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  1. Hoid as the new Adonalsium sounds terrifying, he is not the type of person that should be in charge, nor do I think he would want to be.
  2. Whinerform BankerForm ObligatorForm PsychopathForm
  3. Sorry to be negative but it was weird and mildly disconcerting. And Szeth is definitely not Sven he's not funny enough and he is kind of crazy. Maybe one of the guards that are always hanging around in the background instead.
  4. Lunamor, your story was awesome! I loved it! Please write more.
  5. Sorry! I'm still hung up on this but this will be my last comment about it, this is why I was thinking that Hoid would be stuck on Roshar.
  6. Where is the 'All of them' option? I can't pick, I have too many favorites! Jasnah is just awesome, but I also love Dalinar, Szeth and Lift. And then Renarin, Kaladin, Lopen, etc. Though if we're going by bonded to a Spren counts as a Knight Radiant then my favorite is definitely Hoid.
  7. *sigh* I guess, I was hoping that Hoid would be stuck on Roshar so that we might see more of him in SA 4.
  8. I already said something similar this on a different thread relating to Hoid but that was before I found this one but a friend of mine pointed it that since Hoid had bonded to a Spren he is, for now, stuck on Roshar. So he had to have a good reason for bonding. Also I really want to see a conversation between him and the Cryptic. Especially if that one's anything like Pattern.
  9. The epilogue of Oathbringer where Wit insults the Thaylen man then find out that the man didn't speak Alethi and then decides that repeating it all in Thaylen would be monotonous cuts in front of the man instead. Slightly off topic but would somebody clarify this for me? It's driving me crazy!
  10. I always imagined TenSoon to be like a Dire Wolf or a Hell Hound, but that's just me. I also imagine Kelsier with dark hair.
  11. HOID (Not exactly minor but I can never get enough of him) Szeth Lift
  12. I finished the series and haven't picked it up since. Just wasn't interested in it enough to read it more than once, I thought that the ending was really disappointing but I'm also a picky reader. I don't remember enough of it to say whether or not it was cliche though.
  13. Randomish Comment In Edgedancer Lift makes an offhand comment about a White Haired man that philosophies on art then jumps into a Marabethian (I think) Greatshells mouth shocking the crowd. At the end of Words of Radiance Hoid makes an offhand comment saying that he spent the better half of a year being digested to Jasnah. I'm convinced that Hoid was the one who jumped into the Greatshells mouth. it makes perfect sense that if Hoid jumped into a Greatshells mouth that he would spend at least some time being digested, and if it doesn't make sense...well it's Hoid. Or is it just me trying to find Hoid and looking too hard?
  14. Honestly, I would love to be stuck in a room with Hoid, but I think that I may be alone in that opinion. The worst torture I can think of would be being trapped in the Well of Ascension or being locked in a room with Kaladin when he is depressed. Either one would drive me insane.
  15. Stormlight 4 can't come fast enough. I've been reading and re-reading books 1, 2 & 3 so much that it's all I can think about.