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  1. All of those events happened Before the deal so I don't think they have any bearing
  2. This could also be due to the sprens relations to the shards (like Syl being an honorspren- a spren of honor). The spren "dying" because of broken oaths could be.... I guess the word would be "inherited" from the shards? And with how it looks like the spren can be reawakened, maybe that's a sign that shards can be reformed after being shatterd?
  3. So while this could be nothing, I was looking through some discussions about stormlight 4 and I started to connect some dots. While it is not confirmed, a lot of the fandom- and myself- believe Hesina, Kaladin's mother, to be originally from Kharbranth. If this is true, we known from the end of Oathbringer that all those who were born in Kharbranth and their spouses will be spared from Odium. We also know that Odium is bound by his word and so he must follow this deal he struck with Taravangian. While I've seen quite a few people saying this deal will end up being bad for Taravangian and that Odium ultimately got the better deal, I think this deal is what will bring about Odium's downfall, not Taravangian's. Now I should say this having any sort of possibility weighs heavily on Hesina being born in Kharbranth, but under the assumption that she is then this means that Lirin is spared by association. And yet, even with this deal potentially protecting him, much of the fanbase believes Lirin will die in Stormlight 4. This is where I think Odium trips himself up. If Lirin were to die as a result of Odium- so be singers, listeners, or corrupted spren- the deal between Odium and Taravangian will immediately become void. And while we don't necessarily know what happens when a shard's word is broken, it is my personal headcanon that a big part of the process for Honor being shattered was that he in some way broke his word. While obviously this has a lot holes in it, I just wanted to point it out as I've been seeing a lot of people talking about the Kharbranth deal and whether or not Lirin will die in the next book.
  4. I don't think so, as long as the people born and living in Kharbranth have children on Kharbranth soil Odium can't do anything to them because they would be born in Kharbranth. If Odium forces them out of Kharbranth however... then we have trouble since he just stated they will live and the city will stand, just not that the same people will be living there.
  5. My only problem with that line of thinking is that Brandon confirmed there is significance in the Stormfather referring to Kaladin as Son of Tanavast, and I feel like it wouldn't be that big of a deal for him to agree to that if it was just because of Kaladin being a Windrunner.
  6. My only question is, how would you bond it without anyone finding out? You have to carry the sword with everywhere with you when bonding it and you can't send it away like you could a bonded blade
  7. Oathbringer Spoilers Below! I was just thinking recently about how Adolin was able to murder Sadeas and get away with it without too much suspicion in Oathbringer and I found myself thinking: How would you get away with murder in Roshar? Specifically how would you get away Sadeas's murder in Roshar. Would you frame someone? Take Adolin's route and get involved with the investigation? Just curious to see what people have to say!
  8. Ah! Okay, that makes sense! Thank you for explaining!