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  1. So I know you're still alive from the Last Visited - are you doing okay/do you plan to come back to the RP? If you need a summary of ItD or anything, just say the word :D 

  2. Rig moved closer to his companions, eyes on their faces. "Northern mountains sure are nice this year, Penrod," he said conversationally, making no effort to hide his voice. Corette was right again, of course; if something made a sound like that again, this would be the best way to test it. He reached behind himself with one hand, wrapping his fingers around the cold stone of his cane in the dim light and fingering a pocket of coins as he waited to hear something. @ZincAboutIt @I ♥️ Rashek
  3. Rig nodded; he had nearly forgot about the original expedition, having come down here under such strange circumstances. That search didn't seem to be the only thing on Corettes mind, though, he thought, noting the glance she shot him as Allri's eyes flitted around the cave. He replied with a cocked head and a raised eyebrow, though his expression turned back to normal as soon as Allri's focus returned to them. "Are you in," Corette said again, voice just a hair off. Rig's eyes narrowed, and he whipped around, but there was nothing there. He was certain Corette's lips hadn't moved, but he also knew he had heard something. Cave insanity doesn't befit a Lekal, he could almost hear his father say. Oh, shut up, he shot back. He turned back towards Corette and Allri, waiting on her answer. @I ♥️ Rashek @ZincAboutIt
  4. Rig had finished up with Allri, impressed with the girl. She lacked skill now, but given a few year's training he suspected she could become one of the better steelpushers around. She likely wouldn't--it was rare for mistborn to focus on a single skill, according to Harmony's anecdotes preferring rather to become reasonable in all of them. Then she'll never know how to really fly, he thought to himself as he dropped one of the recovered coins and shot up over the forest canopy. He landed precariously among the strange stone branches, surprised to feel them flexing under his feet. He dropped another coin and floated himself down, twisting around branches as he controlled his descent through a careful burn of steel. He touched down lightly, and knelt, feeling in the mist for the coin. His hand knocked against something hard, which he grabbed. He pulled a slender grey branch out of the mist, just slightly longer than his arm and straight along it's length. Rig moved to throw it aside before reaching back down to grab the coin, but paused. He still had one of the canes his father had presented him with all those years ago, but the other had been lost during a fight with a pair of Tekial lurchers in the weeks on the run leading up to his appearance in the alleyverse. The branch was about the right size, and felt familiar in his hand somehow. He straightened and pulled out his other cane, taking a few practice swings and dropping into a familiar practice dance with the canes. Something to remember the cave, by, then, he thought to himself, satisfied. He slipped the strange stone-wood onto his back, the satisfying weight on his back telling him it was the right choice. He wandered back out towards the rest of the group, following the sound of voices towards the cave paintings in the back. He peered over the heads of the assembled crowd, noting the strange art on the walls. It was interesting in a way the detailed portraits of mansions seemed to miss; it hinted to him, rather than telling. It seemed to be the story of some travellers coming through the caves...there was the worm, and there a sleeping woman in the fungi. He spotted a figure in a tattered cloak-no, a mistcloak- near the bottom of a chasm, blue and purple streaks in his hair. It couldn't-what- Rig felt waves of confusion wash over him as he made more connections. There was Corette, with her knife and bracers. There was Althea, he thought, covered in cracks. There was Eos, aura of power surrounding her hands. He drained himself of heat, the cold washing away his distress. This was nothing compared to being on a new world; just some prophetic paintings. They had had prophets back in the days of the Last Emperor, so really, this was more familiar than much of the rest of the alleyverse. He stepped away for a moment, feeling more confident. Feeling a tug on his jacket, he turned to see Corette disappear with Allri into the mist. He walked along, long legs eating up the distance between him and the duo, before coming to a stop next to them. "What might you two be up to," he asked, looking from one to the other. @ZincAboutIt @I ♥️ Rashek
