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  1. I guess I should work more on my phrasing, thanks though. I was wondering more on the implications of having early-flight mechanisms in Nalthis through Awakening if the process worked as I had understood it in my reading.
  2. Could Awakened objects fly? We know that Awakened Objects, so long as their material allows it, can move despite the lack of any obvious mechanism like hydraulics or gear systems to substitute muscle and sinew structures. An Awakened rope can move to bind its targets by itself, and an Awakened doll can walk by itself, without the additional weight a workable engine would require. If you created a bird paper-mache with the proper body-ratios and built-in weights to off-set wind resistance, could it fly? Renaissance and early Industrial ideas of Flying Machines usually failed because of the inefficiency of their designs with regards to lifting power and engine weight. An Awakened flying machine wouldn't need that. You could create Flying Machines that didn't operate based on propulsion technologies or airship concepts. Nalthis could possibly create plane-like vehicles who operated more similarly to living birds. A sufficiently durable organic material could be used for the wing alongside a wooden skeleton with each part being Awakened individually as to lessen the demands for complex commands. You could tell the each part of the plane to respond based on the movement of light-weight levers for precise aerial manoeuvres. The lack of a heavy engine would mean that, given a large enough wing-span, the construct would be able to feasibly fly. Storage capacity would probably be very limited, but the ability of Nalthis to construct, and possibly mass produce with a more widespread Breath collection drive, relatively early flight designs might prove to be a significant asset. Awakened scouting and logistics planes could help to spearhead Nathean exploration and expansion. Even once they've developed modern designs, the ability to substitute with Breath aircraft weight could lend to some efficient and interesting types of aircraft. --- Drone technologies might be available to Nalthis earlier than in other worlds. For militaristic capacity you could have Awakened bird-like creatures drop dynamite on target positions (or you could also use lifeless birds) The usage of lifeless in the Manywar seem to tackle the theme of dehumanised warfare already. With regular lifeless armies you could theoretically have a population whose culture is separated from the very notion of war even when amidst a large scale conflict. Alongside modern-styled Awakened / lifeless drones-the contrast in between older forms of combat like formal warfare against modern-age conflict could also become more quickly readily apparent. I'm not sure if I'd like to read of a bleak world-war type conflict in a world literally based on colour and life though.
  3. Yeah, you'd probably not be able to use attached wings to fly, feathered or otherwise, without another magic system allowing for it to do so. The human body isn't really that aerodynamic. You could ask a Windrunner friend to lash you but then you would be better off simply using the lashing to fly in the first place. You might need to change your whole body structure completely to account for workable wings - transforming into a large bird maybe. Though, as has been noted, species change might be too difficult for even a skilled Soulcaster to manage without seriously hurting themselves even through Stormlight healing. I think the main strength here would still be the potential to Soulcast yourself bodies with inherent magical properties like Mistwraiths (so you could spike yourself); otherwise you could possibly induce or cure Savantism, grant yourself Larkin-like abilities somehow, or give yourself a workable gemheart (specie changing into a half or full parshendi?) to make use of the different forms. As for other opportunities with this kind of Soulcasting though, I think there's some interesting interactions it could have with Awakening. Soulcasting a corpse into a dragon-like creature and then turning it into a lifeless might be feasible. --- Now that I think of it, Iron Metalminds might help you fly with Soulcast wings. The act of filling a Metalmind doesn't really require much effort on the part of the Ferring or Medallion holder, and once you've Soulcast wings, you should be able to sustain on-demand personal flight without need for additional investiture. I'd get it for something like angelic wings if nothing else.
  4. A fun idea at the very least...probably. The overwhelming pain thing was a really good point, I doubt Stormlight could ease much of that even if the transformation was performed by a particularly well-read and studied student of human and animal anatomy. The Dragon of Roshar has a pretty good ring to it, especially with that Elsecaller character. I can just imagine his / her plan to become a dragon. For science!
