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  1. Oh wait wow, is the Alleyverse finally alive again?
  2. yearly shard check-in, done.

    see you all in another year!

  3. Your name is now correct for the time :P

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PERRRRRRRRRRRR it's always fun talking to you and I've loved RPing with you!! 

  5. "Magic... War? Different kinds of magic?' She frowned, crossing her arms. "Sounds like I should've read a guidebook before coming here. What's all this about?" So, there are these... Orders. Then a different, sand-based kind of magic? Even beyond that, there's more stuff? Looking to Ashlyn, she paused. "Oh, I don't think we've met? I'm Lissa."
  6. It seemed a lot had happened- Some little kid that could apparently control sand of all things had popped up, and now she was flinging sand around- Like this day hasn't already been odd enough... Lissa sighed, but forced on a smile as always. "So, is she another of those... Order things?" She was still catching up mentally, and was a bit out of shorts from being suddenly teleported to another dimension, or something.
  7. "Er-" Lissa looked away, biting her lip. "No, I don't. I'm not exactly from around here, in all honesty." What was she supposed to say here? That she'd ran away? That could give the wrong impression, and she didn't want to dampen the mood either.
  8. "... The what now? Geez, what is this? Some kind of fantasy novel?" She sighed, and only now noticed the other people there, first turning to Shana. "Oh, we've haven't met yet, huh? Thanks for the offer of cake, I'll probably take you up on that offer!" Lissa said it jokingly, trying to put on a smile. "My name's Lissa." @Sorana
  9. For what felt like a long moment, Lissa simply stood there in that strange abyss of glass beads, wondering if she would be stuck there forever. Then suddenly, she felt like something was tugging on her very being, and she felt herself being somehow pulled away from this place, back into reality. She shouted in surprise as a few moments later, she found herself stumbling to the ground of the house she'd been in before, where Fib had been standing before, they were back to a strange symbol on the carpet. "W- What on earth- What is this place, what was that?!" She demanded, looking to Cassie. Lissa stared at James in shock. She'd been able to do things, unnatural thing with herself, but this- She didn't even know where to begin. What even was this?
  10. The Bartender watched the seen with horror. A bloody Inquisitor... An INQUISITOR. In MY tavern- He was tempted to run out the door and never look back, but for now he simply watched, eyes wide.