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  1. Good call! If he can figure out what it is about the spren that allows sugebinding and somehow bind that to humans, he could equip whoever he wants with surgebinding powers. The honourblades making unchained surgebinders has been scary enough, but they're somewhat limited in the sense that they are much less efficient with stormlight. If Ishar can circumvent that by using Radiant Sprens' spleens or whatever he'll become much more of a force with which to be reckoned. More scary than this though is the notion that he could be attempting to turn himself into the Rosharan equivalent of a Fullborn... A mad herald with access to multiple surges? I love this. It's not clear how long he's had his Honorblade so that might be recent, but are we sure he doesn't have access to surgebinding outside of that? He was the OG, right? If his manipulation of Connection is the reason all the Heralds speak so highly of him that would be cool as hell.
  2. I think this is what seems most likely. Rayse says about her to Dalinar that she cares only for growth - good or bad are of no interest to her. She was obviously opposed to Rayse, working to bring him down, but I think that's lead to the assumption that she's a 'good guy' when she's shown really very little indication of that.
  3. I had assumed they were mistaken about having killed that voidspren torturing lil Gav. I figured they thought they did at the time, hence Syl's horror, but since learned that it wasn't the case. I believe it's a part from Kal's PoV where there's a mention of 'killing' voidspren just for them to reform later in the cognitive.
  4. Great questions. I feel like a lot of the naming conventions in the cosmere are very deliberate - you knew Axindweth was a Terris worldhopper the moment you saw her name. From Elantrians to Alethi, Northern Scadrians to Thaylens, Brandon has been very deliberate in tying names to cultures. So from this we can draw some tentative conclusions: 1) It is likely that she is of a culture / race we've not encountered yet. 2) She was / is someone that (holds an office or position that) Nazh, at least, respects enough to use her title. 3) It is unlikely to be a coincidence that Tan'avast' and Koravellium 'Avast' end the same way so there is a tie there. Why did they choose to settle the same planet? Is it as simple as to be analogous to the surname of a married couple? Speculation time: I like what you said about avast/dawn idea, that's something that could be explored. To me the linguistic jump out comes from the use of the suffixes ius/ium. In Latin, -ium is the male, and -ius is the neuter, with -ia being the femalen. If we put aside Latin genderisation however we have two suffixes that share a root. So... The only confirmed dragon we have referred to Hoid in a letter as "Cephandruis, Bearer of the First Gem". There's that -ius construction again, and there's another title. This time used by a dragon, suggesting to me at least that this could be a facet of their culture. Thoughts?
  5. Dawnshard spoilers: Secondly, and said with less confidence, are we not reasonably sure that there was only one Dawnshard on Roshar?
  6. They're described in world as like cremlings with wings but I don't trust Rosharans' frame of reference because everything is a cremling. Or a chicken.
  7. Hi all! Long time podcast listener and forum lurker, new to posting. Just reading the first WoR Ryan interlude and it mentions that the Larkin has: Which reminds me of the descriptions of Dragonsteel we've seen. When describing Frost especially there were a few mentions of silver. It's not a lot to go on but combined with the fact that they look somewhat like you might expect a dragon to look it's certainly got me wondering. Apologies if it's already been theorised / disproven, I hunted around for it but couldn't see a post. Either way I'm glad to be here!