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  1. I think the way you have to look at is is like this: Think of shardblades as those unrealistic anime swords. While yes regular shard blades are stupidly big and do some other things, Azure's is smaller but looks just as unrealistically anime. Just without being overwhelmingly big. I'd say it'd be like a comparison between a sword like this, and a regular steel sword you'd see in history.
  2. Going over Oathbringer yet again, and a few things stand out at me (forgive me for lack of direct quotes I can try go looking if need be). I think Shallan could have always been on her 4th (maybe even 5th?) ideal the whole time. From the very beginning she is noted to be very good at suppressing stormlight. Something theorized to be a skill of voidbringers/high ideal radiants (As Nale mentions that new skybreaker leak too much stormlight). This could be due to her being a lightweaver, as a special skill they possess being prone to espionage and subterfuge. However it could also be due to her always being above other radiants. She was the radiant for far longer than any of the others currently alive (bar heralds), and as a child likely had much less issues about speaking truths than any adult is. While we see her progressing through her oaths again, it could just be her getting back in touch with who she is rather than speaking them for the first time. She already had the sword even as a child after all. If the skybreaker's 5th ideal is "I am law", then it is possible that the 5th ideal for a lightweaver is "I am Shallan" (or similar). Given what we see of her, she is clearly all about denying who she is, actively running from her past and memories, and trying to hide behind fa├žades. We are told that the bond cannot be broken after the 5th ideal is spoken. And we see that a radiant who's ideals are about acknowledging the truth about themselves manages to lie to themselves sooooo hard she forgets she's a radiant. It could be that she simply didn't lie to herself hard enough, but I suspect it could have been the 5th ideal that held the bond together. Even with her lying to herself as hard as she did, she still knows she is Shallan, and it's still the strongest level of a bond. We also have several instances where Pattern tries to remind her of her oaths. As far as I understand her 2nd and 3rd ideals are widely thought of as admitting that she is the one responsible for her parent's deaths. But there's no point to remind her of that. She is no longer lying to herself about them, and bringing them up doesn't really help her in any situation. However trying to get her to remember something like "I am Shallan" would actually be useful, given her split personality disorder that we know Pattern is concerned about. Anyone has any input?
  3. And what's the deal with the last legion? What did they do for the past... forever? The Alethi seem to only learn of them recently.
  4. Is lift a minor character? On one hand you barely see her. On the other she has her own short book... But yeh Lift is a darling. 11/10 would discuss old man butts with her again
  5. But they supposedly messed it up by surge binding too much right? Did they lose the surge binding upon coming to Roshar?
  6. What's the scouring again? And I have a question about 2. Where did the humans show up from and why? P. S. Amazing summary. 10/10!
  7. Can anyone explain the order of various ancient historical events? I'm trying to get properly placed what happened early on thousands of years ago (from as early in the planet's history as possible)
  8. In the scene right after Adolin is proposing to teach Shallan swordplay, Shallan and pattern are discussing her panic attacks. Feeling guilty about being used to kill Shallan's mother pattern says "I can die Shallan. I can go. They will send you another one to bond." (not direct quote, listening to audiobook atm) Is pattern claiming that in the even he is dead and gone, the Cryptics would send Shallan a replacement? Would they be so desperate to have just one more radiant in the fight as to send a replacement to someone who killed their previous spren?
  9. I have a feeling that the destruction of the planet might be a red herring. It just feels off that basically being "eco friendly" is what made radiants murder their BFFs.
  10. I think now that spren are coming back, Spark was like "storm this, I'll risk bonding and dying if it helps me get back at those evil humans". Because he's an ashspren, it seems reasonable that destruction in the name of revenge would make it worth potentially dying. Just like pattern takes the risk for the knowledge. To the point about the spren not being able to stop their radiants, while that may be true, I have a few issues with that line of thought (though I may be wrong): 1) They still would have told other spren. There's no way the Radiants planned the recreance in such a way that their spren knew, disagreed, but weren't able to tell anyone. 2) The synchronized breaking of oaths we see in the vision is is strange. Did they really have several hundred radiants simply break their oaths at the same time? Each one would have had individual oaths, each one would have had to storm up that bond in a somewhat unique way, all in the span of a few seconds. Perhaps they came up with some more universal "rip out the nahel bond" trick rather than breaking oaths?
  11. I think there are two main ways it could have happened: 1) The radiant spren were in on it 2) They weren't in on it But if they weren't in on it, it would imply that the Radiants were able to coordinate murdering all their spren (in some cases hundreds of radiants at once) without their spren raising the alarm. I think it'd be impossible to make such plans when you have invisible nosy fairies all around you. And there's also the fact that all radiants agreed. So either there was 0 discussion and everyone was instantly on board with murdering their BFF and not saying a single word to anyone, or they have already talked about this with their spren and got everyone on board eventually. I imagine when dealing with spren and being this hung up on oaths, there were ways to say "Hey let's have this secret conversation, but you have to promise not to say anything to anyone"
  12. Since it's mentioned that spren society is somewhat similar to human one (they have leaders, they have general labourers etc) it's possible that the spren of the Radiants either didn't tell anyone or only told the spren equivalent of kings. As for why they wanted to break the bond this way, it's possible they did it specifically as a grand gesture (like some people who self immolate to send a message). They wanted to make it a big event that will horrify the other spren, and they wanted the shards to be left on Roshar for general use so other spren see humans swinging around the corpses of their own kind and be that much more hesitant to bond. Basically I think it could have been a mass suicide to send a message. And the message being "No more radiants"
  13. Having been reading the following thread, and was hoping to start up some more discussion. One possible way to look at it would be that the Radiants and their spren (likely without telling any of the other spren, or at most telling only some top tier elite) decided that the order or radiants must stop existing. When ivory mentions that the skybreakers chose to live in death, its possible he is talking about them choosing to go along with the plan without breaking their oaths, making them just hide and do such a good job, no one even remembers that one order sorta skipped dying. The rest (a long with their spren) seems to have decided that the absolute best way to make sure there are no more radiants like at all, was to make the humans out to be spren murdering monsters. Also monsters that betrayed humanity. Now 99% of spren want nothing to do with humans, and even the 1% like Syl are being forcibly held back. And humans now hate the Radiants wanting nothing to do with anything even remotely related to them, let alone wanting to become them. One possibility I'm thinking of is that maybe the sons of honour (and Nale) are into something, and more radiants does have the voidbringers return. Maybe that was the trigger strong enough to make them all agree to do something this bad? Or maybe some benefit to suddenly dropping the radiant population into (at best) low double digits?
  14. Adolin Kaladin you say? O.o Personally I'm holding out hope for Kaladin/Syl.
  15. I think I remember a bit in OB where Stormfather explains that impressed with Honour's mixtape of visions (Was Dalenar not the 1st time he showed them?) . Plus with how he did it with Dalenar, he just picks a person, shows them the mixtape and offers no explanation. I don't see a religious movement start up fro. The way he does it. More likely the ardent would try to quietly murder anyone who mentiones the visions to them.