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  1. Oh, ok thank you! *wins with curiosity*
  2. This is probably the wrong place to post this, but does anyone have ideas on what would happen if a mistborn burned lerasium? Maybe it would allow you to burn metal more efficiently? Or if you burned duralumin and lerasium would it increase the effectiveness?
  3. Hello again
  4. Im back from reading: elantris whitesand oathbringer skyward
  5. I made this...


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    2. The Last Post

      The Last Post

      I once made a literally spiked cookie

    3. Mushroom Catalog

      Mushroom Catalog

      literally as in drugs? Or you dropped it on a nail?

    4. The Last Post
  6. Its beautiful...
  7. He hasn't responded uh oh
  8. Or not
  9. Acualy no *wins for an hour?*
  10. As she glared she relised
  11. Wow yals all made this thread alot longer
  12. I am back from the hole of reddit and arizona
  13. Mroe lickly master balls there dang had ta carh dang those frying pans