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  1. I see where you're coming from, but the question doesn't imply any restrictions, so why would Brandon's answer. They clearly talk about it on an 'of them all' level. If that includes the Shards is, like I said, disputable. It's not clear that it doesn't though.
  2. I'm not saying I don't believe that at all. It's just factually wrong to say that Brandon was clear on this, which was my point. Besides, I think we have gone a bit too far abroad. The question whether or not Khriss knows more than this or that deity is not exactly relevant to this thread's main topic, nor is it relevant for my answer in my first post. Khriss might or might not know more or less than a Shard. She still knows more than at least almost everyone else, we have that clarified and we can draw conclusions from that. Almost the entirety of this thread is already a discussion about technicalities that, in the end, don't really matter for the thread's topic.
  3. It is not normal to refer to gods when asked anything because we don't have them floating around. The Shards are still persons and I don't see that restriction you mentioned in the WOBs. It's a possibility, but to straight out say that he refered to non-Shards as if that was obvious is wrong.
  4. Khriss obviously doesn't know more about everything, just that the things she knows amount to more than anyone else. Like Brandon explained in the quote above, she's interested in the details. While she's certainly not as knowledgable about Rosharan history as Cultivation, she certainly knows more about Scadrian history than Cultivation, so it adds up. That said, the question in the WOB I quoted admittedly related to specifically "knowledgable about what's going on in the cosmere", which is kind of a restriction, but since all the topics in the cosmere are connected, I think knowing things about the cosmere in general and knowing what's going on in the cosmere are most probably very closely tied together, if not a requirement for each other. And even then, the original argument of her probably being unusually old due to her being 'at least the most knowledgable about what's going on in the cosmere' still stands.
  5. Of course it's incomplete. We're like a third into the Cosmere sequence, of course we don't know how stuff like this works in detail. But that WOB definitely answers a good chunk of the questions in this thread, so that's something I guess. Although, this doesn't really matter for the discussion, this is confirmed to be untrue: However, several continents that don't know about each other would not affect each other a lot. The ocean would be comparable to the space between planets. So there would be one manifestation of one continent how its inhabitants see it and one manifestation of the other continent with some stuff in between that's a gray area that's primarily filled with how the creatures in the ocean think about their surroundings (which is the main difference to space). Also: This would mean that the Cognitive Realm would change, but in the way that it would slowly adjust. It doesn't suddenly become something different, but it's constantly in change and has to adjust and merge into the new way it's thought about. That hinted at in this WOB:
  6. She is more knowledgable about the cosmere: He also clarified it later on: So I don't know how else to interpret that, as weird as it sounds.
  7. The Cognitive Realm is definitely not different for individuals, we can say that much. As for who decides, like I already explained above, it's the majority, and I finally found the confirmation (although I do think that intensity of thought plays a role too, but only a minor one):
  8. Considering that she knows more about the cosmere than all of those Shards and whatnot that have been around for thousands of years, I don't think she's 40 some years old. She might not have gone through all the 1000+ cosmere standard years she's been around, but her lifespan is most probably magically enhanced. The biggest question mark regarding chronology remains the time between White Sand and Elantris. There's been "hundreds but not thousands of years" between Elantris and Mistborn, and 300+ years between Mistborn and Stormlight. Khriss 1000 years, maybe some more, seem like a good call as her age.
  9. Scholars have a bigger impact than people who don't think about it at all. Things in Shadesmar are shaped by thought, so it hard to shape it if you don't invest thought into it. So it's not "only these" or "only those", but everyone does their part, some more, some others. And logically, the part is bigger if the amount of thought is larger.
  10. I think the Cognitive Realm is shaped by the amount of thought put into something and the intensity. The more I think about something, the more I shape how it appears in the Cogntive Realm, and the more people think about it, the more it is shaped by what they think. I think of a cake as something to eat, so with time, it perceives itself as having the purpose to be eaten. Now there could be another person that doesn't like cake at all and just wants to smash it against a wall, so if they are the only person who thinks about the cake, it will see its purpose as getting smashed against a wall. But if more people think of it as something that can be eaten, or if I think more about it than the other person, the cake will still be more convinced that it's there to be eaten. So quantity and intensity, I guess. I also guess it's imaginable for something to be torn about what it is and that's certainly a situation worth discussing, but I think that would be very rare - like, a case where quantity and intensity even up to the exact same measure on both ways of perception.
  11. A small correction: We do not know what Broken Sky is. Vibrance is Nalthis. Just wanted to add that ... Very good description in general, especially the part about the globe (have an upvote!).
  12. It's out already?! Totally missed that. So it's actually like OGF/TND in very long?
  13. I don't think direct sequels to White Sand are going to happen. The graphic novels have not been received all that well and as far as I know, they're some of the least successful releases of Brandon ever. That alone would probably be enough, but Brandon has also had kind of a troublesome experience making them happen - the change of the artist, which he said he hated doing and also the constant delays. After all, Vol. 3 was pushed back 3 or 4 times over the course of this month alone. I'm pretty sure he'll just leave it be, especially since the Cosmere gives him the opportunity to suggest events after the end of the story that we know by cameos etc. But I'm very sure that there will be more Taldain stories. There's interesting things going on there (Autonomy and her worldhopping blockade, etc) and it's also the first world he ever wrote about, so I imagine he'd have some kind of leaning towards it. We'll see what medium he'll choose for those. I think he'll probably write some novellas (at least that's what I see as the most simple, reliable and desirable way). There's a "WOP" about how unlikely this is:
  14. That's what I was thinking initially, but then I noticed that he was never all that sneaky when it comes to cosmere-centric stuff ("Azure"'s appearance being a recent example). That said, I'd really like it to be Selish people, because of them deserving more spotlight and also the reasons I mentioned above. He's writing a sequel, so we might get a few more hints before too much later.