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  1. ... You are fools! One day, the men of gold and red, bearers of the final metal, will come to you. -Collected at a public execution. Subject was some outlaw.
  2. It is confirmed that additional systems of Investiture develop when several Shards are on the same planet, so if Feruchemy wasn't a combination of both, there would have to be yet another one on Scadrial, and I don't think that's the case because we probably would have seen it by now. Furthermore, the Intent of a Shard doesn't necessarily fit the abilities the magic system grants its users. Allomancy isn't particularly preserving after all, and Sand Mastery doesn't have an apparent connection to Autonomy's Intent either (aside from a symbolic one). Lastly, we know that First of the Sun has also been influenced by an avatar of Autonomy and the still none of the supernatural things we have seen on that planet are connected to Autonomy, so it's unclear whether the presence of an avatar is enough to manifest a system of Investiture (although, strangely enough, it seems to have been enough to manifest a perpendicularity). I definitely see where you are coming from and it's an interesting thought, and I'm not saying the arguments above are disproving it. But I don't feel there are any strong clues for it either.
  3. Oathbringer spoilers:
  4. He is super cautious with stuff like that for reasons that he explains here. I don't say that he wouldn't touch on it as a topic. Just that he'd need a good reason for it (which the Final Empire as a setting was). In Stormlight, it would be very out of place. The same doesn't apply to Dalinar's past crimes, since war/killing/genocide has been a very properly explored theme throughout the first two books, so it added to a theme that was already established in the story. I'm not saying that writing has to work that way to be good, just that Brandon works with these principles and is very conscious about every sensitive topic he addresses.
  5. I don't think rape backstories of that kind are something that Brandon would do. And if he did, I would be disappointed.
  6. I wonder how Kelsier meeting Jasnah would turn out.
  7. ... Now that is an idea that even Taravangian wasn't maniac enough to have.
  8. Same here. I've been doing the same for Avatar TLA, Thunderbolt Fantasy and others. I even considered making a thread for trying to apply cosmere rules to other stories.
  9. I probably won't be able to make it, unfortunately. It's a German Cosmere book title that isn't garbage for once, so there's that ...
  10. Ah, I missed that! Interesting. You'd think it wouldn't be much of a deal to have two stories set in the same multiverse no matter where the film rights are. Then again, he wrote "right now" like there's still a possiblity of it being put back sometime. Thanks for the information anyway!
  11. Although it's worth mentioning that the Reckoners multiverse is shaping up to become a little Cosmere-like thing on its own (but with way less restrictions since the rules are way more loose). His novella Snapshot takes place in one of the Core Possibilities: ... and The Apocalypse Guard series he's been working on (and delaying) will also be set in the same multiverse.
  12. There are a lot of theories in this fandom that haven't been proven wrong, but Reckoners being Cosmere is not one of them. Whether that's a good thing or not is, of course, a matter of opinion, but Brandon has repeatedly stated that there is a distinct line between Cosmere and Reckoners. There's a lot of WOB quotes about it when you search the Arcanum.
  13. There are things that Brandon likes and powers of creation/destruction are among them. He builds them into his works frequently, which only means that it's Brandon and not necessarily that it's Cosmere. Reckoners will never be Cosmere and it's good that way.
  14. Yes, that's exactly how it is! Additionally, Brandon has confirmed that there's no actual 17th Shard.
  15. That is a very good idea and I would love the gum appearances in SoS to be foreshadowing to modern times metal chewing practices! Although it would be way more efficient and convenient to just swallow them (maybe as pills) or drink them with some beverage like Wax does. I imagine it would be time-consuming and you don't swallow the gum whole so you probably wouldn't even come through to all its resources. Would be cool though!