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  1. I theorized on here some time ago that “the Herdazian general” would be a Dustbringer. I based that on a few things, and with the release of the first bit of Stormlight 4 today on the newsletter I’d like to revisit this theory First: We have a physical description of the General in Oathbringer, from the perspective of an Alethi officer named Sheler. “He had dark brown skin the color of a weathered stone, and there was a hint of grey in the thin mustache on his upper lip.” This matches the description of the Mink as described in the newsletter exactly. Of course, we already knew that it’s the same man, but it’s worth documenting for this next remark by Sheler. “Sheler struggled to no avail. Captured by Herdazians. Their general wasn’t even a lighteyes!” So, the general is specifically mentioned as not being a light eye. Compare this with what Lirin notices: “He bore a thin mustache on his upper lip, silvered to grey, and was perhaps in his fifties. His sun-leathered skin was darker than most Herdazians; he almost could have passed for Azish. His eyes were a cool, soft green.” Notice the difference? Suddenly he has cool soft green eyes, when before he was most certainly not a light eyes. The only ways to change eye color, that we know of, are to become a shard bearer or become a Knight Radiant Also notice this phrase: “We left obvious weapons behind,” the mink replied” Obvious weapons... what’s less obvious than a Shardblade not summoned? Now, based on this, I will theorize that he is Radiant. There’s nothing we can point at, yet, that proves beyond doubt that he is, but he is extremely slippery, as proved in Oathbringer. Also, as the Diagram says, look for those who live when they should not survive. (I’m paraphrasing that one, can’t find it on short notice) Finally, I am revising the Order that I think the Mink belongs to. Based on the new color of his eyes. They are a cool green now. This leads me to think he is an Edgedancer. It matches both the eye color and potential Surge (if what he uses to escape his manacles is indeed a Surge) TLDR: I think the Herdazian General (the Mink, an awesome nickname) is an Edgedancer
  2. Mine were close, my other one was Truthwatcher, with Skybreaker as 4 percents varied from yours though. I tied the top with Windrunner and Truthwatcher
  3. I’m not sure what to ‘vote’ for, as I tied at 69% with Truthwatcher and Windrunner
  4. I tied: Truthwatcher and Windrunner both at 69% Edgedancer at 65% Skybreaker at 62% I love how we now have more ideas on the other orders
  5. I don’t think it worked quite like that. I’ll base my argument that Nale took a long time to accept the Skybreakers at all. They were a fully functioning order before he came around to them.
  6. I love this map, and the way you’ve marked it up. I have wondered about the second spren. The description in Oathbringer made it seem very similar to the Inkspren. Almost like a white version of it. “One mother-of-pearl, the other black with a variegated oily shimmer.” Your guess is as good as mine. What jumped out at me is that Urithiru doesn’t fall exactly at the convergence. Either the map isn’t 100% accurate, or that’s an interesting occurrence
  7. I love this map, and the way you’ve marked it up. I have wondered about the second spren. The description in Oathbringer made it seem very similar to the Inkspren. Almost like a white version of it. “One mother-of-pearl, the other black with a variegated oily shimmer.” Your guess is as good as mine. What jumped out at me is that Urithiru doesn’t fall exactly at the convergence. Either the map isn’t 100% accurate, or that’s an interesting occurrence
  8. Brutally honest answer: No idea. You could be right, I suspect partially right. The giant question mark is at the heart of your theory, “How does Voidbinding work?”. We really don’t know yet, in fact have only really gotten to see Voidbinding on a superficial layer. Until we see under the hood, as we have with Surgebinding (yes, there’s more to learn), we can’t be certain of any of it. For example, what is the source of Voidlight? I can’t find where you cover this, and I don’t think you do. Sure maybe BAM can supply Voidlight to squires a la the way Surgebinders can, but where does BAM get Voidlight? The ‘Voidstorm’ is new. Yes, that’s not it’s name, but it illustrates the point. The Everstorm can not have been the source for the Desolations. My initial response to all this is that it’s going to be a long nine months of waiting for Rhythm. We need more information, and if Oathbringer is any kind of indication, we are in for a doozy of a book. Can’t hardly wait.
