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  1. Granted but its a blue waffle, google for further info. I wish for unlimited investiture
  2. stormlight

    All these stickers are awesome, the fleet quote is my favorite for sure. I always thought the women's script used in Navani's notebook would make a cool decal
  3. The considerable abilities of the Skybreakers for making such amounted to an almost divine skill, for which no specific Surge or spren grants capacity, but however the order came to such an aptitude, the fact of it was real and acknowledged even by their rivals. ” —Chapter 28, page 3[16 do we know what this is referring to? I can't remember if it was revealed at some point please help.
  4. Dang it, the first time the lord ruler of the forums notices me and its to mildly scold me. I'll be better next time Brightlord I swear.
  5. I never thought Adolin would become a radiant but if all this is true then I think he is the best candidate for creating a bond with a deadeye given his connection to his
  6. paradox sounds dope I really hope that becomes canon
  7. it wasn't a set up I just got lucky
  8. I agree wholeheartedly
  9. thanks:)
  10. they don't prevent hobbies but they definitely reduce productivity and Brandons writing started as a hobby but yes its more than that now
  11. I never thought of that before obviously, very interesting as they are my favorite character from that series
  12. which character arc?
  13. thanks
  14. because anyone can be a father but it takes a real man to be a daddy
  15. thanks