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  1. Bastille had eaten a couple of bricks and a purse earlier that day.
  2. hehehehehehehehe
  3. hehehehehehehehe
  4. AI sent me on an adventure. I don't know who is narrating, though. "Little Bear went to 『Shikigami』. And then, she went to the dungeon's boss, 『Cursed Raven』, and defeated it. After that, I thought of making her go there. But, the reason was different. In the previous dungeon, I was defeated. I was defeated by the boss of the dungeon. It seemed that the boss was a Demon God. Even so, I didn't intend on giving up on this place. I'm a 『Demon God』. I'm a demon. But, I'm a Demon, so I was defeated by a Demon. And then, I wanted him to defeat the boss of the dungeon.
  5. Day 10

    I forgot Wednesday!! Here are two (again):

    Image result for bear gifs funny


  6. Little Bear held a TLT Olympics. Everyone was invited to watch or participate.
  7. Day 7

    Noooooooo!! I forgot to post on Sunday!! Here are two to make up for it:

    Image result for bear gifs funny

    Image result for bear memes

  8. Your profile picture is adorable!

    1. Ookla the very snazzy

      Ookla the very snazzy

      Thank you!  it is The Lopen, Branderson's dog.  whom I am currently stalking.

  9. Before Withy could make it to them, a angry cat was thrown at his face.
  10. Little Bear gifted Sutton a laser gun to celebrate her birth.