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  1. I definitely enjoyed Shallan as a character far more before Veil came on the scene. I don’t know that I would say I “hate” Veil, but she’s just kind of there for me. I do agree that I definitely dislike her attitude. I really enjoyed Shallan in WOK and really connected with her because of her love for art. Unfortunately I became less of a fan about part way through the next book and my opinion of her hasn’t recovered much.
  2. I didn’t read it that way, and I hope that wasn’t a parallel he was drawing. Brandon has made it clear in some Q&A sessions that people in the Cosmere have more highly developed immune systems so they aren’t susceptible to what we would typically see as viruses. So even if one does arise, it is quickly overcome by the populace. Hoid likely even more so due to his…special nature haha. Obviously the text is directly connecting it to the curse though, and not a natural ailment, which in my mind detaches it even further from the connection you’re making. While I suppose it is still possible, it does seem a bit too much like reading something into the text. I can see how you could, but since it doesn’t seem to be the author’s intent I don’t think it’s worth entertaining. If it was his intent…It gets a hard eyeroll from me. I hate that kind of stuff in fantasy books haha.
  3. What do the Pits of Hathsin look like from the outside? I’ve been working on adding some of the details to my map, and I’m a bit stuck on the Pits. The descriptions I can find seem a bit vague and almost imply the caverns are just holes in the ground out in the open. But from a practical standpoint that seems like it would be extremely difficult to keep hidden if you have skaa, obligators, and guards milling around haha. Most of the descriptions I can find are for the inside of the caverns themselves, not the outside. The only thing I have to go on is the most recent map Isaac Stewart did, which makes the pits appear like gouges in the side of a mountain. I’m hoping to get a little more of a clear description from the books. Unfortunately, I don’t own digital versions of the books otherwise I would just do a search.
  4. Thank you! Yeeeeah it's really crazy how nasty it is outside. I'm in the Roseburg area but I have several friends up in Eugene who have been sharing updates with me regarding the big fire near you guys. I think the craziest thing is within the last couple months I actually drove through both of those areas in Lane and Douglas county that are now a big pile of ash. Nature is good about bouncing back, but it's weird to think how different it now looks. And thank you regarding the map! I'm excited to share more soon - Josh
  5. I'd have to say The Final Empire is still my favorite. I've certainly enjoyed the others but they didn't hit me like the first Mistborn novel did. - Josh
  6. I've avoided reading any of RoW so far. I've been tempted to jump in and follow along with everyone else but am torn. There's something about opening the new book for the first time and getting lost in it. - Josh
  7. Looking through my completed reading lists I believe it took around 3 weeks to finish The Way of Kings, 3 weeks to finish Words of Radiance, and 2 weeks to finish Oathbringer. Those weren't the only books I was reading either. I probably could have made it through faster if I was more focused. This year I listened to them again on audiobook and finished all three in about two months, but again, I completed 13 total books during that time. - Josh
  8. Haha well, thank you
  9. With ash literally falling from the sky at my house here in Oregon due to all the forest fires...It seemed like an appropriate time to start drawing a map of The Final Empire . It turns out that even though I love the books, I'm not sure Scadrial is a place I would actually want to live. Nevertheless, Mistborn was the series that got me back into the fantasy genre and caused me to begin doing cartography more regularly. This style of map is a little more simple than some of my other recent work. Part of the reason for this is I wanted to just have some fun with a little more traditional fantasy style, but I also want to show that with just a little bit of knowledge, anybody can draw a pretty cool fantasy map. You don't need to have "talent" for drawing or even have to consider yourself an artist to have fun in the world of cartography. I hope to share more updates with you as I go, but here is the first glimpse of the map. I look forward to hearing what you think and letting you see how it progresses! - Josh
  10. I think Brade is a classic case of taking on the identity of what you’ve been told you’re entire life. A real life example of this is the child who is regularly told by the people around them that they are a bad...therefore they take that as an identity and start acting out even more to develop that reputation. Not that we shouldn’t confront when a child does something wrong. But usually it’s the cutting remarks in parting that provide no hope or loving correction that do the damage. In this case with Brade, it’s not surprising that she has been told all her life how dangerous her species that is how she is expected to behave.
  11. I felt that the whole reason Spensa returned to saved the Superiority from the delver was because she had seen the good in the everyday people and some of the fruit of a stable civilization. I don’t know that you needed a whole character viewpoint as you were really being convinced that there are a lot of unjust prejudices on all sides. I also think there is a lot Brandon still intend to develop. It’s always hard to say if something like this is done well when you don’t know how the series will wrap up. This feels like something that needs to just play out. Unjust prejudices was definitely a theme in this book, and I’m sure it will continue to be explored.
  12. I literally just finished the book and was hyped enough that I felt I needed to tell somebody haha. Starsight was fantastic in my opinion. I really liked how Spensa’s character developed as she wrestled through her personal prejudices while not abandoning what she stood for. It was also really compelling to see the character development in an AI with M Bot. I am curious to see where that will go. What was interesting about Starsight was that it almost read like a thriller in that Brandon consistently hooked you with the very last sentence of a chapter. It definitely had the feel of being a book that was difficult to put down. It also had a satisfying amount of answers provided, while also raising new and compelling questions. Even though this is kind of an outliner series and not part of the Cosmere...I personally think this is some of his best stuff. This is definitely one of the first series I’ll introduce to my kinds as they get older and want to introduce them to more adult fantasy. What a cliffhanger in the end though! Darn you Brandon, what a newt - Josh
  13. I really wanted to do this map as a big of an expirment to try and dispell the myth that you need the best tools to begin to make art, or in this case, a map. Better tools can be helpful, but ultimately a talented artist can do some pretty impressive things with basic tools. This is by no means my best work, but I did it, and I had fun doing it. I would love to do a more detailed map of The Final Empire or Roshar in my own style that people are more familiar with and really make it something I'd want to hang on my wall.
  14. Thanks! I had fun with it. Not including the pencil sketch, this took me about an hour to do all of it in crayon. Have to admit though, it has me wanting to really dig into doing this map again in my own normal style. I think it'd be fun.
  15. Technical difficulties, sorry. I just put in a link instead