  5. High-level Soulcasting seems to involve at least one of three things. First, the ability to at all influence a change in an object's essence especially when the targeted result is conceptually 'far' from the spren's current state. Second, the ability to perform precise Soulcastings. Third, the ability to 'accurately' Soulcast something. The better you are at Soulcasting, the less general your changes are. In this case we'd compare generic Soulcast grain and meat against proper Strawberry Jam or chicken-flavoured meat. Aside from blood purification, however, most of what we've seen of Soulcasting's greatest feats involve changing a targeted object's essence into another rather than changing a target into an object within its own essence. Further, we've really only read about one highly proficient Soulcaster, Jasnah, whose specialties don't lie in the Soulcasting of the blood essence, the essence most likely closest related to life. While transforming armies into fire or creating metal barriers from thin air is impressive, I think a very significant part of Soulcasting's potential lies beyond Jasnah's proficiencies. What if we had a character whose Soulcasting abilities rivaled Jasnah's but whose specialties lay in the blood essence? Can you Soulcast a person physically without killing them? If so... Could a Soulcaster precisely pinpoint precise parts of their body, their bones and skin for example to make them harder and more durable? Could you Soulcast your body features to disguise yourself? What about Soulcasting your sensory organs to make the them more effective tools (bat's sense of hearing, cat's eyesight, etc.) Could you Soulcast your internal organ structures such that it could and houses a gemheart? Could you Soulcast air and mend it to your body as workable wings? (Basically fooling your body that you've always had the wings and attaching them to your nervous system, among others, to make them usable) Could you change your species with Soulcasting? Maybe you could turn yourself into a Mistwraith or transform a Kandra into a human. (The Nightwatcher can apparently do this so I'm wondering if Cultivation's Investiture could allow a Soulcaster to do this as well) Most importantly, could you Soulcast the surrounding air and ground into you as to add to your overall mass and change your body structure such that you become a dragon? Assuming you could trick your body into accepting the changes brought by Soulcasting, maybe Lightweaving would help, and the changes you've made to your body are plausible and workable (circulatory, nervous, skeletal, etc. systems are all properly accounted for) it should be possible right? --- Stone skin or bones would probably be impractical I guess. As for more organic methods, you'd have to change a lot more about someone's body structure to account for denser bones and tougher flesh.
  6. Personally, I'd like to read more about Teft. While he, Rock, and Moash took relatively similar screen times in Way of Kings, I can't help but feel that Moash kind of stole most of the camera's focus during Words of Radiance. I think his journey overcoming his fire-moss addiction and overall unhealthy self loathing to become a fully-fledged Windrunner would be very satisfying. (I imagine his character arc will partly culminate with a conflict against Ashertmarn). The backstory of the Envisagers might also shed some light on the Sons of Honour and the Skybreakers; their sudden mass executions, given the fact that they weren't really posing a threat to the rest of the populace, seem too suspicious to me.
  7. Granted, you lose the ability to distinguish different kinds of birds and Alethi Chefs prepare you a variety of different definitely chicken-based delicacies. I wish for five boons.
  8. Interesting; now I'm speculating that, if the Nightwatcher's curses work by rewriting your indentity such that standard magic can't find anything to correct, her abilities might actually work very similarly to Soulcasting. When an object is Soulcast into another essence, while it does remember its past form, as far as it's concerned, its current state is its real state and therefore sustain their current form a long time after the Investiture used to Soulcast them has run out. (unlike basic Awakening or Soul Stamping which both decay) I'd assume that if someone Soulcast a part of your body into a different material, you wouldn't be able to heal it with Stormlight. While the body part still will recognise that it is a part of you, it will also believe that its natural state is of whatever it was Soulcast into.