  5. Rig nodded, seeing that her eyes were closed. She should be watching the lines; her head tilted slightly as she focused on them, a habit most coinshots and lurchers had. He would have to mention that to her; it was an easy way to give yourself away. He tossed the first coin up and shot it towards her, lightly enough that she would have some time to react. It arced through the air before getting thrown off course, as though some invisible force acted on it. Rig repeated the motion a few times, pushing slightly harder each time. Allri deflected all of them, as he expected. This was basic. Rig grinned, and tossed a coin into the air high over his head. He pursed his lips, calculating for a moment, before Flaring his steel and launching it high into the air, fast. He fired a trio more or coins at Allri, several times faster than any of the others, timed to coincide with the on flying upwards. All four coins darted towards her, one from above, and he watched with baited breath to see whether or not she could track them all. A steel bubble like the one he'd heard ladrian could pull of back in elendel was reserved for twinborn with iron--for the rest of them, this sort of thing became a careful game of multitasking. Rig's memories took him back briefly to a courtyard with his uncle, who fired pellets at him while Rig stood blindfolded. He had spent years in that yard, perfecting his steelpushes until he was among the best in the basin, sparring with his uncle until he could take on many of the cane duelists who came through on the circuit. The jacket had been a gift, almost a graduation present, given to Rig on the day of his first raid. Perhaps if Allri made it through these caves, he would see a proper mistcloak made up for her. @I ♥️ Rashek
  6. "Go ahead, you couldn't beat me even with all 16 metals," Rig said, chuckling. "I've worked with a few lurchers, so I might be able to give you some tips. Just between me and you, though," he said, dropping his voice to a conspiratorial whisper, "Steel is the more useful of the pair. Iron is power; steel is finesse. And finesse beats raw strength every time." Rig pulled out a handful of his own coins, and walked a few paces away, staying in the clearing. "Now, you want to learn? We'll start with something easy. Shut your eyes and start burning. I'll be launching coins at you-push them away before they hit." There was some danger to the drill, but it was an easy way to gauge the girl's confidence. As he waited for Allri to comply, he shot a few coins to random-seeming points around the clearing. @I ♥️ Rashek
  7. Rig cursed as he nearly hit his head on another of the low hanging branches, and huffed in jealousy as Corette stepped easily around him and moved ahead. He supposed sometimes it was better to be short, but took solace in the fact that if the group ever needed something from a high place he would be more help than Cor. He hunched over and kept moving, following Corette into a clearing dominated by a pair of pools. Trees watched from the edges of the pools--appartently they had once been alive? It seemed odd, to Rig, but then this was an entirely new planet. Odd trees could be excused. Corette seemed to be inspecting the pools for a moment; if they were safe, they warm water would present him with a good opportunity to get some extra heat into his metalminds. He took a moment to look around the area, spotting Allri some distance back in the trees. "You did well with the pulling," he called out to her. "We should have some time to practice pushing in this cave, if you want." @I ♥️ Rashek @ZincAboutIt
  8. Rig walked through the cavern with the group, still wary. Corette and Althea were right; it made sense to camp here, where they at least had space and light. They were approaching an area where mist seemed to rise from the ground, emanating heat. Twisting shadows of...trees? Yes, trees, appearing through the twisting mists. "Sounds good to me," he responded. The cavern was big, and probably the most varied so far; between the waterfall, this strange forest, the glow of the rocks, and the yet-unexplored other half of the space, there was a lot to take in. Rig began moving through the mists, soon coming up to one of the strange trees. He tapped it with his cane, but rather than the flex of living wood he felt a jolt as though he had his stone or metal. He reached out to feel the plant, and was surprised to find it hardened beyond any plant he had ever seen before. "It's like they're made of rock," he called back into the mists. "Sculptures, maybe? I wonder how they got down here." If they were indeed sculptures, they had been strange ones; Rig had never seen such detail in the mansions around Elendel, and here stood an entire forest of the things. Every branch was shaped convincingly, warped as though the passage of time had weighed down the boughs, with twigs coming off at odd angles looking like skeletal grey fingers in the yellow light. Rig continued forwards, stepping carefully in the waist-high mists. It would do no good to break an ankle in these caves; he would have to resort to begging for aid from the healer, and Rig did not beg. He felt the heat begin to press on him like a sauna as he moved deeper into the strange trees, and the thickets of trees grew more dense, forcing him to duck under the ceiling of branches. Eventually he began storing heat in his bracers; the muggy air around him kept him feeling normal, despite his pouring of heat into metal. Well, Corette would certainly like this. She was probably still freezing from her little dip earlier, the memory of which brought a smile to Rig's face. @ZincAboutIt
