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  1. Yeh I meant that as spren-kill. Obviously they are pretty durable but they can be broken up hard enough to be functionally dead. (Actually, is that what Kaladin does when he uses Sil to stab a voidspren?) True. But we also know that unbonded spren arent very intelligent (in some aspects). So could be due to that? Yeh I know. I was more trying to point out that we have all sorts of spren making bonds. Fair enough. Then again, this is the Cosmere. We have all sorts of folks getting access to all sorts of world shattering rust. I think w/o knowing what the dawnshards are though its nearly impossible to discuss them as we dont even know if they are pocket sized or skyscraper sized (granted highly unlikely but you know what I mean)
  2. A spren capable of the Nahel bond you mean. But then they'd better spend their time going to the cognitive realm and murdering several cities worth of them. Well, simply having a dawnshard wouldnt make it a supercryptic. Its possible spren cant even do anything with them by themselves. Though I think we can freely assume that any type of spren can decide to go bond. By type I mean their err... position I guess? You can have a gardener go bond Lift, you can have "the last daughter" go bond some depressed bridge man, and I imagine you can have some super important spren also decide to go bond a king. If some spren royalty decided to go form a bond, who would stop them right?
  3. Yeh I know that. But as Sanderson says theres generally more to every individual. It may not be a powerful cryptic, but it may be one that has/knows location of the dawnshard. Because as much as the fused hate un-corrupted spren I doubt they'd be spending this much effort to hunt down one single cryptic. Though I do admit, my idea is very much out there.
  4. While a veeeery remote possibility, I have the following theory: Given that seeing the future is possible and in some instances in the cosmere that future gets seen reeeeeeeeally far in advance (Hero of ages prophecy), perhaps this quote can be talking about someone in the present. At the very end of Oathbringer we have Hoid walk into the ruined palace in Kholinar and rescue an unknown cryptic. Could the cryptic be the one with the dawn shard? It is certainly being looked for hard enough, and it'd be small enough that a normal staircase would look quite big to it (not sure about ten strides but...)
  5. But wait... didnt we have frost appear on Szeth too? When he held the honor blade? So perhaps its instead in both of those cases they were using one of the surges (maybe not even specifically adhesion) on an object and the frost was like... not all investiture fitting into it and some is left on the outside as a residue?
  6. Right. But how does a bunch of parshmen help him kill cultivation? Not like enough pasrhmen bumrushing a shard would work. Presumably whatever he is working towards is still ultimately his escape, but I wonder if we have anything hinting at a direction? Assuming he 100% wins and all humans die and theres only parshmen on Roshar. Then what? Does he maybe need to kill all the heralds? And why cant that be accomplished via getting some top tier fused to stealthily do them in? They arent unkillable. They are separated. And some too mad to even resist much. Why start a noticeable desolation?
  7. With what we see of the blade draining the color from folks, could it have been made to be a breath extractor? As in, you don't get a choice (or have to say rust) your breath is getting extracted (and you get dead). So perhaps with it having some breath capacity maybe it's actually just visually... more? With how odium is described as adonalsium's divine wrath (that is not being dpened by other attributes like preservation) I think Endowment is basically adonalsium's divine glory? It saturate colors, makes things seem more rich. It could be that in book 4/5 someone just gets that the reason they count the sword on the same level as the very impressive radiant shard blades, is because it has this aura of just looking better than a normal sword somehow?
  8. Well we already have example of her taking 10 seconds to summon a blade just because oh how she thought of it. I doubt it's a stretch to assume she's lying to herself about having the plate. P. S. While discussion strayed a tiny bit from ideal and into shard plate possession, it's still a fascinating read. I can see where both sides are coming from!
  9. Reading the part where the fused tell Venli about fighting to make a world for parshmen, I got thinking... Why on earth is odium even bothering with the parshmen? I mean we know he is strapped. Presumably his #1 goal is to not be trapped. So how is he trying to accomplish that? Does murdering all humans somehow free him (doubtful)? Is he just doing it for the lulz(that sounds like a silly reason)? What is his goal for helping these random humanoids with gemhearts murder some other humanoids? It is highly unlikely he just gave up on leaving the system and just decided that mads murder is a fun time waster.
  10. I think the way you have to look at is is like this: Think of shardblades as those unrealistic anime swords. While yes regular shard blades are stupidly big and do some other things, Azure's is smaller but looks just as unrealistically anime. Just without being overwhelmingly big. I'd say it'd be like a comparison between a sword like this, and a regular steel sword you'd see in history.
  11. Going over Oathbringer yet again, and a few things stand out at me (forgive me for lack of direct quotes I can try go looking if need be). I think Shallan could have always been on her 4th (maybe even 5th?) ideal the whole time. From the very beginning she is noted to be very good at suppressing stormlight. Something theorized to be a skill of voidbringers/high ideal radiants (As Nale mentions that new skybreaker leak too much stormlight). This could be due to her being a lightweaver, as a special skill they possess being prone to espionage and subterfuge. However it could also be due to her always being above other radiants. She was the radiant for far longer than any of the others currently alive (bar heralds), and as a child likely had much less issues about speaking truths than any adult is. While we see her progressing through her oaths again, it could just be her getting back in touch with who she is rather than speaking them for the first time. She already had the sword even as a child after all. If the skybreaker's 5th ideal is "I am law", then it is possible that the 5th ideal for a lightweaver is "I am Shallan" (or similar). Given what we see of her, she is clearly all about denying who she is, actively running from her past and memories, and trying to hide behind fa├žades. We are told that the bond cannot be broken after the 5th ideal is spoken. And we see that a radiant who's ideals are about acknowledging the truth about themselves manages to lie to themselves sooooo hard she forgets she's a radiant. It could be that she simply didn't lie to herself hard enough, but I suspect it could have been the 5th ideal that held the bond together. Even with her lying to herself as hard as she did, she still knows she is Shallan, and it's still the strongest level of a bond. We also have several instances where Pattern tries to remind her of her oaths. As far as I understand her 2nd and 3rd ideals are widely thought of as admitting that she is the one responsible for her parent's deaths. But there's no point to remind her of that. She is no longer lying to herself about them, and bringing them up doesn't really help her in any situation. However trying to get her to remember something like "I am Shallan" would actually be useful, given her split personality disorder that we know Pattern is concerned about. Anyone has any input?
  12. And what's the deal with the last legion? What did they do for the past... forever? The Alethi seem to only learn of them recently.
  13. Is lift a minor character? On one hand you barely see her. On the other she has her own short book... But yeh Lift is a darling. 11/10 would discuss old man butts with her again
  14. But they supposedly messed it up by surge binding too much right? Did they lose the surge binding upon coming to Roshar?
  15. What's the scouring again? And I have a question about 2. Where did the humans show up from and why? P. S. Amazing summary. 10/10!