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  1. Happy Birthday! 

  2. My apologies. I edited it and it should be spoiler free.
  3. I am leaning toward his crush being Rlain. Just a theory with no real proof but I’m shipping them
  4. Right and he also said he had failed which makes me believe he did break. Taln could possibly not remember with his condition so maybe he just assumed he broke since he is back on Roshar but from the WOK epilogue it would indicate Taln did break.
  5. I’m currently a little over 500 pages in and loving it. Much faster pace then the actual WOK and different enough it doesn’t feel like WOK at all really.
  6. Nice!! I love hearing people’s reactions after a first read so I will definitely watch after I get off work.
  7. While I have no proof I always wondered if the Ghostbloods were the ones who actually sent Helaran and that it wasn’t the Skybreakers who sent him after Amaram. It seems much more like something they would do and also Amaram suspect’s Thaidakar. Maybe Helaran was both a Skybreaker initiate and a member of the Ghostbloods. We do hear Mraize tell Shallan her being a radiant doesn’t mean she can’t join them.
  8. I found this interesting too but nothing to indicate a third shard. Maybe because Ruin and Preservation created the planet together is why feruchemy exist being a even mix. That’s my head cannon
  9. Gavilar was playing his own game and his membership with the Sons of Honor was a means to a end. Amaram is until WOR completely unaware of the heralds presence on Roshar but from the ROW prologue reading it seems Gavilar is well aware of who Nale and most likely Kalak is. So either Amaram was out of the loop or Gavilar wasn’t too loyal to the SOH. I think the visions he received from the Stormfather made him start asking questions and that is how he found the SOH.
  10. @FrustrationActually I might have been mistaken about it being Ulim. The listener Klade claimed he was lead to Szeth by a voice who speaks to the rhythms so it could have been Ulim but no confirmation.
  11. I think it is important that Ulim a spren of Odium lead the listeners to Szeth which I take to mean Odium wanted Gavilar eliminated even though Gavilar is trying to bring back the listeners gods which is what Odium wants. So whatever Gavilar’s gameplan was I have to think it would have been bad for Odium otherwise why set up his death?
  12. True and that mixed with her respect and admiration for him that we saw in AWOK I’m very interested to see how she reacts. Also we know she is aware their must be a traitor in the coalition so Taravangian will need to step very carefully moving forward.
  13. Good point, especially Southern Scadrians.
  14. Whew can’t wait to see how Jasnah takes the news.
  15. I’m more curious how he is going to explain the murder rooms. Szeth saw these at the end of TWOK and I would expect Dalinar to question Szeth throughly about Taravangian. Can’t wait to see the fallout and what happens