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  1. Wait. If the Terris are the ones with noodles... Is THAT going to be who invents instant noodles for Hoid???
  2. Yeah, it's going to be a mix of availability-related factors. Limitations, after all.
  3. Stooooorm you and your frustrating thought processes. Well... I can't be bothered to do the math. But we've already established that we're well into the realm of scientific notation anyway, so i think that's okay.
  4. something something "these words are accepted"
  5. Well, the allomantic chart at least says that ALL Atium alloys have mental/temporal effects. So "storing your sense of emotion" would fit for feruchemical tin-atium.
  6. "The eyes are the windows to the soul," no? Poetry aside I think there's probably a rusting good reason he would use one of his eyes as the bind point. Maybe because it intersects with his brain in the right way to allow him to "enter" the mind of his new body?
  7. That definitely strikes me as more of a mental effect. ...Pft, maybe that's what an atium-tin alloy stores.
  8. My edition of this is: Honor/Cultivation/Odium ALL get merged, but in 10 different ratios for the "leaders" of each Order to pick up, or to fuse with their Spren to make them all godspren-tier+.
  9. There's also the planet-sized "cognitive anomaly" adjacent to Nalthis (on the solar system map picture) at one of the Lagrange points in its orbit.
  10. Arm spikes? Maybe even an aluminum spike earring.
  11. f-gold medallion just in case, for the purpose of safe spike removal?
  12. I'm sure some clever soul will make compounder-friendly variations of sports for the entertainment value.
  13. Also, Compounders are probably going to be banned since they could mess with even their carefully regulated intake of metal very easily. Steel compounding especially could be tricky to deal with.
  14. Lifespren? ---- one of my favorite mini theories is that Stoneward plate is made of Painspren, but i dunno if that tracks with the current patterns. Mmm. dustbringers having flamespren would make sense imo. While it would be absolutely badass for Skybreakers to have Starspren for their plate (because Highspren look like rifts to outer space), I have a feeling those things are a little too rare and... majestic to be reduced to forming Plate. Willshapers using captivityspren could be an interesting thematic twist, but that may be the literal opposite of the truth. And for truthwatchers, i mean, i'm stumped. No guesses from me.
  15. I believe there is a WoB that it varies slightly depending on the order.