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    Does anyone have a hemalurgic spike remover I can borrow? People keep on passing out whenever I walk into a room, and I think it has something to do with the spikes through my eyes.

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  1. Done, and Done. Don't worry. We have TOP quality *mutters under breath*. TOP quality
  2. If I don't have Aziz, I want Alethkar
  3. Appalling! How about Azir, The Reshi Isles, and five hundred Saphire Broams. Infused, of course.
  4. Please. That place is so worthless that Odium doesn't even care enough to destroy it! Now the Reshi Isles... throw those in and perhaps Azir and I'm willing to talk
  5. How about Roshar? All of it.
  6. What about the part in the end of OB? Where he goes "I started the journey alone, and I ended the journey alone, but I did not walk alone" That stinks of Hoid, a KR spren, or some form of herald.
  7. STORM YOU!!! STORM YOU @Toaster Retribution!!! Ps. The answer is obviously Doomslug who was stolen from the cosmere, and placed in skyward at birth
  8. Truthwatcher frowned. "I foresee us not making is past Amia in that thing. Everyone turned to Truthwatcher. "FORSEEING THE FUTURE IS OF ODIUM!!!" Stoneward yelled. He threw his "do last vacation again" sign at Truthwatcher. "Actually, I was just thinking that as a Truthwatcher you shouldn't be able to do that." said Elsecaller. "I can still make predictions based on facts" said truthwatcher.
  9. "Sorry L-Weaver, but that's a no." Willshaper said. "I brought it with us!" Willshaper pulled open the door, reveling an RV with a bunch of suitcases in it. "CLIMB IN!!"
  10. I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THAT AS A POSSIBILITY!!! (actually my theory is that doomslug is the biological component)
  11. I'll be honest, I was pretty sure that was a stress induced hallucination
  12. What part did you not get? For Sanderson I thought Skyward was pretty mild on the curveball scale. Very good, but not particularly surprising (other than Doomslug. He is a total wild card.)
  13. The creepy white haired guy in the background cackled, and ran outside the happy inquisitor carrying a boatload of spikes.
  14. Gran- The nightwatcher sees your roleplay and refuses to grant it. Even she has her limits. I wish for a chair leg.