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  1. So... I know this one guy who happens to be a right hander. If this one guy were to join... would this one guy see equal treatment? Would this one guy become the scapegoat of the right hander humor, or would this one guy be celebrated for his differences and accepted into a tribe of open minded left handers? Just let me know... you know... so I can tell this one guy. He's great by the way... this one guy.
  2. Alright, that was pretty fantastic...
  3. Tempting, but I cannot. I smell a baked goo- I MEAN *cough*... ruse.
  4. Brandon Sanderson, Calamity - ebook (I know, I'm not caught up yet on Sanderson. I only started reading him about two years ago and had an insanely busy year. *cough* excuses). J.R.R Tolkien, The Hobbit - paperback I always have an ebook engaged alongside a physical book. I read the ebook on my breaks at my full time job and the physical book at home after I'm done writing for the evening. Once I'm finished with one, I just move onto the next.
  5. Pokémon Ultra Moon is my current 'I'm too exhausted to write' getaway. That rarely happens, which is why I'm only halfway through it after all this time. Looking eagerly forward to Sword & Shield!
  6. I will be there for both days and am willing to record what must be recorded. I've checked the schedule for his events and will be attending all of them. Let me know if there are any specifically that the Arcanists are looking forward to and I will make those a priority. It's never a bother to ask questions! He is usually willing to answer a few questions while he is signing your books/items. I suggest having them prepared so that you don't blank like I did the first time! I wouldn't leave them in the books you want signed because your books will be prepared by the staff to make the signing itself move smoother. He usually is willing to sign multiple books/items with a single pass, but for personalizations he usually asks that you only request one per approach. He is fine with people jumping back in line to do another. That way others will have opportunity to see him. There are usually plenty of books available at his booth, whether he is there for the signing or not. If you are planning on waiting in line for the signing, I recommend purchasing your books first rather than trying to get them as you reach the booth. I saw him a few weeks ago in Kansas and the processes were like this. Hope that helps!
  7. I actually think that's a great plan for what Davriel wants. But like Invocation has said, I feel that there are many letters of appearance already stacking up on Davriel's desk that he will find quite bothersome.
  8. I first heard about Brandon Sanderson from a friend of mine at work. He was an avid reader of fantasy and was attempting to draw me back into reading more (I had a terribly unproductive phase of gaming that was awful for both my reading and writing). He recommended Mistborn first, and being familiar with my love of epic fantasy, recommended that I delve into the Stormlight Archive right after. And I did exactly that. He let me borrow his paperback trilogy set of Mistborn, and it was over. It took me a bit longer than I intended to finish them due to several excuses that, while affected me greatly, shall remain a mystery to you and should still have never stopped me from reading. But when I finally redeveloped a reading habit, I was more than pleased by his work. Mistborn. The Way of Kings. It changed me. I'm a creative type by nature. For those of you who are also the creative type, I know that you understand me when I say that we have to be doing something. Productivity can be laden with opinion based on what it is that requires it, but productivity is always what I call the artist needing to produce. Well, Brandon's work poured gasoline on my proverbial writing fire and sparked an eternal flame in me; a passion for creative writing that I am ever thankful for. I've only been writing for about two years, the second of those being fueled by Brandon. Now that I've tasted it and have overflowing coffers of shiny motivation, I will never stop. I recently met him for the first time at Planet Comicon in Kansas City. I spent nearly the entire day hanging around his booth, aside from the times where I was drawn away to see his panels and speak with artists and illustrators. I loved it. I also soon realized that the ticket for a single day was not nearly enough. What keeps me with him as he continues to advance his career is the fact that he has a passion for his writing as well, and it's very obvious. I want to be a supporter of his passion and will stand tall next to anyone else who feels the same way about Brandon's passion, or their own. Additionally, I unknowingly developed similar writing habits to Brandon and discovered this through his lectures and podcasts. It's extremely encouraging to enjoy his work at the level that I do, and know that at least some aspect of our creative brains views writing in a similar light. His words give me strength to better myself as a writer every day, and they give me hope that someday I might be able to say that I made it. Thank you, Brandon Sanderson. And please... never stop writing.
  9. Haha! Glad to be of service. The overall design is very enjoyable and easy to navigate. Kudos to you and the art designers. Your next glass of blue wine is on me. Also, this was using Chrome, if that helps at all. I didn't test it on other browsers to see if it repeats.
  10. Here is a screenshot of the error. The 17th Shard logo is shifted to the right a bit. It's not a cataclysmic event by any means, but I imagine if Davriel ever became a member, he would find it most irritating.
  11. I appreciate it! I definitely should have done that. It was late and I hadn't thought about it I'll create another account and leave it unconfirmed and see if it still looks the same.
  12. Thank you, kind sir! I'm afraid I'm not accepting baked goods at this particular time. I've been warned by no one in particular to avoid them at all costs.
  13. Much appreciated! That advice seems very sound. I'll avoid them for sure.
  14. Just wanted to inform the moderators/designers of a minor image shift for the primary logo on the signup page of the site. It could use a little of Shallan's expertise, as it were. AND I've discovered that I posted this in the wrong section. Terrible way to start. It's like I'm fiddling with Allomancy for the first time. Let me know what I can do to fix it.
  15. Hello! Happy to call myself a Worldhopper! I'm ashamed, however, to say that I've known of 17th Shard for almost as long as I've known of Sanderson's existence, and only just joined. Now, before you cast me to the Pits of Hathsin, I had only read the first Mistborn book from the first era and was afraid of being spoiled of things I knew nothing about. I took a few quick glances here and there on the site and read several things that almost instantaneously shattered my Shardblade on contact. My reasoning for staying away at the time was undeniable. But, I'm excited to be here, and I'm just going to do my best to remain unspoiled until I finish absorbing his work. So far, I've read the original Mistborn trilogy, The Way of Kings, Steelheart, Firefight and Children of the Nameless. I own several more books than this, but I was trying to pace myself through them so that I don't run out. I think I'm leaning towards casting that notion to the winds of a Highstorm and doing the exact opposite - volunteering for the front of a bridge carry. I should be fine. I know of at least one other who has done it and survived...