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  1. Thing is, we already have Conquest, because that's Dominion. And it still feels absolutely outrageous to me that there would be a double Shard called War without Dominion, the Shard of Conquest, being part of it. I agree that text seems to imply War, but it still doesn't make sense.
  2. Here we go . . .
  3. The other viewpoint characters will all be members of the Skyward Flight on Detritus, as it seems: That means there's not much to choose from. Besides FM, probably Kimmalyn and Jorgen, since those have been established as important characters and are popular with the fan base.
  4. There's a frog mentioned in the 10th anniversary epilogue of Elantris, so there's frogs on Sel. Edit: Sorry, no memes today. Sometime within the next days though
  5. I thought about this some more and I believe the only way to explain this are indeed the Unmade. The Radiants and Heralds had no idea how to deal with them and only found a way to trap them during the False Desolation (and even that knowledge was quickly lost due to the Recreance and only recovered via the gemstone archive). I imagine having to deal with 9 of them with no way of defeating them for good has to have been pretty insane. Especially since we don't know what at least 2 of them do. Maybe Chemoarish or Dai-Gonarthis could somehow cancel Surgebinding/eat Investiture in one way or another. The Unmade proved to be a huge advantage in the Battle of Kholinar, with three of them tearing the city apart (Yelig-nar possessing the queen, Ashertmarn manipulating the palace guard, and Sja-anat preventing spanreed communication and travel through the Oathgate by corrupting spren), and they won that battle. In Thaylen City, there were two Unmade - and Nergaoul had to be captured in order to win that battle (because they couldn't have fought Amaram's army indefinitely). They only won that battle because they had found a way to defeat an Unmade. Then, Rayse became very cautious with the Unmade by Rhythm of War. He knew that the Radiants could trap them or even potentially destroy one of them definitively with Nightblood (which actually happened with one Thunderclast spren). So rather than losing another one of his strongest weapons, he avoided using them. Which makes sense, since losing for him only meant losing time - losing an Unmade on the other hand meant losing a weapon that would have been useful in potential future Desolations. Maybe that's the reason why he didn't use potential overpowered powers of the Unmade that didn't show up yet. However, I do hope that Taravangian won't be this reluctant. And I don't believe he will be. I'm sure he will use whatever means he has to win. All of that said, even if this is reason, I still think it should have been more obvious to us as readers. Also, a demon army from outer space should be terrifying on its own and even more terrifying with the help of their Elderitch Abominations - not only terrifying with them. The Fused have definitely been rather disappointing thus far. The same goes for the Thunderclasts, to a degree. Kalak is said to have died to them several times, yet Renarin survives getting crushed by one of them repeatedly. How did they even kill a Herald? It also made me realize another weird thing: Honor, Cultivation and Odium fought on a world where people light their rooms by capturing spren, yet neither them nor anyone else ever had the idea of trapping Heralds or Unmade, which are obviously spren (at least the Shards should have understood that) for 5000 years? It makes them look pretty dim-witted. Rayse being kind of slow and falling for a lot of things in Rhythm of War can be traced back to his conflict with the Shard I guess, but you can't really say that about him during the original Desolations, I think. I guess if you're well-meaning, it shows that at the very least, knowledge about Cosmere mechanics is far less accessible for Shards than many of us (including me) would have thought.
  6. The Heralds now are not comparable to what they were during the previous Desolations. They were all there, they were all sane, and they were all powered by Honor himself. They should have been able to completely destroy entire armies. Maybe one could argue against this using Adolin's "a shardbearer can't hold a city" line of thought, but I'm skeptical. All things considered, I also think that Odium's forces seem under-powered, and if there is a reason for it that we don't know yet, I feel we should have known it by now. To nitpick a bit further, neither was the Battle of Thaylenah, to be fair, since she had access to abnormal quantities of stormlight. But yeah, I agree - definitely more on the impressive side for sure either way
  7. If I recall correctly, Vin was brought into all of this by Ruin (hence him calling her the "Beautiful Destroyer") when he made her mother spike her as a child. Preservation just latched onto her to take away Ruin's weapon. So her arc was first and foremost set into action by Ruin, and Preservation then molded her (which is why he helped her against Rashek). So I think it fits because she was initially "of" Ruin. Also, the contrast between Ruin and Preservation fits how they complimented each other. That's what the arc of their relationship in Well of Ascension is about: Elend trying to keep peace, but needing Vin to protect him by fighting assassins and such. A good example of this is when Elend's attempts to find democratic (instead of destructive, oppressive) solutions are interrupted by a bunch of assassins and Vin busting their heads in return. Although I guess this duality is kind of muddled as soon as Elend starts fighting a lot himself in Hero of Ages.
  8. If I'm understanding you correctly, you're basically just saying readers don't need to know the WOBs in order to understand the books? If so, then I don't know what's unpopular about that. The books would be really useless if that wasn't the case. I definitely agree that the WOBs are no required reading for the books. I'm sure so does pretty much everyone on here.
  9. If you put it this way, I don't think you understand how important WOBs have been for the community's understanding of Cosmere lore in the past. There are Shards (the two on Sel, for instance) that have literally been WOB-only-canon for 7 years. Of course they are important either way. And since they are, they were indeed put in a book (Arcanum Unbounded, that is). But it sure as damnation was really nice to know about them before that!
  10. I think Moash is the most likely. He's the most important antagonist that didn't have one yet, except for maybe one that isn't on the list anymore (that being Rayse - most of ROW, I was convinced he would be book 5's interlude character, but that's out of question now). Just like Taravangian is Dalinar's counterpart and main antagonist, Moash is the same to Kaladin. And since Kaladin is the main character of the front five (with the highest POV word count by far), it would only make sense for his personal main antagonist to be the antagonistic interlude character in the climatic book of the pentagoly. Additionally, I can't imagine the front five being over and Moash of all people not being an interlude main character ever. It would feel like an odd decision and a wasted chance. The down-side to this: That would mean that Moash lives at least until the bunch of interludes before the last part of the book. But I guess that's never been unlikely, unfortunate as it is.
  11. Relevant WOB that I don't think was mentioned yet in this thread:
  12. They are one of my favorite bands. The two Wheel of Time songs are both on the album At the Edge of Time - so anyone who's interested could just listen to that one, since it's also a pretty good overview what they're all about. If you like metal music of the very melodic kind, there's a good chance you'll like it.