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  1. Hello, welcome back. What books have your read and which is your favorite?
  2. Alrighty so this is more of a curiosity to me than anything else. I want to know what medium all the cosmere fans use to read and I'd also love to know where you get the material for that medium. For example, I like to read electronically mainly because it is easier and more convenient , however I also love ready a good hard back outside in the park and such. I mainly get my books from the iTunes Store due to the fact that I read on my Mac and my iPhone and using the iTunes Store allows me to download the books on both devices and depending on the circumstance I can read on whichever I want. Now, I would love to hear what everyone else uses and why their way is better.
  3. My favorite so far is Stormlight but I'm only half way through the first Mistborn book so that could change very quickly.
  4. Heard! thank you Invocation!
  5. when I first heard of Brandon Sanderson it was from my cousin I was on the beach in Cancun reading inheritance the fourth and last book of the inheritance cycle and I told him I was looking for a new series. Well he was on part three, I believe, of the way of kings and said "Hey! you should read this book its great." so the next day once I was finished with my book I downloaded the digital copy of the way of kings on my phone, I prefer to read electronically on account of it being easier. any ways as I said my cousin was already halfway through the book when I started and well lets just say it took me less than a week to read the entire book and finished by the end of my trip. I loved the book and dove right into the sequel and now I'm trying to complete the daunting task of reading all of his books although I'm only on book one of Mistborn. XD
  6. Ok, so you recommend after I finish reading the trilogy I just go straight to Alloy of Law?
  7. Lol thank you Beantheboy12 the cookie was delicious. but what is "Wax and Wayne"?
  8. I've read The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, and I'm currently half way through The Final Empire. I was just wondering if the was an order that I should read all of his other works after I finish the mist born trilogy and read Oath bringer. thanks y'all please don't spoil any books or connections thanks