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  1. An idea about the Truthwatchers: If Progression is seen not just as Regrowth and that kind of stuff, but a wider meaning (I think Grace suggested this) as "speeding up time, progressing through time".... then combine that with Illumination.... couldn't you get a "type" of Futuresight? Not necessarily seeing what will happen, but like Dr. Strange in Avengers when he's going through the limitless options of choice and playing those out through time. This also lends itself to the ideas of strategy Ian suggested, as well as detecting lies. The Unmade and Odium probably have a different version of this (far more powerful, more branches able to be explored, more understanding of what the highest probability scenarios are) but fundamentally what Truthwatchers do is not Futuresight. Renarin would be a special case because his spren has been corrupted, so some of that more powerful enemy-vision-juice seeps into his powers. Just a thought, plus it lends to Eric's notions that each of the power pairs have interesting applications when combined. Thanks for all the great podcasts, love what you all do. Keep it coming! Journey before destination, Radiants!