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  1. Ok, I'm working through the Stormlight Archive again and I just got to the part in WoR when Shallan goes to the Ghostbloods for the first time, meeting Mraize. I have felt like something was connecting for me every time I read through this bit but couldn't put my finger on it, maybe because of how many other important characters are present in this scene, but the way the guard who lets Shallan in strikes me as resembling Tonk Fah very much. Consider that the guard is described as a very big man, who smiles at Shallan's joke, speaks with a surprisingly high voice, and comments on eating two breakfasts. He feels very much like how Tonk Fah is represented in Warbreaker. Thoughts?
  2. Hi, I'm new to the community here, and I apologise if this repeats what someone else says, since I didn't read *all* of the posts in this thread.... But it seems to me that the 4th ideal needs to be about accepting, rather than just acknowledging, the losses and weaknesses that the radiants have. Like, "I will protect those I can, and forgive myself the rest" I think this works because it 1) forces Kaladin to choose who to protect, and 2) forces him to grow some calluses and accept the limits on himself. Kaladin has shown that he doesn't forgive himself easily, and that he has never really and truly accepted his own limitations. He takes on full shardbearers with nothing but a spear and a couple of throwing knives; without Syl's (unseen) influence he would surely have died. He tries to lead slave escapes in the middle of the most powerful country in the world, known for its militaristic prowess. Limits are not something Kaladin accepts easily. I really think that accepting and forgiving will be key, central themes to his 4th ideal. Thoughts?