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  1. This is really something that just came up in my mind, but I thought I'd share it here, even though it's likely been asked before. How I think that atium functions is that it lets a person see someone else's relative spiritual aspect, or something along those line, as I don't have proper terminology to explain it how I wish. Anyway, as we know, Szeth died near the end of Words of Radiance, but was subsequently resurrected by Nin-son-God. However, his soul didn't reattach properly, and so lagged behind his body when he moved, especially quickly. This raises the question; would the atium shadow track his physical body, or his soul which is lagging? And if it tracked his soul, would that mean that he'd be largely able to cancel out the effects of atium foresight?
  2. Wayne and Shallan would be... interesting. "The disguise is good, but your o's are off." Another interesting meetup would be Jasnah and Wayne, there'd be a decent bit of clash there.
  3. While I understand that, big Brandon has said that The Cosmere is a dwarf galaxy/cluster of stars, and so it could be assumed that they exist in the same universe, not the same galaxy.
  4. This is just a random tangent, that randomly popped into my head while I was thinking of Investiture, and Star Wars. So, in Star Wars, black holes are seen as a hole in the force, a place of pure death. This makes me think, what would black holes appear as to highly Invested people, sentient Invested objects (i.e. Nightblood), or pieces of Investiture (i.e. a Spren)? Would they be a hole in the Cosmere to them, void of Investiture? This was just a random tangent I went off on in my mind.
  5. So, Adonalsium. The essential God of the cosmere, shattered into the sixteen shards. Or, was he really a God? My theory (not backed up with particular evidence) is that Adonalsium is not really God himself. After all, how would a true God fall to a weapon made by (at least relatively) mortals? My theory is that Adonalsium himself was/is something akin to a shard of an actual god, but not a god that was fully shattered, per se. (so now that i write this out it sounds kinda wack) This would make all of the shards of Adonalsium essentially be shards of shards. It would also be a neat explanation of why we don't have Investiture, as that would have been taken by Adonalsium. I put this on here just so that I could clear my mind of this idea. I would like to see what the community has to say on this, although it's likely that big Brandon has already answered a question similar to this. I don't quite have the time to go looking for evidence right now, but the idea just popped into my head when I was reading Oathbringer and Evi was talking about the One, as I kinda think that that religion may be a corruption of an ancient religion that worshipped the Big Adonai himself.