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  1. spoilers

    Well, I hope that's true. I certainly am left feeling that Brandon wants us to think that Rock is dead, at least. But such a casual throwaway line...I still think he's alive and kicking. Just not "Rock" anymore.
  2. I searched for discussion of this but couldn’t find a specific thread. Was Rock executed? In chapter 114, we find out that: “Skar and Drehy had relayed the news after returning to the Shattered Plains. It seemed Kaladin wouldn’t be seeing Rock again.” Maybe I’m being pessimistic, and Brandon wouldn’t kill Rock offscreen like that, but I dunno, sounds pretty definite. What is the consensus here?
  3. I JUST NEED TO BASH MY KEYBOARD EXCITEDLY ABOUT ALL THE CRAZY COSMERE CONNECTIONS FROM RoW! fjdksjfkdljgkf;djsgklfg;jkgf;ljskl;jkl;fejsk;gsjfkls;gjf1!!!jrklefdu9g0f90b,x.  ahh, that's better.

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    2. Bearer of all agonies

      Bearer of all agonies

      Agh, I will start my second reread tonight to try to understand one sentence of that book. :)

    3. NattyBo


      'There's a lotta ins, a lotta outs, a lotta strands floatin' around ol' duders' head..."

    4. Bearer of all agonies
  4. Anyone playing Hades? Super addictive just one more try type of game
  5. Lets see, since the last time I posted: Beat Dead Space 1, 2, 3 Currently playing: Control and Assassin's Creed: Origins.
  6. New Tattoo Day!


    Next up is my Sanderson tattoo, subject matter and design...TBD. 

    image0 (2).jpeg


    1. Honorless


      That looks great, Nat! 

    2. NattyBo


      Thanks! I’m happy with how it came out! Really fine line work. 

  7. My new PC is all set up since last night and holllllly cow what a monster. I love it. Star Wars Squadrons is a great game btw, especially at its lower price point ($40).
  8. I have a new gaming PC set to come on Monday and I'm sooooooooooo psyched to play Star Wars Squadrons on it, not to mention Cyberpunk 2077 next month(!! where is the time going!?). My plan this next gen is PC for multiplatform games, PS5 for sony first party, Switch/Switch Pro for Nintendo first party and multiplatform JRPGS. My new PC is a beast so I expect it to handle things better than PS5 or XSX will. Nothing makes me feel like a kid again quite like new gaming hardware. CANT WAIT
  9. Never been this worried about the future of the USA. We are on the brink.

  10. @Use the Falchion are you playing P5 Royal or P5 Vanilla? I plat'd the Vanilla, I just dont have the heart (nor do I want to pay) for largely the same game with a little additional content.
  11. That FF16 trailer was HOT. I've got my PS5 preorder and a new PC preorder locked in. Lets go, next gen! Can't wait to play the rebuilt Demon's Souls.
  12. The Planet of the Apes by Pierre Boulle
  13. Demons Souls is a big one for me even tho I played it on PS3. I also expect Final Fantasy 16 to be announced at the PS5 event tomorrow, though not as a launch title. Speaking of final fantasy, I got a tribute to FF7 recently
  14. So much next gen. Will be preordering PS5 ASAP, also planning a new PC build in next month or two
  15. Thank you mods for moving this to the correct forum! since my op, I’ve been leaning towards a nightblood tattoo, but haven’t found quite the reference art I would like for the artist. still open to other ideas!!