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  1. As I see it, it's more likely there being 5 sub-Shards of Honor represented in the Orders rather than 10, since the other 5 Orders seem to be closer to Cultivation in terms of mind-set. The theme of creativity going on with the Lightweavers doesn't have much to do with Honor, neither has the Dustbringer's theme of destruction - all the while they fit rather well with Cultivation, overcoming/destroying old things and letting them grow into new things (which calls for creativity). I definitely agree that 10 sub-Shards would be too many. More closely related to the original post, that also makes me wonder whether the Unamde represent different "sub-Intents" of Odium, like Nergaoul as the Thrill being closer to the "ecastasy" side of Odium than, say, Yelig-nar. (Edit: I don't necessarily mean that every Unmade would have its own Shardic name, but rather them having certain tendencies mirroring different shades of what Odium's Intent encompasses.)
  2. That's a good point. I read a theory on the forums once (can't find it right now) that Unity might be a part of Honor, more specifically the one that the Bondsmiths represent. So Protection for Windrunners and Justice for Skybreakers etc might be other names for semi-Shards of Honor. I've been kinda obsessed with that thought ever since then. Long story short: I agree!
  3. You are right that there seem to have been more people present at the Shattering, but there's also this WOB: And this WOB which implies that it would have been possible to split Ruin in two: And there's also Splinters like the Stormfather which work as further divisions of Shards, so yep, Shards could be split in a pretty much infinite number of ways.
  4. That is actually a thing that the man himself disconfirmed:
  5. Vax

    The Elantris Ars Arcanum makes it clear that Vax is not a part of Sel anyway, since the two are compared and contrasted. Same goes for all other planets mentioned.
  6. A relevant WOB related to Topaz being one of his nicknames:
  7. Can't really say I'm disappointed by El Camino, given that I couldn't imagine many interesting things to tell after the series. It's rather been like a confirmation that this movie was just not necessary. Ah, well. Still looking forward to BCS season 5, because that show has been a worthy follow-up to BrBa in my opinion.
  8. Vax

    The Elantris Ars Arcanum lists Vax in a row with Taldain, Nalthis, Scadrial and Sel. While this doesn't completely confirm that it is a planet, it makes it highly unlikely that it isn't.
  9. Iyatil is not Scadrian though, she's from Silverlight. I think people are too hung up on the idea of him being associated with the Ghostbloods. Way too hung up, even. But oh well. And yeah, agreed with the post above, this is the Stormlight Archive board - Mistborn spoilers should be marked.
  10. The letters are written around the time of Stormlight and Patji implies Hoid having visited Obrodai in the past in his letter. So he travelled there before Stormlight, not by the time of Mistborn 4 and/or Sixth of the Dusk. Khriss' essays have to have been written quite some time after Hero of Ages, since she mentions how surprising the development of Scadrial has been, and all the essays are written around the same time, so that also applies to the Drominad essay. It has been the only planet with a perpendicularity by the time of the essays and the essays have been written not too soon before Stormlight for the aforementioned reason. Patji implies Hoid having been to Obrodai in his letter, which is by the time of Stormlight. So yes, we can at least be moderately sure that Obrodai has had a perpendicularity by the time of Khriss writing the essays.
  11. Fair enough. But it doesn't change anything about my point, or does it? Hoid uses perpendicularities, Hoid has been to Obrodai, so Obrodai will likely have a perpendicularity that Hoid used, and the Drominad system doesn't appear to have one besides First of the Sun (because that one having one makes it the only planet of note to Khriss). Is there something about this that doesn't fit together as smoothly as I think?
  12. The Purelake is most probably a perpendicularity, given that Hoids appears out of it, people are told to disappear through it or see strange things in there (Shadesmar) and the members of the 17th Shard search for him there, indicating that they expect him to be around there. It's extremely likely that it would be Cultivation's for a multitude of reasons, but that's more or less besides the point. The point itself is that we haven't seen Hoid travel using any other means, and we have seen him use perpendicularities many times, implying that he needs them, because why else would he use them. So I doubt he could access Obrodai without a perpendicurity, and he accessed it in the past. I believe it's a Shardworld (so it has a perpendicularity) but the Shard is no longer there (so Autonomy can mess with it). But who knows...
  13. Good thoughts! I think one thing is worth noting: "these waters" in the letter doesn't actually refer to Obrodai. Patji writes, "We also instruct that you should not return to Obrodai" (Ch. 50), but then later writes, "If you wish more, seek these waters in person and overcome the tests we have created. Only in this will you earn our respect" (Ch. 51), which is in fact an instruction to go to "these waters", which would completely contradict his previous statement. So the "waters" have to be where Patji is, which is almost certainly First of the Sun. This means that we have no idea whatsoever what Obrodai is like as a planet. That said, I think your points are very good! I personally don't think that Obrodai is one of the other worlds in the Drominad System for one reason: Autonomy as a Shard favors versatility, and we know two worlds that that she has had huge and confirmed influence on (I know there's a lot more if we count heavy implications like Scadrial), and those two are Taldain and First of the Sun - a desert planet and a water planet, and very far apart from each other. This information makes me think that Autonomy prefers to spread its influence over worlds that are vastly different from each other. I know there's no real evidence for this, just an impression. Using this assumption as a premise, it would be rather unlikely for Obrodai, another world that Autonomy chose to manifest an avatar on, to be one that is very close to First of the Sun in space and theme, which the other two Drominad planets explicitly are. But as I emphasized before, that is not a view on the topic I'd expect other people to be sold on. Your theory makes a lot of sense! Edit: I just noticed one thing that makes it a tad unlikely for another planet in the system to be Obrodai. Patji mentions that Hoid should not "return" to Obrodai, which means that he has already gone there in the past. For all we know, he travels via perpendicularities - at least we haven't ever seen him travelling any other way, we know that he had to use the perpendicularity in Secret History and he also used the Purelake by the time of Stormlight. So there would probably have to be a perpendicularity on Obrodai, and it's very unlikely for any planet in the Drominad system to have one except for First of the Sun, since that one having one is the very thing that's so special about it. Of course, you could answer that there might be a hidden one, but I'm not saying that it's evidence against it, just that it makes it more unlikely.
  14. He's grumpy if anything - I don't remember a situation of him picking someone apart like Shallan or Hoid like to do. We haven't seen much of him yet too.
  15. I have always liked this idea a lot. But Brandon has previously said that it isn't the case, sadly: