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  1. Oooh, this is some fun news. Forgot this was out today
  2. In Mistborn: Secret History when Kelsier finds out that Dockson died cursing Kelsier's name always hits me really, really hard. Same book, when Vin decided to go to the Beyond with Elend rather than stay with Kelsier.
  3. Would Kelsier have to kill people to get those spikes, though? Didn't he have a pile of Inquisitor spikes for Spook to work with?
  4. Great video!
  5. It's so crazy to me that there's Cosmere cannon coming out a month from now (allegedly) and there's so little buzz for it it seems like. White Sand has so much potential, but the unofficial prose version will forever be my "head"cannon
  6. Yes, in Arcanum Unbounded it mentions that Rosharan measurements (such as a foot) are not the same as Cosmere standard measurements, in fact. AU says that Rosharan measurements are bigger/longer (specifically, feet and miles)
  7. IDK what kinda 80's Stephen King cocaine binge Brandon is on right now to be writing so fast, but....imma let him finish
  8. I really, really, really wish these weren't cannon. I finally finished Book 2 last night which was my last piece on my first full ride through the Cosmere. Now, I'm not gonna get into the art, because I have 0 artistic talent...but the errors in continuity and just the way it's laid out and makes 0 sense in some areas is hard to accept. Especially, like I said, given that this is cannon for a massive, massive fantasy epic of's just..really, really bad. So much potential in this world like all of other Sanderson's stories, but it's pretty evident the original artist paid 0 attention to the script.
  9. 19% already?!?
  10. Yeah, I mean, I usually try to keep foreplay to 50k words or less
  11. Swear to god I read this as "how Drehy and Skar made out in Kholinar" bwahahaha
  12. If Reddit wasn't blocked at work, I'd google fu and confirm it, but I'm almost certain you're correct about the 4k words = 1%. And agreed, thats why I came here to ask - my 1200 = 1% would have made for a really disappointing SA4!
  13. Yeah that sounds more accurate. 1200 number just popped out of my head somehow.
  14. Ah, ok, thanks. So I'm not *too* far behind. I better start saving my pennies...