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  1. There's recently been a news article about this: https://www.17thshard.com/news/brandon-news/post-row-plans
  2. Don't know if there are other methods, but usually worldhoppers seem to use places with huge amounts of Investiture to make time pass faster:
  3. Someone needs to make a gif of 12:36. It should be posted under every big Brandon announcement.
  4. It's the story of a piece of God that was trying to understand the pain of a human and went to a god to ask for help, but he couldn't give it to her. So she went to a human that experienced pain himself, and he made her look into herself to find a way to understand. It's a fairytale with Stormlight characters. I've been in a somewhat emotionally fragile state since I read it.
  5. Peter's comment is kinda confusing in that regard. My interpretation of his statement would be: The foot is still the same measurement as Brandon said, but is not divided into 12 equal inches as it's the case on Earth, but into 10 equal inches. So Peter's statement only means that the inches within a Vorin foot are larger and fewer, not that the Vorin feet are smaller. After all, Peter says that a Vorin foot "has" 10 inches, not that it "is" 10 inches. But it's not entirely clear. So, if he really meant that, a Vorin foot would be 1.06 Earth feet, and a Vorin inch would be 0.106 Earth feet. Well, but it's all an estimate anyway. There's a lot of "probablies" involved~
  6. The best moment in Edgedancer, in my opinion, is Lift is one of the most heroic characters in the cosmere, the fandom just hasn't caught up on it yet.
  7. Yes, it's different: @paintweaver can probably say more about this. She has done some research on it.
  8. It's kinda confusing and I don't know what to make of it yet, but there's this WOB:
  9. The shots of a spray machine gun would be random. Hemalurgy requires Intent, and I think you have to be conscious of the exact spot you're spiking. So shotgun Hemalurgy would only work with someone who know's exactly where the bullet will hit, right? So just cover someone in bullets would practically have no Hemalurgic effect whatsoever, from what I understand. I mean, shooting someone and getting the Hemalurgic effect is possible, of course - after all, Wax did it - but you really have to hit exactly where you want to. (Except I got something wrong.)
  10. poll

    It's Vasher for me: He has a lot of Nightblood, the most interesting stuff with Awakening, and the duel at the end with an finish that I like a lot (I think Brandon is generally amazing when it comes to ending duels in a satisfying way! There's just so much out-of-the-box trickery involved sometimes, it's just fun to read). I also generally enjoy reading characters that know a lot more than me. It makes me feel like sneaking a peek of something large and important, and everything they think or say could potentially contain something very important. The Wit scenes in Stormlight have a similar effect. I like them all though! Lightsong is the most entertaining, Vivenna has the strongest character development, and while Siri doesn't develop as much, she makes Susebron develop and that's just as beautiful to see!
  11. Vax

    It's safe to assume that it's a place at this point, since Khriss talks about it like a place. It's also safe to assume that it's a planet, since she compares it to Taldain, Sel, and Scadrial. It wouldn't make much sense for her to say: "It does not appear to be tied to family descent, as one finds on Scadrial, nor is it a specific Shard's Decision, as on Nalthis. Even Taldain's and Urithiru's methods do not seem to apply here." That doesn't really work. The farthest it could be from a planet would be a place in the Cognitive Realm. Khriss talks about it as having a notable form of Invested Art, at least notable enough to be mentioned in one breath with Awakening, Sand Mastery, and Allomancy. That Invested Art is obtained by people in some way (a way we don't know, but know to be different from the other ones mentioned). That highly suggests a major Shardworld, since minor Shardworld's magic seems to be more of an environmental thing. Brandon mentions this in this WOB: That means that it's unlikely for a minor Shardworld to have a magic that can be "Initiated" (as Khriss calls it, capitalized!), so Vax would presumably be a major Shardworld, which in turn means that there is at least one Shard there. So, the information that we can deduce from all of this is the following: It's a place It's most probably a planet It has an Invested Art that can be Initiated in people The way it's Initiated is different from the AonDor, Allomancy, Feruchemy, Awakening, and probably (the phrasing is kinda vague there) Sand-Mastery It's probably a major Shardworld, so it should have at least one Shard, although it might or might not be Splintered Leras and Ati have been there --- Also: This WOB seems to suggests otherwise: It could still be, but looking at that WOB, that would presume that he doesn't know what to do with Vax yet (since he's undecided whether to put Aether on it or not), and since he's making such a mystery out of it, I doubt that. And: Ati and Leras are from Yolen (but I agree that it's a Shardworld!):
  12. So, these are some things I’d like to add to what has already been said: I agree that Stonewards and Windrunner are the main military Orders, but there probably also would have been a Dustbringer in a lot of Knights Radiant assault forces, given that their text mentions them working as artillery. That said, there are obviously other functions for them as well, like as tacticians. So, it doesn't seem to be as clear-cut as one Order, one function. But Dustbringers were used for military purposes, among others. Truthwatchers are described as secretive, so I doubt they let the other Orders particularly near them. I think of them as kind of an isolated group that will deliver information and new research results if necessary but is mostly concerned with themselves. Maybe the scholarly among the Elsecallers would communicate with them, but I'll say a bit more aobut those below. Lightweavers were artists and spies ... you can’t really be near the other Orders and work with them when you spy, since you’re in the enemy lines (although I’d like to know how that worked during the isolations, given that they would have had to imitate the Rhythms to pretend they were Singers…). Being an artist can also be lonely work, especially when you have all the abilities you need, which they have due to Lightweaving. So I guess they wouldn’t interact that much with other Orders, except from being at odds with the Skybreakers - which is kind of a logical conclusion of their powers. Being able to make things appear differently with your powers is certainly something that would be easy to use for all kinds of illegal purposes. I wonder if the Truthwatchers had the same issues, to a degree ... Illumination is really tempting, after all. The Elsecallers seem like strategists and organizers to me, in cities as well as on the battlefield. To quote the Quiz text: For example, I could imagine them making battle plans for the military Orders. That said, as mentioned above, some Dustbringers were strategists as well, so they might have shared that duty at times. Also, the highest ranking Elsecallers might have been the Bondsmith’s consultants - they could use their wisdom to help them make decisions. Jasnah being a scholar notwithstanding, I personally see Elsecallers more as an Order with political functions as of now - scholarly Elsecallers are only mentioned incidentally in the text, so that might not have been their main assignment, but only one of them. So, Orders that might have shared duties, assuming from the things above: Stonewards, Windrunner and Dustbringers as warriors Dustbringers and Elsecallers as tacticians Elsecallers and Truthwatchers as scholars ... maybe the engineers among the Dustbringers helped them out sometimes as well Elsecallers as the Bondsmith's consultants Skybreakers as all the other Orders' overseers (possibly including the Bondsmiths, which is a fascinating thought to me)
  13. These are some things that we know about how some Orders tend to think of one another: That last one is from the Words of Radiance epigraphs (I'll add a comment about how I think the Orders relate to each other in their functions a bit later, I think.) Edit: Also this one:
  14. That would indeed be interesting! I wonder what it would do with the bond and the abilities it gives, since the spren wouldn't be the same kind as before. But for the same reason, it would also change the spren's personality in most cases, which is why I it seems kind of unlikely that Brandon will do it ... he knows that the readers have come to know and love the spren as they are. And making them change throught learning/character development (as Pattern has done over the course of the last two books for sure) is different from changing them by adding new Investiture. But it sure is a fascinating thought!
  15. It's possible: