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  1. Wow nice job spotting that. I never noticed it before. I would think this could just be nothing but it is definitely something to remember moving forward. Has anything ever been said on whether or not Shards can actually have children?
  2. Completely agree it could be a RAFO. After the arrival of Trell in Mistborn era 2 who it seems is very probable to be a avatar of Autonomy it made me think of this question. Autonomy by the shard’s intent wouldn’t seem the type to invade another shard’s territory unless she has a very good reason. Could see that reason being because Sazed, unknowingly did what the original shard’s truly feared by combining Ruin and Preservation.
  3. I have one. Was one of the purposes of the sixteen shard vessels’ agreement to not settle on any planet together to prevent one vessel from combining 2 shards as we saw Sazed do with Ruin and Preservation in the end of Mistborn Era 1?
  4. I always wondered if the Lord Ruler actually went to the beyond like we were lead to believe in Secret Mysteries. The very nonchalant attitude he showed toward Kelsier and Preservation made me believe he knew exactly what had happened to him and knew what to do next. Of course it could be he knew he was done and ready to move on but I always hoped maybe he didn’t and stayed in the Cosmere. Probably just me wanting more Rashek. Great podcast!!!!!
  5. I could be wrong but I believe Lightweavers have the ability to peer into the cognitive realm with their soul casting ability but can’t physically travel their like a Elsecaller who can use transportation.
  6. That is a excellent point. We know Honor is all about keeping your oath and depending on the exact wording of said oath it could be possible by sending Taln back they didn’t break their oath. Hopefully we will find more out in the back 5 when we get Herald POVS.
  7. Ahh I forgot about that was mentioned in Words of Radiance. Thanks!!!
  8. I know that the Recreance wasn’t the cause Honor’s death and yes Taln kept his oath but I would think if he was capable Honor would have tried to intervene and make the 9 Heralds resume the Oathpact.
  9. This is something I have been curious about for a while. We know Honor was losing it by the time of the Recreance but what about when the Oathpact was broken? No doubt Honor would not be ok with the Heralds breaking their oaths. Thoughts?
  10. It does fit but also important to remember Brandon has said that Balat’s actions are a result of the influence of a unmade, at least I believe that Brandon has shared this with us. That doesn’t rule out your theory but does provide another explanation of Balat’s actions.
  11. @Ark1002Yea, them forming the Ghostbloods is a stretch but I definitely feel like there is a story there with these Radiants.
  12. I’ve have been doing another read through of Stormlight Archive and was wondering if there was any WOB of what happened to the Knight Radiants after they abandoned their oaths during the Recreance? Considering the fact the Radiants are still considered traitors centuries later I would think they would have been shunned by most of society following the Recreance, so it would make sense for at least some of these Radiants to try to stay together since it was likely they were the only ones to accept each other. With their knowledge of the Cosmere it seems probable that some of them would find other ways to try to make a difference on Roshar and not just sit in the shadows doing nothing. I have a pet theory that maybe the original Ghostblood members were actually some of the KR who broke their oaths. I have no proof for this theory but I do remember a WOB that stated that the group’s name “Ghostbloods” was inspired by a significant event in the Cosmere and the Recreance would qualify for that. So any WOB or opinions on this?