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  1. So, as we have seen with Rashek and Miles Hundred-lives, compounding is possible when a allomancer burns a feruchemical metalmind that they have the necessary identity to access. So far everyone we have seen was allomantically and feruchemically able in the same metal or all the metals. Since all of the Metallic Arts metals come in pairs of one element and one alloy containing that element, and metalminds are (in a non-magical sense) identical to uninvested chunks of the same metal, it is theoretically possible for a metalmind to be filled and then forged into it's paired metal. My question is if this metal were then allomantically burned by the same feruchemist that filled it prior to forging, would that allow feruchemical investiture to be accessed and with which power? As an example Wax Ladrian fills an ironmind with a significant amount of weight, he then takes the ironmind to a forge and has it forged into steel, he files the steel down and burns it. Would he have access to a compounded version of F-iron, or less likely F-steel? Tib
  2. In the recent Shardcast the casters were discussing how we know very little about Cultivation's vessel. We don't even know her name or race, merely that she is considered female. Brandon has many times stated that not all of the original vessels are/were human, and there is rampant speculation about which ones (namely Endowment and Autonomy) might be dragons. It seems to me that it would be an inappropriate waste to have the gathering of the most powerful people in the Cosmere reflect only two of its species. This has led me to theorize that Culitivation's vessel might be a singer. I know that the one time that we have seen Cultivation "in the flesh" so to speak she appeared closer to human than singer, however she was appearing to Dalinar at that time and as Odium shows at Thaylen Field species swapping is easy for shards. Cultivation being a singer could help explain why she and Honor decided to settle on Roshar, and an ancient deific singer-human romance-to-last-the-ages would fit the Stormlight Archive thematically quite well. Tib
  3. You're right that spren cannot break specific oaths, I shouldn't have used that word. But they're are many things that they could do to help/favor humans that the dawnsingers would interpret as betraying them for the humans. We even see Odium accuse Honor and other elements of His investiture of only following the letter of oaths rather than the spirit.
  4. I always just interpreted this as confirmation that the dawnsingers worshiped the spren, much like the horneaters still do. It makes sense that a society so reliant on spren, living on stone and surrounded by wind would deify these concepts. How much the dawnsingers actually understood about Honor and Cultivation is unclear, but interpreting the "spren; stone and wind," as the 3 God-spren doesn't make sense to me. We know almost nothing for sure about the Sibling and we have never heard it referred to as a "spren of spren" and the Nightwatcher is associated with plant-life, never with stone. The idea that the dawnsingers' gods betrayed them is very well supported, however I don't think it is possible that Honor could have broken an oath, but the spren definitely could have. Several of the Listener characters refer to the spren as traitors (Venli does and I believe Eshonai as well), The Listener songs suggest that the spren are more attracted to humans. Eshonai confirms that emotionspren come to humans more often than singers. The Stile says that surges were forbidden to singers and we know that Venli is the first singer to ever form the nahel bond. I think it is likely that when the humans arrived on Roshar the dawnsingers saw the spren's attraction to the humans and the first uses of the nahel bond, (to use surges in early battles against the dawnsingers) a betrayal. These dawnsingers saw that their gods were leaving them for someone new and so they reached out with passion to the only God in the area who would help them fight humans; Odium.
  5. I am not sure they even have a tangible ultimate goal. From how Iyatil and especially Mraize speak, they seem more dedicated to a philosophical world view and value system (namely the superiority of "hunters" over "prey") then a specific end result. I get the impression that the Ghostbloods are merely a loose collection of spies and power-brokers who only meet to find support, more like a Thieves' Guild than a specific conspiracy. We only ever see the Ghostbloods act to protect themselves by striking against their rivals (Jasnah and the Sons of Honor) or making sure that they have access to power. (getting to and securing Urithiru, recruiting Shallan and Sja-Anat) Given that many of the people and items associated with the Ghostbloods are from other worlds, and Brandon has confirmed that they recruit directly from the Seventeenth Shard, I suspect that the Ghostbloods that are engaged with the events on Roshar are but a minor sect of a giant Cosmere-wide organization, so big and loose that no one person knows about it all.
