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  1. Tbh this. Absolute worse case is Brandon now gets one of his characters in an incredibly popular video game.
  2. Thank you! I honestly don't know how I feel about this. We'll see I guess. Better than a cosmere themed theme park tho.
  3. Nvm I did not notice the announcement had come out...
  4. "If we see you running our employees dressed up as shades will try to kill you"
  5. Honestly thinking on it now as things stand a cosmere themed amusement park would not be a pleasant place to be. "Come to Rosharland where we'll periodically belt you with rocks and water, or visit the land of First Era Scadrial where we rain ash on you"
  6. Saying it now. My money's on something relating to a mistborn tv series or movie for Thursday's announcement. Thinking on it He's been sitting on a script for quite a while now He's probably gotten a good bit more contact with the right sort of people through his Wheel of Time Work. From what I understand Netflix's adaption of Shadow and Bone is doing quite well which should show there is a market for that sort of young adult style fantasy fiction. Based on the above I think it's a reasonable bet. Tho that being said, I am sorta hopeful I end up surprised!
  7. I actually really like this idea. Tho with Shallan being as unreliable of a narrator as she is we can't really know for sure until we get the next book or some sort of confirmation or disconfirmation.
  8. Honestly at this point if this isn't how the contest of champions ends I'm gonna be disappointed.
  9. Imo, I've always thought of Lightweavers as people going through a process of self-discovery. While most people might reach an a belief about themselves and settle on it Lightweavers are all about aggressively undergoing that process of introspection. From what I've seen their truths are always about trying to define themselves in some way. So sorta an inverse of a Truthwatcher. Truthwatchers are all about figuring out the truth in the world. Lightweavers on the other hand are about trying to find the truth of who they are. What defines them, whether that be emotions, events or just general characteristics. Sorta going on about stuff I've posted elsewhere in my opinion that would sorta conclude with a final truth that a Lightweaver can't really define themselves with emotions, labels or events. I can really imagine a "we are shallan" moment for her final truth being really cool.
  10. From memory, radiants get boosts when they say additional oaths but I haven't heard anything about boosts from obtaining a shard. Tho if there is something that's a really interesting connection between radiants and shard bearers.
  11. Honestly, I'm fully expecting the second arc to be something completely unexpected that only properly gets introduced in book 6. Some small detail spread throughout books 1-5 that we didn't pay much attention to suddenly popping up or something like that. I don't think they'll stop focusing on Roshar in book 6 but I reckon all the current conflicts we have happening will get wrapped up in book 5. My thoughts on what could be storylines in book 6. Rhythm of War and just Stormlight Archive in general spoilers below. You have been warned.
  12. Honestly I've always sorta thought future sight and the ability of a shard comes down to their intents. Preservation is good at future sight cause you need that to preserve things but also really bad at destroying things. Cultivation is good at future sight cause you need to know how things are gonna develop. Honour is really good at sticking things together, less good at future sight cause honour doesn't have much to do with what the future looks like. I'd also expect Autonomy and Ambition to be particularly good at future sight as well based on that. Is just a guess tho.
  13. My guess is it could be that since his bond to Odium was artificial (via Cultivations meddling) he's not going to actually fit the shard that well in practice. So he's gonna be constantly fighting his motivation and will for a time at least stop the power from completely fulfilling it's intent? Honestly, I think I remember Cultivation saying something about Taravangium holding the power with honour (tho it's lower case) and my mind keeps coming back to it. I could imagine that being Cultivations ultimate goal, merging the shards of Odium and Honour so that Odium becomes bound by structure and order and is no longer as horrifying. Thinking on it, Taravangium could actually be a pretty good vessel for War as well. He's driven by strong emotions(Odium) but he also plans and acts in a structured way (Honour). Tho this is just rampant theorising on my part.
  14. Just to build onto this. The idea that void binding is something done by spren specifically (maybe gaining access through something relating to particular emotions. So for Glys that would be sorrow?) could explain the confusion about the Fused void binding despite them manipulating the surges. The fused would be using some form of void binding in order to hack surge binding and give themselves access to different surges. So they'd be surge binding via void binding. At the moment we don't really know enough for any solid theories unfortunately. I do think Sanderson avoiding saying the Renarin is having the future sight is a big point in favour of this tho. Just as a general note, I like the idea of Voidbinding as expanding the concept behind a Spren to give it additional powers. Would explain why Sja-Anat calls it "enlightening" instead of just "recreating". It's about expanding what that spren is, making that wind spren a little bit more than just a wind spren, making that creation spren a bit more than a creation spren or making that mist-spren a bit more than a mist-spren. (Imo I also like the idea of that process involving adding some level of emotion to the spren, so not just wind but "joyful wind" or "angry wind", not just creation but "greedy creation" or "passionate creation")
  15. Honestly, I like the idea of the 5th oath being to some extent accepting that your oaths aren't gonna be perfect. Sorta coming back to the whole journey before destination idea, the oaths aren't your destination but rather represent your journey along the way. With your 5th oath representing accepting that you'll never be able to achieve your perfect ideal but that you should keep trying anyway. It's about the journey of saying your oaths, rather than the oaths themselves. So for Skybreakers, their oaths seem to be finding some set of rules that outlines what's wrong and what's right. There second oath decides on trying to figure out justice, their 3rd oath is deciding on what set of rules they're gonna follow and then their 4th oath is testing those rules. The Fifth Oath is about realising that no matter what, there will never be a perfect system of justice but that doesn't mean you shouldn't strive towards justice anyway. You need to become justice rather than passing off the obligation to something else. Applying a similar logic to Windrunners. Their second oath is deciding they're going to try and protect people, the third oath is about realising if you're going to protect people you have to protect everyone, the fourth oath is about accepting that sometimes you're going to fail to protect people. So now the 5th oath would be something that sorta invalidates the whole ideal of protecting people but also deciding that you're going to try and keep protecting people regardless. I could see it as maybe "I will accept that people do not want to be protected" or maybe "I will accept that it is not always right to protect"? You could also apply it to a Lightweavers final truth being that their is no inherent truth within them. That they are just who they are and there's nothing more to it. I could imagine a "We are Shallan" moment being pretty cool for Shallan in the future. This is just made theorising but I just thought of the idea and I like it. EDIT: Just realised can bring in the "Honour lives in the hearts of men" thing as well. There is no perfect objective concept of honour but in sentient species you can find the resolution to that. You find something that can be honourable despite the very concept being filled with holes and contradictions. If the 5th oath is about accepting the flaws of your oaths then a 5th ideal radiant's would embody the idea of honour more than any definition.