  9. I agree entirely. Two things in particular that people don’t seem to keep track of. 1) They are the most numerous, and martial, Order (except for the Stonewards on the martial side, I think) and constitute a major part of the ‘Army’ of the Knights. 2) They would be leading armies of non-Knights, much like Kal does in Kholinar
  10. I really like your description of this, thanks for putting it together
  11. I agree. When we very first heard about the three storylines, Aimia was briefly thrown around as an idea (including by myself) but also quickly discarded. Not that this proves that Aimia will be a focus of Rhythm, but shows that it’s more important than we realized Another potential implication of this decision, I think, is that Rock could very well be a Bondsmith. I had him pegged more on the Stoneward side, but his story being saved for the spot that was a Bondsmith book makes me think that’s likely For what it’s worth, I think that there will be some serious Bondsmithing in Book 5, just like we got a major look under the hood of the Skybreakers in Oathbringer
  12. He made a comment in the replies about Rock’s story: ”It would still need to be written. There wasn't room for it in book four, and it wouldn't really fit thematically anyway. If I don't manage to do it as a novella between four and five, I think I can make it fit in five thematically, so we'll put it there” Edit: I really wanted Rock’s story in the Horneater peaks. I respect his decision, but I’ll miss it
  13. If you’re on mobile it’s hard to find. Otherwise it shows right up. You can always look on Reddit in r/stormlightarchive They keep track as well
  14. So, according to the update Brandon did just barely, there will be three arcs of the story. The Primary Arc, four characters: Dalinar, Kaladin, Shallan, Szeth This will be the ‘main’ story, continuing on with the core characters we’ve seen so far The Secondary Arc, three characters that aren’t all together all the time, but the story has a lot to do with each other: Venli, Rlain, Eshonai? I think this will be the Willshaper part of the story. It seems like with Eshonai being the flashback character, this would make sense Tertiary Arc, two characters off by themselves: Jasnah and Ash Because who better to explor Aimia than Jasnah and a Herald? The number of arcs and characters in each Arc was specified by Sanderson. The rest is me speculating (for all those that haven’t read his post)
  15. I agree with you quite a bit. I think we can point to the text of Oathbringer, though, where Dalinar is in Thaylen and ‘heals’ the temple He has a time limit, before the stones begin to view themselves as separate, as opposed to part of the whole Similarly, some people begin to accept certain wounds as parts of themselves. Kaladin and his brands, for instance If Rysn still hasn’t accepted her inability to walk as part of herself, it seems like she could be healed I am rather partial to her becoming a Willshaper. She seems perfect for it to me
  16. He may do this, but I am a little partial to a different theory (this one isn’t nice for Kaladin) where Lirin doesn’t make it out of Hearthstone Basically, Kaladin takes the 4th, and saves the Mink and his mother and little brother, but the one he isn’t able to save is Lirin We’ll see, I could be wrong. But, I’m guessing him taking the 4th ideal is going to be a traumatic experience however it happens
  17. I’ve been doing some thinking recently, and I have a pretty wild theory about the Sibling. Here goes: 1: There are 9 Unmade, and there is an interesting tidbit we get from Sja Anat about their back story. Specifically, she was ‘First Made, then Unmade’... 2: I am assuming that Odium DID NOT make Sja Anat and the others, but was involved in their corruption or Unmaking 3: We know via WOB that the Unmade kinda sorta line up with the Knight Orders, but are definitely missing Bondsmiths. It’s a bit of a leap, but, what if the Sibling is not the true sibling of the Stormfather and the Nightwatcher? What if the Sibling is instead the only remaining uncorrupted ‘Made’? For this to work, the Unmade would have to have been made by Andonalsium, and then corrupted by Odium It would also explain why the Sibling began withdrawing, as a response to seeing the Knights bind their siblings. I can’t prove it, but I like it a lot. It explains both why there are 9 Unmade (a very weird number on Roshar) and why the Voidbringers don’t have Bondsmiths
  18. With the exception of Rock, I want as few POVs from everyone you listed as possible Partly to keep them mysterious, and in Moash’s case cause I can’t stand him
  19. My pleasure! It seems to be one of my jobs to bring stuff said on Reddit over here, but I don’t mind
  20. I bet Book 1 is Team Urithiru, and Book 2 is Team Willshaper
  21. Thanks!
  22. I missed that. Where was the announcement?
  23. I like a lot of your ideas, especially “I will go where I am needed” for the Willshapers. I suspect the Stoneward one will remain largely the same, and I’m hoping we actually see it this next book