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  1. Theoretically, in a nahel bond, with a human?
  2. So https://www.17thshard.com/forum/online lets you view all online users is there a way to view all users? I'm considering a username change and I want to be able to both get inspiration and find if names are already taken.
  3. Just gonna throw this in here: Questioner [PENDING REVIEW] We saw that, in one case that she felt it was very important, Cultivation intervened when Dalinar was asking for his boon from the Nightwatcher. You said that for the most part she just sort of lets her work, but has she intervened in other cases that she feels are important, specifically with Taravangian? Brandon Sanderson [PENDING REVIEW] She has intervened before. JordanCon 2018 (April 21, 2018)
  4. Um, OB spoilers. So, Cultivation removed Dalinar's memories in order to cultivate him, much like a gardner would remove branches or shoots from a tree that have fouled for some reason in order for growth to happen, maybe to be grafted in at a later date when they could help the tree instead of harm it. So Cultivation starts returning Dalinar's pruned memories, and Dalinar later in the book realizes that Odium intended to return the memories all at the same time, which probably would have overwhelmed him to the point of giving up his pain. So Cultivation had a really smart plot for foiling Odium by using Dalinar. Why the mysterious tenth pancake did the Diagram order Dalinar's execution, and when that failed, removal from power and humiliation? Why did cultivation not try to stop that? If she had the Foresight to cultivate Dalinar in order to be able to resist Odium, then why were her Diagrammists actively trying to subvert what she was working on?
  5. Could the subject have been a budding lightweaver, who had attracted a cryptic? And then was killed before he fully bonded? ...
  6. Uniform needs more contrast.
  7. @Awesomeness Summoned made an amazing (presumably) series of glpyhs for profile pictures (The Knights Radiant orders symbols), but all the links and pictures have expired, , and Awesomeness has not been on the shard for a few years. Here is the thread: is there any way to bring back some of those images?
  8. How is Honor's Perpendicularity related to the Highstorms?
  9. I bought it at release, and I've never really thought about it. Picture: (Sorry for the terrible quality)
  10. Apologies if this has already been mentioned, but the final two Herald illustrations in my Hardcopy of Oathbringer are cut off at the top, and have white space on the bottom. (And are oriented backwards.) Is this a known issue?