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  1. oh hey I'm jumping in. (sorry I haven't back read yet) I'm actually currently reading Wheel of Time! Passing by time while waiting for that next cosmere book. I'm at currenlty at Crown of Swords. They say it gets dragging near mid part of the series so I'm guessing around this time. Hopefully I can power through btw does Nynaeve ever get better? reading her povs are... painful.
  2. oh Daz3D! yes I've heard of this I didn't know they give names to models. I've always thought they were premade and you only just get to pose them.
  3. Thanks. I use ZBrush. His features were a struggle really, I'm still not happy with it, most likely redo him (soon-ish, when I get more personal time but might do Syl first). You can check out my IG for work in progress stuff of this one (https://www.instagram.com/phbillones/). What's a Michael? all I see when I google "Michael 3D" is Michael Jackson for some reason.
  4. @Rebecca I just added one! 3D normally takes a while to make so I've only ever made one so far. Planning to do some more when I get more personal time. @AonDii Thanks
  5. From the album 3D Art

    Kaladin Fan Art, I plan to redo him next time clean shaven and in Kholin Blue Check out my artstation too https://www.artstation.com/artwork/2xO0vY
  6. From the album 3D Art

    Hmmm could be better but calling this done. Off to make a new one.
  7. Hello! Reading Way of Kings reignited my fondness of reading So I'm here to express my love to the series by adding more fan art!