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  1. Started listening to Mistborn on the way to work this morning. Nine and a half hours in so far loving it. Kelsier is the man.
  2. Stick vs. Veil? Drinking competition! Veil will run out of Stormlight from burning away the effects of horneater lager and eventually die. The stick will sit in a puddle of horneater lager unfazed and unwaivering. Stick cannot be stopped.
  3. Kind of a hard arguement because we know basically nothing about Mraize. He's got them bad chull battle scars and hes proven himself to be quite schwifty with all of his sly string pulling from the shadows. But Jasnah can basically point at you and convince your body it wants to be smoke. Don't know if there's much you can do to defend against that.
  4. I started the Mistborn series today. I'm only six hours into Mistborn: The Final Empire and Kelsier is easily the best character so far.
  5. If you return them too often they don't let you return them after awhile without having to call them first. You have to wait for your monthly credit to renew before you get another 3 returns.
  6. Imagine how good Rocks stew would be if he had a spren blade. I literally just bought the first Mistborn book. I got up early before work just so I could download the audiobook so I had a new adventure to listen to at work today haha. Very high expectations after The Stormlight Archive.
  7. damnation you Moash. I would have loved to have seen Elokhar progress as a Radiant and fufill his quest to be a hero. He would eventually bond a spren and speak his oaths under the guidance of the "Bridge Boy". A marked slave turned Radiant who has a grudge against the light eyes guiding and training the symbol of the light eyes. KING ELOKHAR! OMG! Elokhar submits to his training puts in 120% but struggles initially. He steps down as king Jasnah takes his place. No royal duties holding him back Elokhar begins progressing at a very fast rate (Not Kalladin fast but still a natural with the surges) Kalladin realises not all light eyes are lazy bludgers who live off the labour of dark eyes. Elokhar realises being a hero isn't like it seems in the story's and that a man's eye colour shouldn't determine his status in life. Years later on a battlefield somewhere in book 7 Elokhar is alone fighting Moash and a bunch of fused. Moash tells Elokhar about nan and pop Elokhar remembers them and then has a flash back of him and Kalladin first training as a radiant and Elokhar says his first oath. Kalladin explains the world from a dark eyes point of view which triggers something in Elokhar. Same trigger happens when Moash finishes his story about nans visit to the dungeon and Elokhar accepts his death and falls to his knees. TWIST Elokhar was buying time for some other storyline involving Shallan/Jasnah that involves shadesmar and knew he would die on this mission anyways. BOOM he dies a hero goal fulfilled and a legacy dear old dad would be proud of. BAM got carried away but what a story arc.
  8. This thread is to discuss some duels or match ups that we would love to fight one on one but due to death/location/alliances we will never get to see them clash. The main duel I would love to see is Dalinar vs Kalladin but from a couple of different perspectives. Full Power (Full Shards, Stormlight and Radiant abilities ect) Hand to hand with shard plate (No weapons , no ability's just a shardplate boxing match) Shards only (Self explanatory )
  9. Think I'll go Mistborn, Warbreaker, Re-Read, Elantris. Any issues reading past the first Trilogy of mistborn before any other particular Sanderson series? No spoilers going to ripple across the Cosmere? I know you can read them in any order and it doesn't effect the story but I'm on the hunt for hoid and finding the little things that link the different world's together. The first Mistborn book is 24ish hours if anyone was wondering. Noice.
  10. I audible all day everyday at work, Theres nothing better then listening to a Sanderson classic while cutting up a few thousand sheep. But I need a break from time to time to give my spheres time to restore its stormlight. Does anyone have any great non sanderson audiobook recommendations? Preferably something longer or a box set. Outside of Sanderson and the fantasy genre I like post apocalyptic, drama, mystery and straight up savageness. Here are a few books I have enjoyed recently to give you an idea of my taste. The Undead World 1-7 - Peter Meredith (Hands down best zombie apocalypse story ever) Mountain Man Trilogy - Keith C Blackmore (Booze, guns, zombies and more Booze) Dodge & Twist - Tony Lee (A sequel to Oliver Twist. Great book gives Oliver Twist the dramatic and shocking ending it has always deserved) The Potato Factory Trilogy - Bryce Courtenay (The only book I have ever read that made me genuinely boil my eyes in both grief and joy at the same time. By far my favourite book of all time *Apart from The Stormlight Archive* If you haven't read these books go and get them ASAP)
  11. What's the longest books? I like the longer ones so I don't have to buy credits so often on audible. The long story times is what made me buy The Way of Kings originally. Oathbringer was 55hrs but time flys when your audibling at work to such a good book. I don't have a favourite order yet I'm waiting till all the oaths are spoken and the radiants are revealed because there's still so much we still don't know! What is your favorite radiant order?
  12. Favourite character definitely has to be Kalladin Storm blessed but Szeth son Nuturo is a close 2nd. Who's hour favourite character? Im actually planning on rereading the storm light Archive with Edgedancer this time because I missed it in my first run through. But with all these baked goods jokes in the forums I'm thinking I should read Mistborn. Which of Sanderson's works are complete? Im dying waiting for Rhythm of War and I only finished Oathbringer this morning.
  13. Just looking for friends to talk and debate about the world of Roshar. I'm planning on reading all of Sanderson's work but I've only read Stormlight Archive so far. I audible while I'm at work so I don't have anyone else to talk to about the books I listen to and I'm sick of not being able to yarn after something life changing happens at the end of a chapter ha-ha.