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  1. game

    Oh, whoops! I'm sorry. I'd just looked at the rules of the original game. :sheepish:
  2. game

    All's Alley is a RED AGENT. Pawns is the ASSASSIN IN WHITE. Game over. Blue wins. Nice job everyone, and thank you for your patience!
  3. game

    Cynder is a BLUE AGENT. It's been more than 48 hours, so @Babilarian Darkeyes Red Team's turn.
  4. game

    Devi is a BLUE AGENT.
  5. game

    An Accountability of Virtue is a Red Agent. Dym is a Blue Agent. @MistCLOAKed Mountains @Paragrin Your clue is Explorer 2.
  6. game

    Blue Team, @MistCLOAKed Mountains @Paragrin -- Alethkar 2
  7. game

    BLUE team -- @Paragrin, @MistCLOAKed Mountains Your clue is ASCENDANT 2.
  8. game

    Truthcall is a BLUE AGENT. Red team's turn. @Truthless of Shinovar
  9. game

    I've made up teams -- RED is @Babilarian Darkeyes, @I am a stick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, and @Scion of the Mists. The Spymaster is @Truthless of Shinovar. BLUE is @MistCLOAKed Mountains and @Paragrin I am the Spymaster. Play will begin... Now. With our turn. Returned -1
  10. game

    I can be a Spymaster.
  11. Wow! That is fascinating. I wonder what made her change her habits?
  12. Dalinar's situation involved memory, which we knew from very early on. Taravangian's doesn't, so we have much less reason to suspect that his impression of the interaction is wrong. When Dalinar met Cultivation, if I remember correctly (I don't have Oathbringer with me), he first met Nightwatcher, and then Cultivation intervened. When Taravangian was complaining that Nightwatcher didn't forgo her traditional bane even though what he asked for was the capacity to save the world, he would probably have mentioned if some third party interrupted. Of course, this doesn't mean that Cultivation didn't meet with him pretending to be Nightwatcher the entire time, but that wouldn't be the same situation as Dalinar. Taravangian's situation is so different from Dalinar's that I don't think it's very likely that Cultivation intervened. It would certainly be interesting to ask Brandon how many of the 'Nightwatcher''s bargains were actually Cultivation, though! Edit: Wow, when you forget to post other people post much more interesting things!
  13. Could you speed up someone's aging? Are the plants Lift grows fully adult plants in a few seconds when she does that? If so, you could maybe use the same process to speed the aging of a person. Aging is a natural part of human life, so it should be less impossible than changing bodies. But if people think of themselves as being a specific age, they might not be able to be pushed out of it.
  14. game

    types of investiture?
  15. Why do you say so?