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  1. Im not reading any previous posts for fear of spoilers, but just started Trails in the Sky on Vita. I have Trails SC, and trails of cold steel 1/2, and 3 on switch. Long trip ahead!
  2. Rolled credits on The Last of Us Part II last night. I have no words. I have been playing video games since the age of 3, Christmas, 1988. This is by far the best video game narrative I've ever played through, just in terms of character development, etc. Much like seeing a movie or reading a book that really hits you, I just can't stop thinking about this game. All I can do is throw out superlatives about it. Really, if there is any phrase to describe it, I'd say "tour de force." If you can stomach the ultra brutality of the fights, you're in for an emotional rollercoaster.
  3. I absolutely agree with the content/theme of your letter to Brandon. Full disclosure: I struggle with depression/anxiety, but I find Brandon's presentation of physical disability more irksome in some way I cant quite define. It didn't hit me until my wife mentioned it after the Bridge 4 miraculous healings - because her Dad, who recently passed away, was wheelchair bound and effectively a quadriplegic for the last ~20 years of his life. It was clear to me that in some way that description of the process, the feelings of the physical disability being healed, etc, were kind of hurtful to her. Again, I'm not doing a great job expressing myself here, but I do think the OP has a valid point, and I'm also in agreement that Rysn is by far the best written disabled character Brandon has yet included.
  4. I just ordered a bunch of cheese. I think I'm gonna try and make baguettes and do cheese, wine, grapes, olives, etc for dinner Friday. I *will* come out of this with cooking skills!

    1. R J

      R J

      Or summoning the Daedric Prince Sheogorath 

  5. Anyone else psyched for The Last Of Us 2 on Friday???
  6. Well...since no one else wants to post pictures, I shall soldier on... Lime gin buck, and the classic American cocktail, the Manhattan.
  7. Maybe really winning the race is....all the pancakes we ate along the way?
  8. So...many....carbs.... *burp*...and I just cut into more bread and oil....
  9. Well go on, don't leave us hanging...any pictures? You enjoying it? I'm really enjoying the sort of zen from baking and cocktail mixing...mind just goes blank and I'm in the moment. It's cool.
  10. I made some bread. Cooks illustrated recipe this time. Smells so freaking amazing in here...
  11. Assuming you're talking Legend of Zelda, my top 3 have to be: 1. Links Awakening (original) 2. Breath of the Wild 3. The Legend of Zelda (NES, original). Those are certainly the ones I've played the most, anyway!
  12. Sooo I'm more of an old school Zelda head. I wouldn't say it's one of my favorite franchises or anything, but I've played most in the series. But back in the day...well, yeah. I dug this out the night before the Links Awakening remake dropped on Switch. Gameboy still works after all this time. Thanks, Mom and Dad! Christmas, 1991. I'll never forget, we even had a bit of a white Christmas with a dusting of snow.
  13. Also...y'all think I'm playing...I just asked my foodie friend for his (american style) breakfast pancake recipe.
  14. If I have a vote, sure! As long as no one armed Herdaziens show up... I think I'm a shoe-in!
  15. Seems like a lot of folks are picking up instruments (again!) Wit would be proud. I prepared the dough from Cooks Illustrated "almost no knead" artisanal loaf recipe. Called for some stuff not in the loaf I posted above - white vinegar, a few tablespoons of beer, etc. Planning to throw it in the oven tomorrow morning. Today's cocktails: Left: Kentucky Iced Tea, right (non alcoholic drink) Shirley Temple for my kiddo.