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  1. at June 2019, I finished all published cosmere books/novellas... now I am left empty....!!! What do I do? I can't wait for the upcoming books!
  2. QUESTION In Sixth of the Dusk, it feels like it’s a crossover… BRANDON SANDERSON That is true. QUESTION So is it a planet that we've seen before, or... BRANDON SANDERSON Yes. Well, you have seen the people they are calling "The Ones Above." QUESTION And you're not going to tell any more? BRANDON SANDERSON Nope. QUESTION When will we know? BRANDON SANDERSON Yeah, fifteen years maybe? Hopefully it won't take me that long, but I only just finished the outlines for Era 3 Mistborn, which is now what we're calling the 1980's, so I haven't even at the moment got the sketches of the sci-fi one, I don't have the outlines and things. So in other words, we aren't to the science fiction era; we're a ways off from that. The Question: Isn't the underlined bold text indicates that the "Ones Above" is future Scandrians?
  3. I see. This is the answer I was looking. Thanks!
  4. I... did not expect these kind of replies to my questions. Some clarifications: 1. Yes, I'm not a native English speaker 2. I meant both before and after leaving darkside. As I was reading, I feel he was cheating to brush away Khriss since he felt he doesn't deserve him.
  5. Does Gevin actually loved Khriss? He mentioned that she deserves better lover