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  1. Honestly been a while since I read bands so I don’t remember everything he told the southerners. I know he didn’t lie about everything as I think Allik mentioned to wax and company that their sovereign was their people’s God before becoming his people’s God which is true. Guess I was just making the point Kelsier is definitely arrogant enough to use his own body even if did get a body by spiking a miswraith and had the option to use another. You could be right though and he is trying to hide his identity. Hopefully some of this will get answered in Lost Metals but could have to wait to Era 3 to find out what Kelsier’s motivation is.
  2. Opps might have misinterpreted the meaning. I was thinking of a Dalinar pov from WOK when it was mentioned how the Alethi made a point to send people into the chasms to collect the gems the male Listeners wore in their beards.
  3. It could be he is trying to keep his identity a secret but is it possible it is actually his motives instead that he wants to keep secret? The WOB obviously proves Kelsier doesn’t want people to know certain things about him but after seeing it I interpreted it as he doesn’t want certain people to know what he is up to and or planning instead of it being about hiding his true identity.
  4. I agree this would just confirm even more what people believe about Dalinar going crazy but given that Taln is the real deal he could be a huge help and eventually once people start to realize the things they are saying start to happen it would eventually convince people. Even if people don’t believe Dalinar about Taln he would be a tremendous ally with his knowledge alone.
  5. It totally isn’t on this thread. Definitely meant to post that on another thread my apologies!!!
  6. I could be wrong but I it was the gems in their beards they were harvesting after battles. Remember the male Listeners wear gems in their beards.
  7. Yes, after the reveal I was kicking myself for not seeing it. Brandon gave obvious hints by having it mentioned several times how horses didn’t fit with other Rosharan animals and if you think about humans neither do they. I’m beginning to believe all if not most native Roshar beings have gemstones and a natural bond with spren.
  8. I didn’t see any hints of where they got them but my theory was always they found them in Stormseat. Very possible they took them by killing shard bearers also.
  9. I’m just hoping if Adolin does become a Edgedancer we get to see Lift training him in the Surges. Lift teaching Adolin would be hilarious.
  10. I like that theory!! I’m just excited to see the general reaction from the spren, especially the Stormfather, if Adolin does revive Maya as it appears it is heading that direction. I would imagine the spren would become very fond of him.
  11. Wow nice job spotting that. I never noticed it before. I would think this could just be nothing but it is definitely something to remember moving forward. Has anything ever been said on whether or not Shards can actually have children?
  12. Completely agree it could be a RAFO. After the arrival of Trell in Mistborn era 2 who it seems is very probable to be a avatar of Autonomy it made me think of this question. Autonomy by the shard’s intent wouldn’t seem the type to invade another shard’s territory unless she has a very good reason. Could see that reason being because Sazed, unknowingly did what the original shard’s truly feared by combining Ruin and Preservation.
  13. I have one. Was one of the purposes of the sixteen shard vessels’ agreement to not settle on any planet together to prevent one vessel from combining 2 shards as we saw Sazed do with Ruin and Preservation in the end of Mistborn Era 1?
  14. I always wondered if the Lord Ruler actually went to the beyond like we were lead to believe in Secret Mysteries. The very nonchalant attitude he showed toward Kelsier and Preservation made me believe he knew exactly what had happened to him and knew what to do next. Of course it could be he knew he was done and ready to move on but I always hoped maybe he didn’t and stayed in the Cosmere. Probably just me wanting more Rashek. Great podcast!!!!!
  15. I could be wrong but I believe Lightweavers have the ability to peer into the cognitive realm with their soul casting ability but can’t physically travel their like a Elsecaller who can use transportation.