  9. Rig slowly contained his mirth, and called down the rest of the team. He lowered each one easily enough, enjoying the steelpushing practice; it wasn't often he got to work with a lurcher like this. He refrained from dropping anyone else into the puddles, despite the temptation, and ended up following some distance behind Corette to ward off any immediate attacks. His boots sloshed through the shallow waters, accompanying the sounds of the rest of their company, who moved down the tunnel towards the growing sound of rushing water. Eventually small ripples appeared in the water at their feet, and the sound increased to a thunderous roar. They exited the small tunnel into a darkened room, where Corette stood amidst a growing number of glowing yellow stones. As Rig watched, mouth agape, the yellow glow expanded over the cavern as though dominoes were falling by the thousands, each turning on another patch of light. Soon the source of the water was revealed; a massive waterfall streaming from far above through a crack in the roof, pooling on the floor around the cavern before dumping further into the earth through a chasm. Rig was shocked by the beauty of this cavern, too, but he had nearly been taken in by the caves twice already; this time, he would be certain no death-mushrooms attacked. He looked more closely at one of the yellow rocks, which reminded him a bit of the glowstone described by Jak in Allomancer Jak and the Roughs Rebels, Part 7. That had been safe enough, but Rig pulled out his dueling cane and poked the rock suspiciously anyways. Nothing happened, so he straightened, satisfied. Rig whipped around, looking back towards the entry. His tassels spun with the motion, revealing his pistol as he removed it from his belt and readied it in his other hand. "What was it?" he asked the new epic. "I'm really getting tired of deadly caverns." @Invocation @ZincAboutIt @everyone else
  10. What a delightlful threat, Rig thought to himself. He would get back at her, yet, for shoving him over in the cavern above; for now, though, he gave her a show with his SteelPushes, sending her sailing in a spin through the air. If he knew Corette, she would want to show off in front of the new Epic, who was making her way down without aid. Placing himself at an anchor point beneath her, Rig slowly increased the pressure on Corette until she was hovering just over the surface. Her hair had come totally undone during the fall, running wild in the wind. Her breathing came quickly, despite the cadmium on her arms, and her eyes were alive with the light of euphoria. Rig knew the feeling; it was freedom. He grinned as she floated lower, still hovering more or less horizontal, not having finished the last spin. The smile turned wicked as he got an idea--perhaps the revenge could come a little sooner than expected! "We're fine, Allri, you can stop," he called upwards while keeping his eyes on Corettes floating form. She looked up, meeting his eyes, and he smiled coyly at her before winking. She hung in the air for an instant after he dropped the lines, but he was soon rewarded with a splash. She came up, sputtering and shivering, wet strands of hair running across her face. Rig couldn't help but laugh, letting a hysterical boom rip across the cavern. He bent over for a moment, peals of laughter continuing to escape, as she muttered threats and abuse. As she shook her head, some of the freezing water hit Rig, but his bracers kept him comfortable. "Oh, come now Corette. I was just thinking you might want to wash up a little! We can't both be covered in glowing fungus for the whole trip." Despite his words, he was amused to note that some of the purple fungus had remained even after her quick dip. Ah, well. It can be a scout leader symbol. She doesn't look half bad like that, he thought to himself. @ZincAboutIt
  11. Rig heard the voice echo down towards him through the shaft. "The water's fine!" he lied, only half looking forwards to being the warmest one on the team. "Allri, you ready? Lets get him down!" @I ♥️ Rashek
