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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Awesome hadn’t seen that one. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Are Kaladin’s depressive episodes he experiences connected to or caused by the influence of one of the Unmade?
  4. Agreed. With a Radiants’ plate and blade being so invested a Mistborn would have trouble with push and pulls plus as we know a shardblade is basically a one hit kill. Do we have any wob’s on if plate would have any protection from emotional Allomancy? That could possibly be a way a Mistborn might be able to get the upper hand on a Radiant.
  5. Was Nohadon a Bondsmith bonded to the Stormfather?
  6. Pretty sure Harmony tells Wax to lay off giving Marasi a hard time that he, Wax, isn’t the only person doing his work.
  7. horror

    This might have been my favorite foreshadowing in Stormlight . A great example is when Renarin is telling Kaladin how weird horses are and how they don’t fit on Roshar in I believe Wor maybe ob. Brandon basically giving you exactly what you need to realize wait humans don’t really fit with other Rosharan life either. Great job of hiding something in plain sight with what seems like a throwaway conversation between characters
  9. Honestly been a while since I read bands so I don’t remember everything he told the southerners. I know he didn’t lie about everything as I think Allik mentioned to wax and company that their sovereign was their people’s God before becoming his people’s God which is true. Guess I was just making the point Kelsier is definitely arrogant enough to use his own body even if did get a body by spiking a miswraith and had the option to use another. You could be right though and he is trying to hide his identity. Hopefully some of this will get answered in Lost Metals but could have to wait to Era 3 to find out what Kelsier’s motivation is.
  10. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/31/#e1727 It could be he is trying to keep his identity a secret but is it possible it is actually his motives instead that he wants to keep secret? The WOB obviously proves Kelsier doesn’t want people to know certain things about him but after seeing it I interpreted it as he doesn’t want certain people to know what he is up to and or planning instead of it being about hiding his true identity.
  11. I agree this would just confirm even more what people believe about Dalinar going crazy but given that Taln is the real deal he could be a huge help and eventually once people start to realize the things they are saying start to happen it would eventually convince people. Even if people don’t believe Dalinar about Taln he would be a tremendous ally with his knowledge alone.