  9. Would an identity medallion help? On another note, if the Nightwatcher attaches her curses directly to someone's spirit web, would it be possible to use Hemalurgy to steal it? There are some boons / banes which would be very useful at certain points in time but detrimental in most others; being able to collect Nightwatcher spikes to use at will would give someone the most diverse and bizarre personal magic system in the Cosmere. if you're able to store Nightwatcher spells inside metal you would be able to technically heal yourself periodically from the Nightwatcher's magic while still being able to reap the benefits of her boons. Of course, you would have to use Hemalurgy on the original recipient... --- Oh well. the identity medallions were worth a shot. --- relevant post; should have probably looked this up first
  10. Can Stormlight, or any form of Investiture for that matter, 'heal' you from the effects of a Nightwatcher-given bane? Let's say the Nightwatcher's curse inverts your sight, will you be able to use Stormlight to revert your vision back into what you perceive to be their usual state? What if she takes your arm away, could you likewise regrow it or will the Nightwatcher's curse somehow resist its healing? If it can, then how feasible is it to break the curse through sheer Investiture? How much of the Nightwatcher's influence, if at all is left to any given recipient of her blessings? Will a compounding bloodmaker be able to heal from wound cursed to never heal? Can a Soulcaster standing in middle of a Highstorm change a transformation made by the Nightwatcher? We haven't really seen the interactions between Stormlight and Old Magic boons and banes; a lot of her mechanics are probably very reliant on how heavily invested she is as a splinter I think.
  11. I will admit, wooden hands sound kind of cool. Granted, but you now have a personal moisture cloud following you around. I wish for the ability to visit and leave Nalthis at will.
  12. Granted, you lose your eyes and now see through blue Allomantic lines emanating from your chest. I wish I was bonded to a cryptic.
  13. While Elsecallers might be more proficient in both the Shadesmar-'aligned' surges compared to either the Willshapers or the Lightweavers, I'd wager that in terms of achieving more 'specialised' effects, the other two radiant orders might have them beat. I'm particularly interested in the interaction in between Lightweaving and Soulcasting. Lightweaving tackles the themes of truths and lies; on how lies may emerge from truths and truths emerge from lies. When the world believes a lie does it become truth? Maybe not, but the grander - the more alluring - the lie the more we are attracted to believe in it; and the moment we do, we act upon those newfound convictions. While the staunchest of people may be 'Soulcast' by Lightweavers into (for better or worse) different versions of themselves through false, perfect ideals, spren may also be similarly prone to the additional transformative effects of a Lightweaver's Soulcasting. In effect, a Lightweaver might have, contrary to the infamous stick incident, an easier time convincing the spren of objects and people to change granted they know enough about what they are trying to change. Because of this, the Lightweavers would probably be more able than the Elsecallers in calling forth dramatic Soulcastings like creating exotic matter. Whether or not exotic matter can be created is a different matter nearly altogether. Did fire spren exist before men thought of the concept of 'fire'? The concept of Soulcasting is deeply intertwined with social constructs-truths and lies. It seems apparent that even without man to observe it, fire would exist, however, conceptually it would not be viewed separately from the rest of the universe at large as there would be no sapient creature to divide and organise it for its her own understanding. Fire spren would probably exist without man though probably not in the form Rosharians are familiar with it - regardless, the 'ingredients' to make a fire spren would exist because there is such a phenomenon of a chemical reaction which could eventually be observed and understood as 'fire'. If dark matter does exist within the Cosmere, then the moment it is conceptualised, it would be separated from the greater whole and categorised individually, creating dark matter spren. The lie or construct, in this case, could only exist because the 'truth' of it as a 'thing' to be observed has first existed. It's probably possible for a sufficiently skilled and knowledgable Soulcaster to transform something into dark matter if dark matter does exist, though given the sheer difference exotic substances in general have in comparison to the ten basic essences, you might need a Lightweaver to do it successfully.
  14. ketek

    Burning bright, / alight cross / golden hope / golden cross, / a light bright burning. Mistborn Final Empire Spoilers: Here's hoping to the restoration of a cultural treasure.
  15. Granted, you now have less time to sleep. I wish I was less shy.