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  1. game

    I'm down for guessing Ishikk and Tvlakv.
  2. game

    Well, Vasher is one of them... Ishar technically worldhopped between Braize and Roshar, but I'm dubious... It's also true for Jezrien, and that's too many.
  3. game

    Cool -- Sadees @Sariel @Rhapsody
  4. game

    "Evil" is a tricky one. The correct answers we had were Nale and Taravangian. Sadees matches with that, I think.
  5. game

    @Babilarian Darkeyes, Renarin and Elhokar?
  6. game

    Hum, do you think Elhokar and Renarin?
  7. What animals are you thinking of that can't run? Turtles? I don't think I know of any societies with majorly domesticated tortoises, and they tend to be small outside the tropics anyway. All domesticated animals I can think of can run, even if they look stupid doing so. (Chickens always look silly.) You do have a point about pigs being omnivorous, and therefore inclined to eat animals, thus shedding blood -- at least I assume that's what you meant by saying pigs weren't naturally herbivorous -- but pigs mostly don't hunt like cats or dogs. They're scavengers. They eat what they find, including their own poop. (ew) Pigs will eat almost anything, including things that are poisonous to us, so they're easy to feed. They don't need to be hunting down things and shedding blood. Also what Karger said: Cows are fussy, fragile animals, and goats get into trouble. Sheep, which Karger didn't mention, are just dumb. Are pigs really that hard to herd? As for why pigs repel shades: Pigs hearts are used in our world to study the human heart because they're pretty similar and much easier to get. Maybe there's something unusually humanlike about pigs? And once people think they repel shades, they will because Cognitive nonsense. Why to keep them instead of getting more people: They're easier to feed and can be sold. Also, you don't have to pay them.
  8. game

    (Sorry for the delay. My internet went down.) I think Tvlakv is probably a good guess? The problem is we've got viewpoints from so many sides that very few people seem actually evil ... it's not as if we have Odium on here. Glys and Nale are both reasonable guesses as well.
  9. game

    Oh, dear. I'd vote 3? Then moving to 4 if necessary?
  10. Honor Cultivation Preservation Autonomy Skybreaker Renarin (we don’t know what exactly he is) Lightweaver Elsecaller Willshaper Stoneward Fused Regal Herald Coinshot Lurcher Tineye Pewterarm Rioter Soother Smoker Seeker Pulser Leecher Seer Mistborn Crasher (Wax) (Skimmer/Coinshot) Wayne (Bloodmaker/Slider) Miles (Bloodmaker/Augur) Koloss Kandra Chimera Returned Nalthian Elantrian Dakhor monk Forger Sand master Aviar Things that sense Cognitive presence Removed Bondsmith. Which would you take with you on a political protest when you didn't expect violence?
  11. game

    Well, we don't have Szeth.
  12. Honor cultivation odium preservation ruin harmony Autonomy skybreaker edgedancer Renarin (we don’t know what exactly he is) Lightweaver Elsecaller willshaper Stoneward bondsmith fused Regal Herald fish coinshot lurcher tineye thug rioter soother smoker seeker pulser Leecher (one used the primer cube, correct?) seer mistborn Crasher (Wax) (Skimmer/Coinshot) Wayne (Bloodmaker/Slider) Miles (Gold Compounder) (Bloodmaker/Augur) inquisitor koloss kandra chimera returned nalthian elantrian dakhor monk chay-shan user Forger sand master worldhopper aviar Things that sense cognitive presence Eliminated 'windrunner'. They'd make it much faster! Which would be the most fun to watch the sunset with?
  13. game

  14. game

    Aw yes game on! Does red or blue go first?
  15. Sure am! Hi, Taradiddle. My favorite number is 13, because it's easy to explain happy numbers in base ten using it. Thank you! Please excuse me if I examine this cookie before eating it -- nothing personal, just general paranoia. Ah! Where I come from we call this a 'roll.' Thank you, very nice.