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  1. I was poking around today and came across this: https://www.recordedbooks.com/title-details/9781980062813 It looks like The Original is scheduled for a September release from Recorded Books. This was mentioned in the State of Sanderson 2019, but it's nice to have a bit more info. Unfortunately no cover art as of yet. I'm personally very much looking forward to yet another new medium in which Brandon is choosing to release new material.
  2. Check out these absolutely superb LEGO builds that an acquaintance of mine has recently done. I was extremely impressed with them myself! Flickr Link Individual builds: The same builder also lead a collaborative effort to build a huge diorama of the Battle of Falme from the Wheel of Time:
  3. Yes, that is correct @continuumg - this is the full description on the builder's original Instagram post:
  4. Just wanted to do a quick introduction. I've browsed through the forum quite a number of times as a guest and finally decided today that I should actually create an account and maybe join in a bit. I've been a huge Sanderson fan for quite a few years now. As I'm sure is the story for a number of people, I first got introduced to him through the Wheel of Time. I started reading the Wheel of Time in the early 2000s after I met my wife who introduced me to the series (she had started reading them a few years earlier in high school). After RJ's death and the announcement of this Sanderson guy finishing out the series, I figured I ought to get to know this author a bit. My first jump into the Cosmere was with Mistborn. And I was immediately hooked. I devoured the trilogy quickly. Once The Way of Kings came out, I was even more hooked and Brandon quickly became my favorite active/alive author. Since then I've eagerly read the majority of his books and am still working my way through some of the bibliography. I first met Brandon with Harriet on the Memory of Light tour in Portland, Oregon which was such an awesome experience. I've since had the opportunity two further times on tours for Words of Radiance and Oathbringer. Sanderson love has become a whole family affair for us. Both my wife and son would count him as one of their absolute favorite authors. My 10 second bio - almost 40, living in a very small town about an hour south of Portland, Oregon. I am a mechanical designer by trade. Glad to be here!
  5. Has anyone tried to compile a writing timeline for Brandon starting with Centrifugal in 1994 and through all of the pre-publication (2003) writings and then on up through the WoT years, and Stormlight then on forward to the present day? I've started to document some of that information, but was wondering if that's already all available somewhere? I didn't see anything on the Coppermind or elsewhere with a bit of Google-ing.
  6. For example of what I mean - here is a very rough list of sample notes I've taken so far on my Bibliography spreadsheet. Writing Date(s) Published Date Title Series Type 1994-Spring 2008-4-23 Centrifugal Short Story Between 1997-1999 N/A White Sand [prime] (White Sand) Unpublished Novel Between 1997-1999 N/A Star's End Unpublished Novel Between 1997-1999 N/A Lord Mastrell (White Sand) Unpublished Novel Between 1997-1999 N/A Knight Life Unpublished Novel Between 1997-1999 N/A The Sixth Incarnation of Pandora Unpublished Novel Starting in 1999; bought for publication by TOR in 2003; 9th revision complete by 8-2004 2005-4-21 Elantris Elantris 1 Novel 1999-2000 (2001) (2017-10 online) Dragonsteel Prime (Dragonsteel) Novel (thesis) 1999-2000 ?2016(-4) White Sand (Prose Version) (White Sand) Unpublished Novel (Manuscript available) ?2001 (2013-9-2) Mythwalker Unpublished Novel (Unfinished) 2001-2 2017-7-24 Aether of Night [prime] (Aether of Night) Unpublished Novel (Manuscript available) 2001-2 (2007-6-27) Mistborn Prime (Mistborn) Unpublished Novel 2001-2 (2007-7-30) Final Empire Prime (Mistborn) Unpublished Novel 2002-3 (18 months) (partially in 2014 in Altered Perceptions) (2017-9 online) The Way of Kings Prime (Stormlight Archive) Unpublished Novel ?2004 N/A Climb the Sky Unpublished Novel (Unfinished) 2006-1 (2008-9-1) The Hope of Elantris Elantris 1.1 Short Story ?2004-5 2006-7-17 Mistborn: The Final Empire Mistborn 1 (Era 1) Novel ?2007 2007-3-10 Dragonsteel (new version) Dragonsteel Unpublished Novel (Unfinished) 2004-2005 2007-8-21 Mistborn: The Well of Ascension Mistborn 2 (Era 1) Novel 2005-6 2007-10-1 Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians Alcatraz 1 Juvenile Fiction 2006- 2008-10-14 Mistborn: The Hero of Ages Mistborn 3 (Era 1) Novel 2008-11-1 Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener's Bones Alcatraz 2 Juvenile Fiction 2008-12-17 Firstborn Short Story started 2006-6 2009-6-9 Warbreaker Warbreaker 1 Novel
  7. The bibliography covers publishing dates, but not writing timelines. And at least for the most part, the individual entries on each book don't discuss the writing timelines. Same goes for the unpublished works.
  8. I can't say that he's my favorite character overall... but we named our dog Sazed, so I think that speaks to something!
  9. Portland, Oregon @Taradiddle! I suppose I should have been more clear about that. And thank you! @Lunamor - I would definitely want to be a Windrunner!
  10. I found it to be quite enjoyable myself. I very much liked the Ogier scenes.