the orders of Knights, and that there's not a specific Bondsmith unmade... So BAM may indeed be that "fuzziness" in the correspondence while also not exactly being a bondsmith unmade. She's mostly the parallel of Jezrien, while also having the connection abilities of a bondsmith.
  9. I want more science stuff. Like different effects from Ettmetal (we see Chromium acts at a distance from a primer cube), what would bronze do in a primer cube??
  10. OR... She's trying to bait him into breaking it because she knows Rayse wouldn't, and wants to Splinter Odium once and for all.
  11. Almost makes it sound like they should be able to push things around physically, including themselves. Imagine pairing that functionality with Abrasion...