  6. I agree with a lot of this. I never saw Kaladin and Tarah's relationship as a failure. She left him to pursue a work opportunity, and while it is implied that if they had a stronger relationship with greater investment on both of their parts, there were ways for them to stay together. (Either her staying in Amaram's army or more likely him following her to her new job.) Kal and Tarah remind me of many of my family members who married their highschool sweethearts in their mid 30s, after first moving away and growing up a bit before finally coming back. I think it is more likely that she will pop up with the refugees/resistance fighters near the Alethkar-Herdaz border where Kaladin's parents and this Herdazian general that is supposed to be important will be.
  7. I don't know. I am very skeptical of Stormlight and Mistborn adaptations actually happening, DMG will shop it around a little but they won't really commit. Both of these would be incredibly difficult to make without massive changes to the source material and would be way more expensive and narrowly appealing than most of their competitor IPs. And on the Disney question, they are really pushing the limits of how much market share they can get away with. I doubt that they would want to buy another studio or IP rights when that might finally prompt anti-trust action from even a conservative government, especially when they already have so many popular IPs to fall back on.
  8. I don't know. Dova was not one of the original members of the Diagram and she is responsible for the discreet collection of Death Rattles, it doesn't seem like she has all that much influence over the direction of the Diagram as a whole. The most damage she should do is fabricate some Death Rattles or maybe wildly misinterpret it. If someone was infiltrating the Diagram to manipulate them they would be someone more directly involved like Adrotagia or Graves.
  9. I would be fine with the idea of Battar being associated with the Diagram. It is the the specifically the Silent Gatherer's perversion of the role of a Surgeon/Healer that evokes Vedel so strongly.
  10. Whoops, did not intend to post this twice.
  11. During Taravangian's interlude in WoR he first mentions a former ardent named Dova who discovered the Diagram and forced Taravangian to either assassinate her or induct her. He inducts her by the time of the interlude she is the head of the Silent Gatherer's, Taravangian's Death Rattle factory workers. At the end of OB when Taravangian tells Dalinar that he believes that Dova is actually Bettar the Herald of the Elsecallers. This frustrates me, as I am a subscriber to the well-supported theory that all of the Heralds are currently inversions of the ideals they represent. (ex. Ash the artist destroying art, Nale the lawman a serial murderer, Jezrian the leader a wretched drunk) However leading the Silent Gatherers isn't really an inversion of what we understand Battar to represent. Jasnah, our only Elsecaller and presumably all Elsecaller's and their patron, are a pragmatic group dedicated to using knowledge to preserve the long term survival of the species no matter the short term cost. Of all of the Radiants that we have seen, Jasnah seems the most likely to recognize the brutal necessity of the Silent Gatherers. However, the actions of the Silent Gatherers is a direct inversion of what we understand of the Herald Vedel. Vedel is supposed to be loving, healing and is associated with surgeons. Her order of Radiants, the Edgedancers, were most concerned with the welfare of the lowliest people in society, specifically the "forgotten" and "ignored", the exact group that the Silent Gatherers exploit. (in the guise of healers) The fact that Taravangian merely suspects that Dova is Battar, instead of outright confirming it, leaves open the possibility that he is correct that she is a Herald but is misguided about which one. It seems pretty reasonable to me for Taravangian to mistake one female Herald for another as modern rosharans do not seem to have a clear understanding of what the Heralds looked like, and I am not sure he knows the full extent of the Herald's insanity. Tib
  12. immortal words

    I really appreciate this sentiment, and this concept of Kaladin having to learn to not protect Moash from the deserved consequences of his actions, is really cool. I want it to be explored. However, Kaladin is already most of the way to swearing his 4th ideal at the end of OB, and the question of how he should respond to Vyre hasn't even really been asked yet. The 4th Ideal has to be in some way relevant to Kaladin's experiences in Kholinar and Shadesmar and Moash wasn't there for either. Kaladin's inability to move on from failures and focus on protecting "people" as a whole rather than tunnel-visioning on saving individual people near him is a much more immediate problem and the thematic question he grapples with in OB. I will be really surprised if the 4th ideal is about anything else. If the Moash question is raised during the course of RoW, as I expect it to be. Then I would say that your idea is an excellent candidate for 5th Ideal.
  13. Teft's swearing of the third ideal is one of my favorite moments in OB, so I hope we get more of these smaller radiant stories. Namley I wan to see (just a little) more from Vathah, Ishnah, Lyn and Rushu.
  14. And we are going to get a Stoneward at some point
  15. Well if that is true then it is news to me.