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  1. Quick and basic question... should we expect that copper clouds disturb the connection between a spren and their radiant? This seems at least somewhat possible considering the similarities between copper clouds and the suppression fabrial. additionally, would a copper cloud prevent a sphere of light from hearing the rhythms and thereby make it easier to create anti-light without a vacuum tube? Are there any other places where a disturbance in connection like one that would alter the rhythms be important?
  2. Awesome summary! I was wondering if this is only going to be a four part series will it just end in two weeks? I know it is a lot of work to do, but I love reading these and they remind me of the common Tor articles that they release on the cosmere!
  3. So I recently watched Frozen 2 and I could not help but find a deep similarity between the two pieces. The first thing that I notice is that in both works the main characters have to contend and struggle with the failings of their ancestors. In Frozen 2 Anna and Elsa find out that the inexplicable stories their father was told are actually very clearly explained by their grandfathers greed. This to me ran parallel to the issue brought up by the Eila Stele. In both of these instances the stories the main characters have been raised on are not so much an explanation of history as a placation of it. Each of these groups must then go about trying to make it right too. The other really huge point that I see in both of these books is the influences of mental health, and the ways that we see them overcome it, particularly with regard to Anna and Dalinar. After some really sad things happen and when all seems lost (I am trying to be vague just for good measure) Anna sings a solo song called "The Next Right Thing." This song begins as a soliloquy of despair but eventually transitions into one of determination. The opening verses reflect a state of mind that virtually every stormlight character has experienced (i'm inclined to say that everyone has at some point in their life) in that it feels like everything that has been overtaking you is crashing in. As the song continues she begins to recognize the idea that even when it seems everything you knew was over the only thing to do is to take the next step and do the next right thing. Although Dalinar's book has the luxury of being retrospective in its nature, both the book and the song resonate with the ideals of perseverance and strength that make these characters incredibly compelling to me. The last idea that I am thinking about after meditating on this is whether these characters will follow a similar path or not. In the climax of the film, Anna makes the choice to rectify her grandfathers wrongs and in doing so causes the destruction of her own kingdom. In this regard she takes it upon herself to make reparations towards the people of the forest. While I believe that the story Sanderson has woven is certainly more complicated, eventually the coalition of humans will have to acknowledged that it was the knights radiant that committed a mass genocide and enslavement. I wonder of we will be seeing anyone taking it upon themselves to make reparations for this particular act.
  4. I got to this point in my day and had to come make sure that I was going to get my fix! Thanks y’all for making my favorite podcast I listen to!
  5. The ire’s globe is designed to create a forced bond between any person and preservation. By manipulating connection I believe that it was to be used to pick up the un-bound shard of preservation after Leras died. The future orb is totally different as far as I know.
  6. Hey, I have heard a lot of chatter about Warbreaker’s leatherbound edition coming out this year, do we have any info on this because I am super excited about this book!
  7. I understand that the lerasium mistborn are far less powerful than the lord ruler, but if one person had eaten all of the beads of lerasium would they have at least come close to the power of TLR?
  8. @Rhapsody that makes lots of sense because if they can change to spiritual ideals of their age then of course they would be able to extend their telomeres to the accurate length for their age. Thanks! Also if I may ask how do you know all this?
  9. Shin? We don’t know much about them but it is a thought. horneater maybe?
  10. Granted but you get stuck in The Well of Ascension for eternity i wish to have all the time in the world to read
  11. Do we know then how long it takes for ones spiritual ideal to age to death. Because back in the day I’m sure people thought that living till 30 was pretty great because they did not have to ability to heal from certain illnesses. When accounting for the ability to fight infection forever when exactly does ones spirit die?
  12. Ok so I am working with a high school honors bio level of understanding so if this is completely off please let me know. So regarding the difference between Feruchemical gold and atium: the gold stores health (the body’s ability to be totally put together, and the ability to return to said put-togetherness after sustaining damage) and atium stores youth (the body’s ability to recognize what it is supposed to be) In biology some years ago, I learned that we have built in safeguards against cell mutations called telomeres. These telomeres basically prevent a cell from multiplying an obscene number of times. While obviously this is not something that works as intended perfectly (we still lose far too many people to cancer) the idea brought up an interesting thought. Bloodmakers can grow skin when they sustain damage; but where do those cells come from? If they are multiplying from cells already in the body then would someone who uses bloodmaker abilities repeatedly eventually run out of telomere length? The only answer that seems to make sense to me is that if one could increase their youth then that would probably allow them to have extended telomeres. if you know more about biology than me please inform me, and if you know more about the cosmere than me please inform me as well! Thanks!
  13. I have been thinking about how if Steris was able to obtain some Selish magic she would absolutely smash. I just can't stop imagining her spending days pouring over books learning how to use every Aon. Does anyone else think this?