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  1. Thanks for reminding me to rewatch it on some October evening! Such a lovely, well-rounded little show, I love it
  2. Yeah, this is a very Potter thing ...Thinking about the actual implications of its statements, metaphors and depictions leads to very strange places! It's probably better to ignore stuff like that, but I personally like thinking about it, and thinking about the broken workings of the Wizard World - it's like finding weird glitches in a video game, there's some twisted kind of fun to it
  3. I love electric guitars and the possibilities that come along with them. But the rock music I listen to is mostly of the dreamy, reverb-heavy kind. Like Radiohead, The Cure, Cocteau Twins. Or the exact other way, the metal stuff.
  4. Listening to Sufjan Stevens' new one for the second time right now. It's a nice record. Definitely tame though. I'd consider it one of his lesser main solo releases. The title track (The Ascension) is a gem though - such a beautiful song. It sounds like an electronic take on the minimalistic, melancholic song-writing style of Carrie & Lowell. It also reminds me of Mercury, which is another one of his most moving songs of the last years, in my opinion.
  5. The Return of the Jedi
  6. Finally watched Dark, and it was fantastic! I thought the third season was weaker than the others in general, but the final episode is easily one of my favorite series finales ever. What a ride.
  7. Emperor's Soul is on par with most of his big novels. Feels kinda bad to not give it to Shadows for Silence though, given how well-rounded, atmospheric and relatively under-appreciated that one is. It's Emperor's Soul either way.
  8. As far as I know, they want to make it two movies, like what was done with It. So it will probably be 4 hours at the very least in total.
  9. Yes ❤️ The D&W song I mean is "Final Warning", it's about the prologue of Way of Kings, and there's even the word "stormlight" in the lyrics (also, here's the interview I refered to). I got into Blind Guardian in 2011/12 and started reading Stormlight/Sanderson in 2010/11, so given the amount of fantasy books they covered, I had been hoping to hear a song about a Sanderson story for 8 to 9 years (other than Wheel of Time, of course, but that one hardly counts). And there it was, albeit only a D&W song, but still! I hope there will be more. I also agree that Emperor's Soul is fantastic and a good place to start! It's a novella, yet very character-based rather than action.
  10. Stormlight is definitely a possibility, mostly because of some single words ("bridgemen"), but then I don't know why they chose Skydancer (although I guess the word is not unfitting...). That said, Hansi Kürsch has recently released a Stormlight song called "Final Warning" with his side-project Demons & Wizards, so he could very well go on with Blind Guardian. He also called Stormlight "one of the two best books" he read "in the last 20 years" (which is insane, since he seems to be a major bookworm - but hey, I agree!), so there's a good chance. If it isn't Stormlight, I don't know. The "lionheart" line confuses me. The Blind Guardian song "Lionheart" is about the Odyssee. Stormlight has kind of a slow start, so you have to trust the author to deliver the pay-offs. If you're patient, you can start there, but in most cases, I recommend the Mistborn trilogy as an entrypoint. The books are also way shorter (still very long) and have more of a focus on action. I also recommend Warbreaker as a great stand-alone book - if you don't want to commit to a huge story. In general, it fits nicely between Mistborn and Stormlight, I think.
  11. Happy Birthday, Elegy! 

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      Happy B-Day!

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      Aw, thanks to you both!! ^_^

  12. Finished a bunch of books recently: Stephen King - The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon: Great book, very minimalistic in terms of story, but extraordinarily atmospheric. Not as uneven as other works by Stephen King! Walter Moers - A Wild Ride Through the Night: It's been ages. Just as imaginative as I remembered, and pretty funny at that. A lot of allusions that went over my head last time I read it. Terry Pratchett - Going Postal: Another imaginative book. Took me a while to really get into it (and the start felt slow), but once it did it was a lot of fun.
  13. Edit: Oops, this comment was originally meant for the "Books you're reading" topic. Anyway, regarding stopping mid-series (rather than mid-book), I've never read Wise Man's Fear, despite liking (although not loving) Name of the Wind. I generally like to read series when the last book is in sight (......), plus what I read about the tropes in there really made me not want to read it... I do respect Rothfuss' writing though.
  14. To add to the Painted Man discussion, I dropped it after the first book and it seems I haven't missed much. It's been a while, but I remember the author randomly deciding to have horrible things happen to main characters without any set-up or reason, which is, imo, the antithesis of good storytelling. It's one of my least favorite fantasy books ever. I'm also sick of hyper sexist fantasy worlds as an excuse to portray gratuitous violence against women - it's overused and tiring and doesn't add anything new to a genre that is widely regarded to have sexist tendencies anyway.
  15. There"s a "Song of War" among the Listener Songs in the Words of Radiance epigraphs, so it could be connected to that one.