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  1. Her way to stability is basically her arc in the front five, so I don't see that as a problem for the time between the pentalogies, which would be the time when she's a mother. My bigger worry is that it would probably be cheesy if book 5 ends with it. Like, she just overcame all of her huge psychological problems, poof pregnant. It would feel very convenient, I imagine. But I guess that's a matter of how it's communicated. This is the perfect scenario in my opinion: No mention of it in the story, the book ends without further notice, and then the ketek at the end is annotated as being dedicated to the birth of Shallan's and Adolin's son/daughter/twins - end of the front five.
  2. Two WOBs: The flower is almost certainly a Tear of Edgli from Nalthis, the silver knife is probably from Threnody. Not sure about the rest.
  3. Most of those that you mentioned aren't really gut decisions as I personally would define them. In the case of Thaidakar and TOdium, both options had been floating around in his head for a long time and he had a lot of time to consider them. So they were well thought-out, albeit he hadn't completely decided yet if he wanted to go with them until pretty late in the game. Not gut decisions as far as I see it, although I could see why you would disagree.They were good calls though, no doubt. Also, agreed with the Kaladin vs. Szeth thing, it bothers me soo much. What I mean are things like Alloy of Law having a cliffhanger as a planned one-book story, which certainly played a part in it becoming a four book series that he took 10+ more years to finish. Or some of the things that he did under immense time constraints, like the title Cytonic (like, imagine a Mistborn book with the title Allomantic, ugh). While I think Brandon excells at making good decisions when he really sits down and thinks them through, I have noticed that things that he makes up on the fly don't really vibe with me a lot of the time.
  4. Would be weird if it didn't happen ... Elhokar is dead, Renarin is homosexual, Jasnah it's safe to say sure doesn't have any interest in having children. Gavinor is the heir to the throne of Alethkar, but Dalinar is not king of Alethkar, but king of Urithiru. So he basically still needs an heir. As said before, I'm sure Adolin and Shallan are probably well aware of that, and there's nothing that suggests that they are fundamentally opposed to it. So, I would expect mother Shallan in the back five. Maybe the child was conceived in Lasting Integrity. Which would be ... interesting foreshadowing for, say, someone who will eventually spend a lot of time in Shadesmar. (I hope they have a daughter and call her Evi.)
  5. It's not on the Arcanum yet, but we got confirmation that Brandon didn't have the idea of the couple until like, the end of Oathbringer. (Which was kinda obvious for how there's no set-up at all, and once again something that suggests that Brandon is bad with gut decisions.) So if something like this is going to happen, it wasn't the plan for Jasnah and/or Hoid until a few years back. And I don't think Brandon would improvise something this important for the characters just out of nowhere. So I don't think it's going to happen. (And yes, this line of thinking implies that Jasnah and Hoid as a couple won't ever be extremely important, and probably not a thing anymore in the back five.)
  6. Doesn't seem like it: Since no non-Stormlight Cosmere books have been released since then, that should still hold up. As for proto-Ghostbloods, besides the obvious ones, I like the idea that Allomancer Jak is set up to become one. After all, Thaidakar seems to guide him in some way, judging from his short story.
  7. Here's what Steven Michael Bohls said in one of the comment boxes on YouTube (spoilered for pic size): That doesn't really answer the question, but the second option (novellas ran long) seems more likely that way. I'm sure he'll talk about it on the next Weekly Update though.
  8. Here - I immediately knew I would have use it when I saw it, it's priceless
  9. Don't know if animated movies are allowed, but if so, Princess Mononoke.
  10. Well, even considering that Thaidakar is not a Shard now, I would be surprised if he didn't really want to become one. He got a taste of the power and what he could potentially achieve with it, and he's a Cosmere-aware megalomaniac. It seems very plausible that it's sort of a dream of his. I hope he finds out where Ambition was Splintered and finds a way to reforge it. If there's someone who could find a way, it's him. And that Shard is the perfect fit.
  11. Yes, what a fantastic movie. Sublime writing as well, the characters in particular. Cartoon Saloon has been delivering amazing animation films for a decade now. Can't wait to see where they go next! (Song of the Sea and Breadwinner are my favorites, although the latter is very different from the rest.) Most impressive 2D animation would likely go to a Ghibli film or Loving Vincent for me though. The latter being literally completely oil-painted, so there's that
  12. Pretty much the most nondescript title he could have chosen. Has the air of a last minute decision tbh. I like the cover better than the previous two though, although I will still go with the UK edition (as always with Skyward - they are great).
  13. (full size) I know this is incredibly half-baked, but you get the idea. I love this specific set of epigrahs a lot (some of my favorites in the series), and these parallels stood out to me and I wanted to get them out somehow. I wonder how much of that was intentional. Feel free to discuss! The artists of the pictures: Visions of the Future by Ari Ibarra A Man’s Worth by Randy Vargas Weep As You Kill by Ari Ibarra Lightweaver by Audrey Hotte Driven by Guilt by Ari Ibarra Kaladin by Angel1802
  14. I wasn't talking about AonDor, but about the Shards Dominion and Devotion. I doubt they have been restored if the Dor - which is basically the Shards' powers thrown into the Cognitive Realm - is still a thing. So they wouldn't come to help since they are presumably still Splintered.