  12. Rig watched as Allri dropped a handful of coins over the edge. He was about to chastise her for the waste of coins before he remembered that as a mistborn, she could recall them at will. That'll take some getting used to, he thought. He nodded his thanks to the mistborn for her advice on what was at the bottom; without tin, he'd be blind down there, and knowing there was water could be handy. Rig nodded once, thoughtful. "I can do it. Allri, all you'd have to do is haul upwards--you're lighter than everyone else here. Leave the detail work to me at the bottom." With that, he pulled out a new vial of steel and downed it. He twisted once , hands over his head, flaring his suit's mistcloak, which was now speckled with both blue and purple glow-fungus. He turned around to face the group, grinned, and stepped back into nothingness. The wind rushed around his face for a moment as he spun backwards in the darkness. It was his favorite part of being a coinshot; the rush of adrenaline as you flew through the winds, propelled by the grace of skill and allomancy. He closed his eyes, relying on a lifetime of practice to determine which way was down, and singled out the blue lines shooting out towards the fallen coins. He seized a few and began pushing lightly, using only a fraction of his weight. He slowly incremented the force as he dropped, eventually slowing to a near-stop only a few feet above the water. He dropped lower yet, before shoving outwards to anchor himself just above the water. It was clear, and barely more than a foot deep here; turning on his headlamp let him pick out the sheen of the coin underneath him. Rig sighed unhappily before dropping himself the remainder of the way, flexing his knees before he hit the water to absorb the shock. It was freezing, but a quick tap on his brassminds fixed that. "Alright," he called up, the sound echoing upwards through the chasm. "Come on down!" @ZincAboutIt @I ♥️ Rashek @Rushu42 @everyone else there
  13. Rig didn't miss the way Corette's eyes flickered between their weapons, nor the suggestion implicit in her look. Killing Eos was probably the cleanest way to handle this, but for now they had better things to do. He grinned slightly at the way Cor ordered him to follow; not many were so willing to tell him what to do. "Yes ma'am," he said, speaking in his best Roughs accent. He was grateful for the kerchief, and took it to his mouth before following the group over to the dark drop where Sarah stood. The walls of the shaft sloped away into the darkness, eventually disappearing into a mess of incomprehensible grey. Rig walked straight to the edge and looked down, not bothered by the steep drop below. The fear of heights was one of the first he had conquered, in the months after his snapping. Rig grinned to himself, looking sideways at the rope slung around Sarah's waist. Well, that was one way to get down. He flicked his coin into the air, watching as the lights from their headlamps shone off of the madly spinning metal. It dropped past his feet into the darkness, and he turned on his steel to watch it fall further and further. Eventually it stopped, the blue line thin and wavering far below them. He turned to Sarah and the rest of the group, who seemed to be prepping to send her down. "It's a long way down," he advised them, voice muffled by the kerchief. "I can head in first, call up afterwards. Make sure you have some sort of metal on your person--if something goes wrong, I'll try to cushion the fall for you." He raised an eyebrow at Corette, waiting for the go ahead. She could take care of herself, but he wasn't about to jump off, leaving her alone with the new Epic, without making sure she could handle the group. @Rushu42 @ZincAboutIt
  14. Rig cocked his head to the side, considering what Corette had said. It made sense--the clothing the woman wore wasn't what a person would usually wear to venture into the caves, and she seemed disoriented in much the same way as he had been upon first entering the caves. He lowered his hand and slipped all but one of the coins back into his pocket, satisfied by the soft clink they made against one another as they settled. He met Corette's eyes, asking a silent question. What now? They hadn't planned on running into anyone but the original expedition down here; should they turn back and present Stancel with the new girl, or press on with a new recruit? "Alright, Epic." Rig started. "What do we call you? I'm Rigex." He kept his tone cool and professional; he wasn't sure exactly what epics were or what they could do, but judging by Althea and Corette's reactions they weren't to be easily trusted. Of course, no one really was. He looked over at Althea more closely; it seemed she had taken on something of a leadership role among the rest of the scouts. He would have to keep an eye on her. @ZincAboutIt @Invocation