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  1. Thanks for the insight! I really appreciate it.
  2. I just finished reading Warbreaker for the first time and was puzzled by how the meeting between Susebron and Vasher played out. A few questions: Why was this meeting necessary at all? Why couldn't Vasher just send his phantoms to destroy the lifeless army on his own? Vasher's great fear was giving Hallandren/Susebron control of this invincible army, so why go through him at all? Why does Vasher tell Susebron he was responsible for having his tongue cut out? It seems that Vasher told the priests to "protect" the breaths, but the priests independently decided how to do so. Susebron does not seem to mind that he spent 50 years without a tongue. How much of this does Susebron understand at this point? When Vasher tells Susebron that he left "a wealth of power" here "some time ago" that he asked the priests to protect and promised to someday "recover". I assume that the wealth of power he is referring to are the thousands and thousands of breaths that Vasher/Peacegiver entrusted to the priests and that Susebron currently holds. Does this imply that Vasher intends (or perhaps intended?) to retake the Hallandren throne, or at least the God-King's breaths, someday? Susebron then kneels before Vasher and addresses him as "my lord". Why was Susebron not more suspicious of Vasher? Could not Denth have spun the same story? And in any case, why would Susebron kneel? They are both Returned, but Susebron is the current God-King with the overwhelming number of breaths. Was Susebron sufficiently learned in Hallandren lore to identify Vasher as Talaxin/Kalad/Strifelover/Peacegiver? Thanks in advance for any clarifications!